Fitness & Strength

Client testimonials who improved their quality of life through fitness, exercise, movement while being guided by Maria Horstmann as their health and fitness coach.

Overcome the Fear of Exercise. Get Started. Your Body Deserves it!

Hi, I am Barbara and I live in the UK. I am 76 and a very active pensioner with lots of interests. The days are too short really to fit in all the things I would like to do. I... Read More

Painless, Motivating, Specific Exercises Resulted in Weight Loss

I am a 32-year old and live in Europe. I was referred to Maria and before took classes with Maria, I gained more than 30 pounds from an injury and a sedentary lifestyle. I wanted to get back on track,... Read More

Guidance & Accountability To Tackle Health Issues

I had the pleasure to work with Maria over video chat for 3 months. Maria’s style is a holistic approach which is what attracted me to work with her in the beginning. She pushes you to evaluate your life, your... Read More

Adjusting To Body Limitations – Online Personal Training Works

Thank you Maria for a great class a couple of weeks ago. I was a little worried that I would have trouble doing the exercises due to a sore hip and the fact that I am overweight. Maria helped to... Read More

Better Form and Strength: Online Group Fitness Training Works

I would like to say how much I enjoyed an online group class with Maria. I am older (64) but flexible, with farm animals and chores. I found that I was doing several of the exercises which I did at... Read More

An Integrative Healing Approach Post Quadruple Bypass Surgery

I’m Brian and my journey with Maria has been a great one. It started two and a half years ago (January 2015). We met by accident a couple of weeks before I had a quadruple bypass, which I didn’t know... Read More

Motivational and Felt Good: Senior & Sedentary No More: Online Training Works

I took an online class with Maria which was offered to me from someone else. I haven’t exercised in a long time and Maria was very cautious with me and showed me different ways to do the exercises so that... Read More

Well-Run, Good Pace, Group Energy, FUN: Online Group Training Works

Maria–this was an absolutely fabulous class. Well-run, well-organized, good pace and you made it FUN! (I was sore the next day, so I guess I needed it!). I really didn’t think it would personally do me much good, but with the... Read More

Brain Health, Guidance, Encouragement: Online Personal Training Works

I am a busy caregiver and I have failed to make myself a priority. So, in an attempt to change things around I signed up for and participated in Maria’s Live Online Group Personal Training Class. Joining the class was... Read More