Work-Life Balance: Ball, Sauna, Nap, Work

Work-Life Balance: Ball, Sauna, Nap, Work

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It’s self-care day. It’s Saturday work-life balance practice day. Yay!!!  

Are you giving yourself a few hours for self-care on a weekly basis?

Moved my fanny playing sand volleyball with my lovely friends–I must say, I put minimum efforts on the court. I felt more recovery workout since I had worked out pretty hard on Friday. Blue skies, sun shining, and warm enough. My plans with a client for afternoon changed so after volleyball, I hit the sauna. I met a nurse in the sauna and chatted health and nutrition away for a while. I ended up staying in longer than usual and body called for a nap.

Went home and two hours later, ~6:30pm, I woke up with sun shining outside still and with a ton of energy. Worked on a few misc work stuff for 4 hours and bed again. It was a pretty darn good day. Napping in the afternoon and waking up with sun still shining was just amazing! I hadn’t done that in a long time!

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