Weekly Digest – March 11-15th: Brain Health, Endometriosis, Hidden Foods, Productivity Health Costs, Sleep World Day

Weekly Digest – March 11-15th: Brain Health, Endometriosis, Hidden Foods, Productivity Health Costs, Sleep World Day


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In this edition of Be Fab – Be You’s Weekly Digest of March 11-15th, 2019, the most popular topics/posts along with attached articles, videos, strategies and tips I published on our Facebook Page included:

  • Brain Health: Exercise and Synapses
  • Endometriosis Month: Lowering inflammation in the body
  • Corporate Wellness: financial stress and productivity and …
  • Webinar on Hidden Foods: 3/28/19 – register today!
  • Sleep: Get Yours In!

At the end of this post, I also added three of the workouts I did during the week. For more routines, images, and blurbs, connect with Maria on Instagram or Facebook.

Enjoy Your Read!

Brain Awareness Week

Cheers To A Healthy Brain!! It’s Brain Awareness Week.

I am fascinated with the brain ❤️. I love learning about it, discovering the tricks my brain wants to play, and how/what I do to make it take turns that outside its comfort zone so I can grow. The brain always wants to play safe and like to be comfortable. When we want to expand, the safe and comfortable is NOT the zone we want to play ?. Learning about ourselves and ‘studying’ our habits, listening to our thoughts and words, and much more is a great step to getting ahead. It feels like a game. it’s a freaking amazing and fascinating game. YOU vs YOU ???

The most transformative thing we can do to our brains is exercise through the activation of neurotransmitters, protection, and strengthening of synapses in the brain.

I love educating people about these topics. The power of exercise is greatly underestimated when it comes to brain health and ultimately health and lifestyle choices.

Learn more synapses at https://www.dana.org/article/qa-neurotransmission-the-synapse/

Endometriosis Month

How much do you know about Endometriosis? March is Endometriosis Month.

It’s an inflammatory condition affecting ~10% of reproductive women. It’s a condition in which the tissue that should be in the lining of the uterus spreads to other parts in the body, especially the surface of the uterus and ovaries. This scar tissue is often what creates the pain and other problems. Btw, 10% is also the rate of women with PCOS and diabetes.

It’s because there are other conditions that cause pelvic pain, this seems to be a hard condition for the medical community to diagnose.

A few symptoms include pelvic pain–especially before/during/after periods, pain with having sex, with urination, and with bowel function. It often impacts women’s ability to get pregnant. That is believed to be greater in severe cases because endometriosis impacts the function of the ovaries and ability to create a healthy egg.

It is not clear what causes endometriosis. One possible cause that is being researched is hormone imbalances–specifically estrogen, which appears to promote endometriosis. Another possible cause is a ‘defective’ immune system that in normal conditions would find and destroy the tissue that is growing outside of the uterus. I bet you have not thought about this function of the immune system before, had you? Amazing stuff.

March is also Nutrition Awareness Month. Let’s talk about ways women can reduce the risk of developing endometriosis and managing the condition through nutrition!

You may have heard me saying before…homeostasis is about managing hormones, including reproductive hormones. Lifestyle including nutrition, stress, sleep, exercise, toxicity.

Since endometriosis is an inflammatory condition, reducing the intake of foods and beverages that promote inflammation is wise. Examples are:

– gluten, trans fats, peanuts, vegetable oils, and red meats (commercial red meats which are higher than organic grass fed meats). If you choose to eat eats, focus on high quality and low amounts and low frequencies.

Since one of the causes is also poor immune system, you will want to eliminate or reduce added sugars, caffeine, and alcohol. If you have other food sensitivities like dairy and eggs, avoid triggering the system.

Lastly, you want to watch the consumption of foods that boost estrogen such as soy, red wine.

I know I have said a lot. This is a marathon: learning about your body and doing the best you can. Like I tell my clients, when we give our body a break of inflammatory triggers, we learn and are able to identify triggers as they are added back.

It’s a journey that I KNOW YOU CAN DO it when you DECIDE to embrace IT!

Here are a few resources to learn more about endometriosis:



Corporate Wellness: Financial Stress

Hump Day Energy Recharge!!!

“Nearly one in two U.S. employees are worried about money, leading to depression, panic attacks, sleepless nights and distractions at work; this lost productivity comprises 2.5% of the U.S. GDP.” “American businesses are losing $500 billion per year due to employees’ personal financial stress.”

What is also concerning to me is that 48% of Americans worry more about their finances than their health, careers or relationship. The negative health consequences (physically, emotionally, mentally) are immense.

When we cannot pay the bills, provide to and for ourselves and the loved ones, do not have the freedom to do things we enjoy, eat better, travels, and whatever else that makes us have more joy IS REAL. I know this very well.

What’s driving the financial instability? What’s causing financial stress? Nobody can answer that but each one of us…

I worked 20+ years in corporate America, made 6 figures working in stressful jobs and worked long hours. I loved what I did; I felt like a contributor. I do not regret the decisions I made regarding my corporate career.

Working for a company is like any other relationship. It is my responsibility to set boundaries and take full responsibility for the directions things are going. I experienced, learned, improved, changed, and so on.

When not happy in a relationship, sooner than later, we will choose between staying in it unhappy/unhealthy or leave it. Sure it is not easy to make these choices, especially when other people depend on us. Many times, not choosing can be way more harmful than keeping the status quo.

It wasn’t until approx two years before I left corporate that I understood how much my unhealthy corporate habits were impacting my health. Is it possible to improve our health, nutrition, sleep, stress, and quality of life at work and at home when we have busy jobs? Absolutely it is.

It’s a CHOICE. It requires to take time to assess reasons to wake up in the morning, how we want to feel when we wake up, quality of life we want as we age, and so on.

We can achieve anything we want. It depends on how badly we want. Not saying that’s easy.

As far as companies, better companies are looking out after their employees. They are offering more flexibility, wellness programs, extra support. Outstanding companies want their employees to show up to be outstanding at work and at home. They will find ways to provide an environment for people to thrive at work and at home.

As a speaker, holistic health and fitness coach, and corporate wellness consultant, my mission is to be part of the process and solution.

Nutrition: Hidden Foods Health Consequences

FREE Webinar-Nutrition-Hidden-Foods-Healthier-choices-Health-Fitness-Trainer-Atlanta-Online

Ready to talk/learn about what/how Hidden Foods That are Wrecking our Health and Healthier Choices?

That’s the next topic on ‘Join The Conversation’ Webinar Series on 3/28 at 7pm EDT | 4pm PDT.

Register to join us LIVE (or watch the reply) and receive a copy of the Nutrition Action Tracker.

World Sleep Day

Last week was national sleep awareness week. Today is WORLD SLEEP Day!

How about getting 8 hours of sleep the next 3 days and see how you feel? 

Check out this video and blog post with goodies for you to learn and strategies to improve your sleep…assuming you have room for improvement!


Want more than three routines a week with photos and other blurbs? Follow Maria on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/be_fab_beyou/  or Facebook www.facebook.com/BeFabBeYouWellness.

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What’s in your way? What are the excuses? What one small thing you can do today? Remove one barrier at a time. Move your fanny!

Spring Weather Joy!

6 rounds ?
200 meter run
10 chin ups (assisted)
10 DB floor Pull-over 40lbs
30 double under + 30 singles (jump ropes)
10 KB High Pull 40lbs
15 reversed crunches

Time: 31:11min ?

5 Rounds Afternoon ?

5 rounds:
200-meter run
10 push press 55lbs
40 walking lunges
12 slam ball with push-up burpee ( chest to the ball for push up)
15 sit-up and ball throw 10lbs
12 DB back row 30lbs (per arm)

Time: 36:22 minutes

Beating The Calf Injury!

6x 4-min Tabata
Bench press 35# barbell
Shift Leg DB DL 30#/arm 
Slamball 15#
Kettlebell Swings 35#
Ab-mat sit-ups

Time: 24 minutes. Total reps: 88, 75, 80, 75, 102, 61

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