Weekly Digest – April 1-5: Alcoholism, Yoga, Food Toxicity, Fitness Accountability

Weekly Digest – April 1-5: Alcoholism, Yoga, Food Toxicity, Fitness Accountability


Get lifestyle content to help you feel more energetic, stronger, and committed to your health journey!

In this edition of Be Fab – Be You’s Weekly Digest of April 1-5th, 2019, the most popular topics/posts along with attached articles, videos, strategies and tips I published on the Facebook Page included:

  • Functional Alcoholics & Yoga 12 Step Program
  • Environmental Toxicity: How It Is Messing You Up!
  • Celebrate and Stay Accountable Fitness Wise

Looking for workout routines? Scroll down to check out three of the workouts. For more routines, images, videos, and blurbs, connect with Maria on Instagram or Facebook.


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Alcohol Awareness Month

Who is ready for the ‘patio’ season? As the weather gets warmer, the season blooms.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month!!! Have you ever heard about ‘Functional Alcoholics’?

One of their characteristics is that “Functional alcoholics will often isolate themselves from other people in order to spend time alone drinking. Again, they are able to convince the people around them that this behavior is normal for them.”

Uhhh….learn more about the different ‘types’ of alcoholics and share the info with others who need to know.

I have partaken in many patio (drinking) events in my adult life. It has been a while. I was not a big drinker. Patio time was more fun socializing, laughing, and catching up with friends on a sunny Friday. That was my type of patio. Unfortunately, the reality for many people was that Friday was one of the multiple days to that got ‘wasted’ or fairly ‘happy’ in the same week.

What else about this drug called alcohol? Yesterday, 4/4/19, I was a guest on a podcast. I spoke about how exercise impacts neurotransmitters and mental health.

That said, I feel that is important to share this review paper. It does addresses dopamine, serotonin, glutamate. These powerful neurotransmitters that are also expressed during exercise.

“Slowly over a period of time, the person craves more of the drug, to achieve the same kind of high as earlier. He thus starts consuming more and more alcohol until a point comes when normal brain chemistry simply cannot function without alcohol. The brain’s neurobiology has been permanently changed.”

It sure does make sense, doesn’t it? How many people do you know and care about that deserve to be REMINDED of this message?

Many you have tried to help that someone in the past. At this point, you kinda gave up. DO NOT GIVE UP. This might be the time that same someone is OPEN to LISTEN/READ.

I also met a certified yoga instructor who is in town to attend ‘Y12SR’ (Yoga of 12-step recovery) 3-day training. How amazing? I had no idea this existed. This yoga instructor is a recovering alcoholic herself. She has been sober for the past 9 years. She is doing this to give back to the community.

Definitely, I am going to spend some time learning about this. This can be a fantastic tool for people with all sorts of addictions, including sugar addiction.

Learn more about Y12SR HERE

Whatever the alcohol intake, the body is depleted. When a person chooses to continue to drink often, THE LEAST it can choose to do is improve his/her nutrition, add supplements to its daily intake, and assure exercise is part of the daily routine. If you need help with these steps, reach out.

In the meantime, I know that the right people will read this entire long post and take action to improve his/her quality of health and/or share with someone who can benefit!

Fitness, Fun, Accountability

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When you are ready to work with a personal trainer who is more than a trainer to motivate you, keep you accountable, and help you build your physical and mental strength, I am your trainer and coach.

Check out the ‘Taster’ offer to new clients of three (3) sessions for  $99.00 HERE. No equipment? No problem. Live far away? No problem. Have body part issues? No problem. What it’s often the problem is NOT exercising. Lack of movement is often the problem.

What’s in your way? What are the excuses? What one small thing you can do today? Remove one barrier at a time. Move your fanny!

30-Min AMRAP💪

12 wall balls 10′ 10lbs
10 ring rows
12 Deadlifts 65lbs
12 knees to elbow
10 front squats 65lbs
12 push-ups on bosu ball (alt sides)

Completed 7 rounds + 24 reps

Getting It Done!

1k row (cash in)
+ 5 rounds:
10 step-up 16″ box 15lbs DB/arm
12 DB floor press 25lbs
10 power cleans 75lbs
1 min plank
10 push ups
+ 1k row (cash out)

37:40 minutes

Spring Rounds!

7 rounds: 10 reps/movement
Wall ball 10lbs 10ft
Incline chest press 20lbs
Renegade row burpee 20lbs
Deadlift 115lbs
Kettlebell swings 40lbs
Cal row
Knee to elbow

Time: 41:49min

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