My Wellness Philosophy

Most people define wellness as exercising three times a week and eating a healthy diet (anything is moderation is fine).

What’s a healthy diet? What does moderation mean? Ask 10 people and you are likely to get 10 different answers. Wellness is much more than eating and exercising!!!

My role is to help you identify personal reasons for pursuing greater wellness and to enhance motivation for behavior change.

Quality of life is a function of multiple dimensions of wellness: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical. Each dimension plays a role in our health. Despite cultural, ethnic, social class, race, language, and economical backgrounds, each one of us is affected differently and responds differently to the interactions of these dimensions. Wellness-Focus

At Be Fab, Be You!…

  • I believe personal accountability and responsibility is key to achieve a balanced lifestyle and ultimately, wellness
  • I believe knowledge empowers us to make vital decisions
  • I believe it is easy to get overwhelmed with internal and external stressors, but it is up to each one of us to allow them into our lives
  • I believe in a positive outlook. I believe commitment and determination will allow us to go beyond our imagination
  • I believe focusing on what matters & what we can control is the key ingredient to being present, living a better present and making a better future!
  • Lastly, I believe seeking help and guidance is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and self respect!
I will help you overcome one challenge at the time!!! 
Here are a few steps to Be Fit & healthy, Age Beautifully, and Be You!
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Wellness-Defined In summary, find below dimension of wellness and respective key areas of engagement:
  • Social Wellness: friends, family, community engagement, people diversity
  • Emotional Wellness: embrace life as is, external support, build interdependent relationships, personal responsibility, positive outlook, live-learn-apply-grow
  • Spiritual Wellness: purpose in life, affirmation values, beliefs, forgiveness
  • Environmental Wellness: natural resources, awareness of surroundings, help others
  • Occupational Wellness: work and personal balance, love for what you do, cultural activities, mental growth
  • Intellectual Wellness: open minded, open to learn, grow, mind exercises
  • Physical Wellness: mind and body performance through smart nutrition choices and exercises (stability, flexibility, muscle strength, endurance, self-esteem, confidence
Are you ready to take charge of your own well-being? Are you as pumped as I am? 
Explore our Health and Fitness pages for more details. Your goals, health and wellness concerns, and physical abilities will determine the best program for you! I will help you with a road map!
Cheers To A Healthy You!