I have always had the mentality of work hard and play hard. Until I started my own business, I did a good job doing just that–always planned one or two great vacation trips every year. I love travelling and don’t mind going alone. I’ve met awesome people along the way.

Well, my life has changed quite since mid 2014 and especially after I left corporate to follow my passion for health and wellness in the end of 2014. I haven’t done of the ‘play hard’ or ‘time off’. I used to work lots of hours. I work even more now–if I am not with clients, working out, cooking, grocery shopping, or driving somewhere, I am working which includes studying. I am NOT complaining, don’t get me wrong. Although it has been very stressful and long hours, most of the time, it doesn’t feel like work.

I love the flexibility of getting out and sun for a few minutes, if that’s what I want to do. I love to be able to go outside and go for a 1-3 minute to stretch my legs and calm down my nerves. I can do all that and more without feeling guilty or uncomfortable to leave my desk during business hours to do something that will help me regroup and reestablished productivity.

Anyway, long story short, I took a few hours of my Saturday, 3/5/16, to do something I love and hadn’t done in a while…moved my fanny playing six games of sand volleyball. Forgot to take a picture of playing with the ladies…boo to me. I hadn’t played in a while. Needless to say, didn’t have my ‘A’ game. However, weather was amazing, had a great time, moved my fanny, de-stressed a little, and spend time with 3 great ladies: Lucia, Sarah, and Tracey!

It felt good to put my feet on the sand. Left the court, ate, and got a few more hours of work done right next to my website designer…By the time my website is close to 95%, I might have become a WordPress guru lady. Not sure if I should smile or cry about that–I think cry since it’s been just ‘wow’ for an experience, dozens and dozens of hours, and lots of stress since the relaunch on 2/1/16.

Cheers to better work-life balance! Fun is an important pillar of health. I must do a better job following my the same recommendations I give my clients. Truth must be told!

Work & Play: volleyball for sanity!

Work & Play: volleyball for sanity!