#63: What Weight Loss Pills Work?


If you’re looking for a weight loss pill that works, look no more. I’ve done the research, development, and testing. I have the perfect P-I-L-L for you.

It’ll take me a few episodes to deliver the goodies. The great news is that this PILL doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription—I am serious. If you are tired of the trial and error and ready to stop like a failure, when it comes to your weight loss journey, listen up.

Welcome to the Be Fab Be You Made Simple Podcast. I am your host Maria Horstmann. I am glad that you tuned in because you are in for a treat. I’ve not released any of this info anywhere else. You are that special.

In today’s episode, I will give you some background to WHY I’ve decided to bring this PILL to you and invite you to brainstorm with me WHY people are searching for weight loss pills. In the next episodes, I will dive into who is it for, who isn’t, and its FOUR ingredients.


In the summer of 2020, I learned that “Weight Loss Pill” was one of the most searched words combo in Google—I mean, search related to weight loss. Literally, my jaw dropped. I thought to myself “What?” I couldn’t believe that people were still searching and buying weight loss pills. So, 1.5 years later, this data is still true. I also learned that diet pills and weight loss pills seem to be used interchangeably.

My curious and inquisitive mind started to ask WHY WHY and WHY? In hindsight, I believe that two main reasons I was so this surprised by it were that:

  • Over the past two decades, I’ve seen numerous awful headlines about these types of pills. That’s in terms of their ineffectiveness and long-term negative health implications.
  • My exposure to hearing about it is rare. I barely watch TV cannot tell you the last time I watched or purchased anything from a shopping channel that sells such products. However, sometime between 1998 and 2005, I sure did purchase these stuff hoping they would help me control my weight and lower my sugar addition. Don’t ask for product names and brands. I don’t remember.

From my teens through my late 30s, my relationship with food and weight was pretty negative and unhealthy.  Poor body self-esteem and self-confidence. I was 36 when I started my health and lifestyle transformation journey. Prior to that I suffered from an eating disorder, had pre-diabetes–I was a true sugar addict, and had several GI issues from bloating, belching, cold sores, malabsorption, constipation, to hemorrhoids—TMI, I know 🙂

I also realized that in one way or another, since I started my personal health transformation journey in 2011, I have created my own bubble when it comes to health, wellness, and lifestyle. What I mean is that I became more aware and intentional about my choices. Not only of foods and beverage choices, but related to books and news I read, programs and movies I watch, people I give time and attention to, and so many intricacies related to other lifestyle areas such as mindset, sleep, exercise, and stress reduction.

I left a successful career in corporate finance to start BeFabBeYou.com. Early in that career, I worked closely with a boss who was very detailed and everything needed to be ‘perfect’. It took me a minute but his standards grew on me. I noticed that as long as I understood the WHY of his questions and project demands, and even challenge them, I had a reason to not only meet but also exceed his expectations. The combo of working with him and financial auditors for years got me to become anal to details, perfection, and asking WHY for everything.

The detailed and perfectionist combo served me really well for many chapters of my life. I am pretty grateful for them. I learned that leading any transition with perfection was going to hinder my progress and growth in all aspects of my life. Fast forward, these attributes can get in our ways during personal and professional transformations journey way harder.

The battle between progress over perfection continues. The truth is that I wish I had the ability to turn them on and off, individually, whenever I want it. That is a superpower I am still working on and having self-compassion is part of the protocol.

Every single client of mine struggle with these dilemmas as well.  I am just ahead of them and have the experience and tools to guide them. As a functional wellness coach, my job is to coach up function and coach Metabolic Chaos. One of the steps is to help them identify and remove debris out of their own way. The “progress over perfection” is the mindset and approach that serves them and everyone.

OK. So, what’s my point after all? How does that relate to a weight loss pill?

Well, let me tell you. Let me get back to the main question…

Why are people looking for a weight loss pill?

That leads to the next question…

What’s truly going on in people’s lives for them to search and purchase these pills?

If we were to explore all the answers, we’d be here for days. Yet, what I think people may be neglecting is the power of biochemical individuality which refers to the unique nutritional needs each person has, based on their genetics, lifestyle, and environment exposure to various stresses.

After speaking to a colleague of mine, one of the reasons I see it clearly now is that people are motivated to find a permanent solution, something that works, and it’s effective. Permanent Solution sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

The culture we live in is one when you’re sick, you take a pill. the ‘take this for that’ approach so we can get back to ‘normal’ is so freaking strong. We thrive to achieve, nail things down, not waste time, be productive, have more money, be successful, and so on. The sentence “I don’t have time” or “I am too busy” to exercise, cook healthy meals, sleep 7-8 hours, and take 5 minutes breaks between meetings to reset, and the list goes on is…part of most people’s lives.

Most people searching for a weight loss pill have tried numerous things…they are tired of looking too. Others want to put a stop right from start and pills are easier for now. Without any judgment whatsoever, some thought happening may be…

Had enough of feeling crappy. Had enough of not feeling good in their own skin. They are unhappy with the way you look and feel for quite some time. The weight is slowing you them down or preventing them from following your passion and dreams. Their mobility is already impaired. They fear they will not experience joy as they age. They fear diseases. They want to live longer. They don’t trust they can do this. There are important things to do; a pill is simple.

If you’re sick; you have a cold. The health nerds might drink tea, lots of water, take extra vitamins, stay away from inflammatory foods and beverages, get plenty of rest, and let the body do its magic. For people who go to the doctor every time they’re coughing and sneezing, to get a pill is because they believe in pills and medicine. That’s what they believe in. They think it’s okay. Someone who’s searching for pills probably long for a solution that is effective, works, and trust.

Their motivation to take medicine and pill is that we will find the permanent solution to our weight and health problems.

Society encourages us to figure it all out as fast as possible. All have to be perfect and work ALL the time without downtime. We are NOT information, tools, and apps deficient. Oftentimes, in search of the perfect result, we end up spending a significant amount of time and energy searching for immediate relief instead of thinking about long-term consequences. There is nothing wrong with relief care, it can be part of any healing protocol.

My final answer for you is…

Do you believe that a pill or pills can help release weight, bring vitality back and help you reach a potential you didn’t even think existed in you?

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