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We’ll coach you, empower you, and hold you accountable for transforming your health, habits, happiness, and quality of life from the inside out

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Are Your Feeling Unhealthy and Stuck?
Life Is Too Short...

How devasting has yo-yo dieting been to your physical, emotional, and mental health? 

Are you feeling discouraged and tired because what you tried isn’t working?

Are you losing control over your eating/drinking habits, choices, and patterns?

Are you sabotaging your diet, exercise, weight loss, and energy?

Do you feel in a constant ‘fight or flight’ state due to stress and int/ext pressures?

Do you feel at a loss because approaches, accountability, and tools are ineffective?

Are you missing out on life, fun, and opportunities because you’re lacking energy and motivation?

Do you feel confused and overwhelmed by information and opinions?

Is the reason you haven’t accomplished your goals because


Stop Struggling. Get a Coach

“We’re committed to guiding you to make choices that will help you reach your weight, fitness, and health goals. We’ll help you get to the root cause of unsuccessful diets and exercise programs and of life stressors so you rediscover vitality, age beautifully, and live life on purpose.” — Maria


I’m passionate about helping my customers because I understand you. I’ve been there and done that.

I want to help you stop struggling and do MORE of what you’re designed to be and do in this life.

I’m a former sugar addict, prediabetic, and insulin-resistant who suffered from various digestive issues, emotional eating, and an eating disorder.

I transformed my health and lifestyle.

Now, Let's Transform Yours As Well!

Your Weight and Health Management Plan

The 4 simple steps to your weight, fitness, and health transformation journey are:

Appointments for services (coaching, fitness, consulting, and speaking) are online, by phone or in-person (Atlanta, GA area). The frequency of sessions and accountability check-ins varies per plan.

NO EXCUSES!  At Home. At Work. We Come to You.

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Here Is Your New You...

» You can now wear clothes that make you look and feel fabulous

» You ditched aches & pains and stiff joints for more energy and confidence

» You look in the mirror proud of your fit and lean body

» You improved your cognitive health, vitality, and fun

» You’re on the path to eliminating medications and owning your health

» You’re now an inspiration. Finally, you built habits to sustain a healthy lifestyle

Rewrite Your Story. I'll Be Your Health Editor and Coach!

I’m excited to be part of YOUR journey!

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Our Solutions To Get You To The Finish Line!

We are passionate about empowering stressed out sugar and carb lovers to optimize their weight and health so they rediscover vitality, happiness, and a fulfilling life

✔️ Custom-tailored solutions based on your present health, uniqueness, and goals.

✔️ All appointments are available online, by phone, or in-person (Atlanta, GA area).

✔️ Programs are designed with the following baseline four pillars of health:

1️⃣ Nutrition    2️⃣ Blood Sugar & Insulin Resistance

3️⃣ Mindset & Stress    4️⃣ Exercise & Sleep

A 4-Day Mini Cleanse Is Your Ultimate Reset!

Turn back the clock, reboot your health, and feel amazing from the inside out!

>> Do you feel low energy, bloated, tired, or suffer from breakouts?

>> Is your libido low and your mind super fuzzy?

>> Do you want to sleep better, have clearer skin, and vibrant?

Get toxins out of the way so you can reignite your weight loss and feel happy in your own skin!




#59: Are Your Choices Preventing Cytokine Storms?

Welcome to the Be Fab Be You Made Simple Podcast. I am your host Maria Horstmann. I am also the founder of BeFabBeYou.com. I have a great episode about inflammation and cytokines lined up for you today. I need to give you an update, first. You might have noticed that I have spaced my episodes....

#58: Why and How To Measure For This Cell DNA Damaging Type of Stress

Welcome to the Be Fab Be You Made Simple Podcast. I am your host Maria Horstmann. I am also the founder of BeFabBeYou.com. I created this podcast because it’s a way I can empower YOU to optimize your weight and health so you rediscover vitality, happiness, and lead a fulfilling life. And if you are...

#57: What LDL Pattern Do You Have? How Does Insulin Affect Pattern B?

During this Metabolic Health series, we discussed what is metabolic health, key biomarkers of metabolic health you want to use to measure your health (instead of using weight primarily), what important terminologies such as blood glucose, insulin, and insulin resistance mean, and how insulin and insulin resistance impact the biomarkers and your wellness. By the...

What our Clients are Saying...

Kathy Thacker Weight Loss

Take Control Of Cravings, Sugar, Carb Addiction

“At 55 y/o my joints were aching, my diet wasn’t working anymore. First, Maria taught me that weight loss is physical and mental. She pushed me to do things I’d have never done on my own. She saw potential in me and wanted me to see it too. I lost 28.4 lbs in her 90-day Blood Sugar Program. Maria also taught me to love myself more and put myself first. It’s not always easy, but I’ve realized that I’m worth it. She’s truly my life-saving coach.”–Kathy Thacker

Kathy’s Full Story Here

Post surgery home stretches_health-coach-personal-trainer_Maria-Horstmann

An Integrative Healing Approach Post Quadruple Bypass

“We met 2 weeks before my quadruple bypass. We talked about nutrition before/post the surgery. God got me home and Maria came over 2 days after. We started with stretches and progressed from there. In 6.5 months, Maria got me ready to climb a 12,000-foot mountain! Maria, as a health coach, I think it’s hard to find someone that is caring, wants that success for you and is able to give you all the tools to succeed.” — Brian Mendel

Brian’s Full Story Here

Maria, Health Fitness Coach, will change your life. Lose weight, build habits for life.

Change Your Life By Discovering Yourself

“Maria will help you change your life! She helped me change mine and was an incredible motivator, listener, and coach. I discovered and reversed why I comforted myself with food and unhealthy behaviors. I lost 30 lbs and have kept it off with the new habits, but more important than the weight loss, I have gained an entirely new appreciation for myself and a confidence that has improved many aspects of my life.” — Mary Severs

Mary’s Full Story Here

Health, Nutrition, and Fitness Blogs

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It’s Been Two Weeks…

Today, it’s been two weeks since mom left this world. Things happened very fast. Within less than 72 hours, mom transitioned from being alive to getting in a comma during sleep to having a heart attack during a comma to a viewing ceremony.

My Mom Is Gone – A Story Worth Telling

9/12/1944 – 10/19/2021. My mom, Celia Schmidt, is gone. Her body is free from pain, discomfort, medications, exhaustion, poor mobility, and depression. Her spirit will live forever though. I know she will be looking over me, my two older siblings, and everyone else in the family.

Reclaiming Emotional Control During Stressful and Anxious [Election] Days

How are you feeling today? Anxious? Stressed out? Worried? Concerned? Hopeless? Hopeful? Frustrated? If you are reading this message on November 3rd, 2020, you live in The United States of America, you might find yourself, family, friends, and peers on the edge as we will soon learn who will lead this amazing country for the next four years. And if you…

sabotaging own weight loss

Are You Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts? Listen to Kathy’s Story

Weight loss and fat loss are challenging objectives to achieve and sustain for many people, especially for those who have lost and gained weight. Many people find themselves, consciously or not, sabotaging their weight-loss efforts and/or their weight loss maintenance stage. On August 6th, 2020, Kathy went to her dentist and he took her blood…

Hola, I am Maria Horstmann!

You’ve come across this page because at one point you were me. I struggled with yo-yo dieting, sugar addiction, prediabetes, G.I. issues, and eating disorder until my late 30s. I didn’t know or understood how my choices and unhealthy habits were affecting me.

Much like you, I wanted to break the cycle. One day, I sat down and had a come-to-Jesus-moment. It was time to become a better version of myself. It worked!

Before I left my finance career to start my practice, I had fallen in love with how changing my nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and mindset had positively impacted blood sugar, insulin, and fitness.

After seeing how my health, energy, and life had changed, I knew my purpose was to share this knowledge. My fascination grew exponentially when I started my training in, and application of, Nutritional Endocrinology, Blood Chemistry, and Nutrigenomics.

Our bodies are perfect machines!!!

Everybody should wake up energized to pursue exciting challenges and dreams in their lives while feeling happy in their own skin! Making a difference in someone’s life and helping them transform challenges into opportunities of growth is what gets me up in the morning.

If you’re struggling, I want you to know that you’re not alone. You don’t have to sacrifice your social life and quality of life. What you need is a foundation. Picture yourself 1,3, 5 years from now on your current path, and 1,3,5 years when you fully commit to changing your lifestyle. Who would you rather be?

Heck, I’m not perfect. Who is it? I except myself and my clients to do the best, that’s it. The path of wellness is a MARATHON, not a sprint. The way we react to life curveballs is key to happiness. Our health and energy impact that ability. What I do possess is greater understanding, confidence, and control over my life. I want to help you be/feel the same. I want to help you make better choices so you feel empowered daily.

If you’re ready to take back control of your health, get to the root cause of your unsuccessful programs, manage life stressors, and create space for growth so you live independently and age gracefully, I want to meet with you. Let’s make a personalized plan for you to achieve your wellness goals. I can’t wait to be a part of your success story.

Inquiry About Coaching. Start Rewriting Your Story
More About Maria
  • We offer a unique combo of 20+ years in Corporate America, personal health reinvention, entrepreneurship, and coaching skills.
  • We offer comprehensive health coaching programs and fitness training services.
  • We are not helping clients find a quick fix that will ultimately lead to unsuccessful diet and exercise programs.
  • We love to teach and help clients understand the why, how, and what related to their bodies.
  • We focus on getting to the root cause of unsuccessful diets and exercise programs.
  • We dig to identify triggers and areas that have been suppressed that can be contributing to struggles.
  • We help clients create space in their lives to implement the plan and get results.
  • All our services are available online and in-person (Atlanta, GA area). NO EXCUSES!