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The pandemic that has been sweeping across the world has been a wake up call to reconsider what is important in our lives. Our families, our health…the simple things. I know how you are feeling right now – fighting off the fear and the overwhelm, trying to cope with the day-to-day of isolation. I am here for you.  Your health is more important now than ever, and I would like to offer myself as a resource to help you move, release anxiety, and increase productivity and focus.

How can I be a resource to you? How can I help?

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Lose Weight, Reclaim Energy, Feel Healthy
  • Get accountability, support, tools
  • Feel well, in control, & happy
  • Lose weight & boost energy
  • Stop the Yo-Y0 dieting!
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Build Physical, Emotional, and Mental Strength
  • Get Fit, Stronger & Sexier
  • Get Accountability & Motivation
  • Look leaner, thinner & toned
  • Ignite powerful neurotransmitters
  • Control your mind/brain & health
Glucose, Insulin, Hormone Imbalances?
  • Control weight, lose belly fat
  • Ditch fatigue, feel energetic
  • Stop cravings, restore insulin
  • Restore insulin sensitivity
  • Balance your blood sugar/glucose
Corporate Wellness: Transform Your Team
  • Build a healthy environment
  • Personalize your/their needs
  • Improve productivity & moral
  • Attract/retain talented employees
  • On-Site and Online Services

Health and Insulin Resistance Coach, Personal Trainer, and Corporate Wellness Consultant

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Welcome to “Be Fab – Be You”

I am Maria Horstmann, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Corporate Wellness.

If you want to boost your energy, productivity, focus, feel healthy, and you’re ready to change, you have come to the right place. Whether you want to lose weight, boost energy and confidence, be intentional with your exercise routine, build a nutritional template that works for you (not a diet), balance your survival hormones, let’s do it!

Who? How? Where? When?  We offer programs to individuals, groups, families, and corporations via online (virtual), by phone, and in person in Atlanta. NO EXCUSES! Start your healthy journey now.

Be Fab – Be You will tailor a training program to meet your goals and body needs. We make fitness an easy and enjoyable part of your life and healthy living a practice you will question why you have not started earlier. Get to the root cause of your health imbalances, turn your health and lifestyle 180 degrees so you do more of inspires you daily.

You are never too young or old to…

  • Stop the Yo-Yo weight, diet, cravings, exercise, and build sustainable healthier habits.
  • Lose weight, feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.
  • Increase energy, clarity, and productivity and DO MORE.
  • Build physical and mental strength and handle life’s curveballs with more control.
  • Manage your stress, improve your digestion and the quality of your life.
  • Boost your immune system and lower inflammation and reduce the risk of diseases.

NO EXCUSES! At Work. At Home. 


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