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  • Get accountability, support, tools
  • Feel well, in control, & happy
  • Custom 1:1 & group programs
  • No Excuses. Get start from anywhere

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Sweet Redemption Solution

health wellness coach personal trainer blood-sugar-insulin resistance

  • Control weight, lose belly fat
  • Ditch fatigue, feel energetic
  • Stop cravings, gain control
  • Restore clarity, improve digestion

Learn How To Balance and Restore

Move Your Fanny: Fitness With Purpose

health wellness coach personal trainer training packages

  • Get Fit, Stronger & Sexier
  • Learn. Apply. Become Accountable
  • Look Fab, Thinner and Tone
  • Rip the benefits of tailored fitness

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Corporate Wellness: People Matter


  • Build employee health VOI
  • Provide 1:1 accountability & more
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Attract/retain talented employees

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30-Day Health Makeover

health wellness coach makeover programs

  • Regain energy & vitality
  • Improve mental focus
  • Reduce cravings & bloating
  • Eat and feel healthy

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Purification Programs

health wellness coach detox cleanse Purification-Programs

  • Feel clearer, brighter, and lighter
  • Remove toxins & lose weight
  • Eat right & nourish your body
  • Build lifelong healthy habits

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Whole-Food Supplements

whole foods supplements

  • Help repair the body
  • Bridge the gap of deficient foods
  • Make up nutritional deficiencies
  • Stop isolated synthetic substances

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Nutritional Analysis (ANA)

Applied Nutritional Analysis

  • Let your body identify imbalances
  • Identify organs under stress
  • Determine food sensitivities
  • Feed nutrients your body needs

Learn from your body. Get on it!

Health Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer

As A Health Wellness Coach, My Mission Is To Empower You Be Fit and Healthy, Age Beautifully, Be You!

maria-horstmann-health-wellness-coach I am excited you stopped by. I am Maria Horstmann, Health Wellness Coach. I’m a Brazilian born who left a successful career in corporate finance to follow my passion for health and wellness. Today, as a Health  Wellness Coach, Insulin Resistance/Blood Sugar Coach, and Personal Trainer, I help you make better health decisions and connect with what’s most important to you. After I dove in and got to the root cause of my health problems, I knew I had to share my knowledge and experiences with the world. I take an individualized and holistic approach to your health wellness. I provide support for weight loss, belly fat, brain fog, fatigue, digestive issues, burnout, blood sugar and hormonal imbalances, inflammation, depression, sleep issues, and stress management. As a health and wellness coach, I am passionate about educating, evaluating, supporting, and training you on the pillars of health. Among several areas of practice, I emphasize practicing self-care and on balanced meals from real food and food-based supplements along with high quality herbs to help fill nutritional gaps and restore vitality.  I believe that living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is key to preventing, repairing, rebuilding, and restoring health and function. I believe that we’re what we digest and absorb. Moreover, the management of stress, sleep, physical activity, exposure to toxicity, life mind-set, and  timing/when we do things is as important as nutrition. Yet, everyone’s physiology is different and no one diet or protocol fits all. Personal responsibility, goal setting, and commitment are essential to long-term health and wellness.

I believe no one is able to achieve and sustain true success without health.

I love to share one of my mentor’s client mottos: “Don’t exchange what you want the most for what you want in the moment.” This applies to so many aspects of our lives. Another advice/reminder I like to share is that “experiences plus beliefs equal thoughts”. Our thoughts trigger emotions and emotions and thoughts are energy. When the head and heart are aligned, new beneficial habits can replace old destructive ones.

Change is difficult, no doubt. Knowledge is the foundation that enables action, strength, and vision to transform lives. Knowledge is only power when combined with action.

The opportunity to empower individuals, learn from each person’s uniqueness, be part of their growth, witness their transformation, and add value to their lives in a way I was never able to offer previously inspires me to stay the course! Choose from one-on-one coaching, small group settings, or corporate wellness solutions. My solutions are aimed at helping people achieve optimal wellness inside and outside the workplace. Contact me today and learn how to become a Wellness Warrior and Be Fab, Be You! Appointments are by-distance/remote anywhere worldwide via phone and in-person. Check our locations, hours, and more here.