Why Are You Waking Up Tired?

Why Are You Waking Up Tired?

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Today, we are going to talk about how you could wake up feeling refreshed, energized, healthier, and finally, getting rid of a few extra pounds. Lack of energy is one of my client’s top health complaints. Does it resonate with you as well?

It has to do with your sleep, caffeine, and adenosine–an important neurotransmitter in our brains. You will enjoy this week’s Energy Recharge Tip in this video.

Two questions for you:

  1. Can you fall back to sleep around 10-11am? assumes you were up by 7am.
  2. Can you function efficiently without caffeine before noon?

I truly believe that you can wake up feeling more rested so you can conquer your day with joy by elevating your productivity and focus, be more present with your loved ones, and have more energy to pursue other activities that make you smile inside out.

Lack of energy is one of the main health complaints people reach out to me for help. Does it sound like you too?

The problem is, you are unknowingly blocking your ‘sleep pressure’ gauge.

It’s OK. You just did not know about it, the power YOU have, and what/how to do about it.

Today, I am teaching you today the intertwined relationship between caffeine, adenosine, and sleep. Your health and quality of life is important, so watch it now, OK?

Surely, there is no reason to beat yourself up for habits and actions that happened in the past.

Instead, you can change the direction right this moment. You must feel empowered by the fact that you know you can establish new routines and habits. You have a CHOICE about your 24-hour day.

And seriously, take the time to reflect and implement the strategies I shared with you in this week’s video.

Yes, it’s about planning ahead (instead of continuing to take stimulants and wing it).

Yes, it’s about YOUR well-being (it does take a personalized health action plan).

Yes, it’s also about your consciousness (shifting your beliefs around time and habits).

You deserve to wake up with a zest for life without stimulants that are actually stopping you from experience your true self.

You can do this!


P.S. If you enjoy trackers, CLICK HERE  to this fun sleep tracker I created for you to complete for this week’s sleep assignment 🙂

**Right-click the image, ‘save image as’, print, and track away 🙂

White Sleep Chart-BeFabBeYou.com - Health-Fitness Coach - Atlanta-Online

P.P.S. If you are committed to elevating your health and energy, getting unstuck, managing your weight, getting physically and mentally stronger, saying good-bye to the YO-YO, I’d love to talk to you.

>>Schedule time HERE (via phone or Video Conference). I’ll learn about your health challenges, goals, and what’s in your way. You will get a couple of tips and a plan of action to get things turned around. And if it makes sense, you can discover that together, YOU GET TO make progress and achieve your health goals with support, accountability, sustainability, and joy.


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