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“Energy flows where attention goes”

After years of struggling with my personal health obstacles such as sugar addiction and prediabetes, digestive issues (constipation, bloating, gas, hemorrhoids, cold sores, burping), and an eating disorder, I had a coming to Jesus moment where I decided this wasn’t how I was meant to live and age. I knew I had to change.

My journey has a lot to do with who I have become, including a health advocate, coach, trainer, and mentor.

My experience of overcoming these challenges was long and lonely–I was embarrassed to share my weaknesses and the environment I was in didn’t make me feel safe enough to share or encourage/facilitate a dialogue about a healthy lifestyle either. That’s OK, I believe that all people and all experiences have a purpose. I also believe that life has seasons, just like books have chapters. I loved that season in my life.

I am convinced that the long and lonely road I took helped me learn how AMAZING and interdependent the human body is. I learned to apply this to myself (or ‘play with myself’), and to understand the [mental, emotional, physical] ins and outs of the journey. I didn’t have the knowledge, tools, and access to functional lab testing available to me at that time.

All in all, my own journey contributed to my decision on making a 180° career change as well. I went from a finance professional to a health/wellness coach. How crazy is that?

The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone or take the long road as I did.

If I can learn to cook in my mid-late 30s, stop drinking condensed milk from the can and eating candy all day long, ditch foods and beverages don’t serve my body, add REAL and nutrient-dense foods including VEGETABLES, drink WATER, take supplements for my body, etc., you can do it.

If I can learn how to make more thoughtful food choices, use self-healing to nip problems in the bud, and exercise regularly to achieve optimal health. If I can rebalance my body, improve function, and feel great applying natural wellness approaches, you can too.

A friendly reminder…you can achieve anything that you want badly enough. “Energy flows where attention goes.” The bottom line is…

Maria Horstmann Before and After | Health Coach | Personal Trainer | FDN-P | Atlanta, GA

If I was able to do it, you can too.

I can help you navigate the ‘how to feel healthy’ again that causes you feel confused and overwhelmed by information and opinions which can evolve to feeling discouraged and tired because what you tried isn’t working.

Sounds familiar? I get it. The struggle is real. The human in me still experiences this from time to time. I see the struggle people are going through, whether it’s physical, emotional, and/or mental. I care. 

The Body Is An Incredible Machine

Quickly after this hard self-talk, I started researching and BOOM! I turned the page when I learned the correlation between cancer and dementia with hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes, and inflammation. And learned how diet/nutrition and lifestyle, not genetics, were the key to the prevention of diseases. So, I committed that I was going to do what was in my power to prevent illnesses.

It is fascinating to understand and apply the knowledge of how foods/beverages, movement, stress, sleep, mindset, mindfulness, and fun are essentially intertwined to provide us with the energy to perform in daily life. The ‘do this for that’ or ‘take this for that’ bring relief, not homeostasis. 

Body Is An Incredible Machine | Maria Horstmann, MBA, FDN-P, BCFWP | Be Fab - Be You LLC | Health Coach | Fitness Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Corporate Wellness Consultant | near Atlanta or online coach/trainer

The traditional medical approach of diagnosis and treatment based on isolated out-of range marker approach seems to undermine the power of the body. Nothing in the body works in isolation. I understood that taking a comprehensive approach to health was the way to go. 

When I realized I was spending most of my evenings (including Fridays and Saturdays) studying, researching, reading books, and listening to health summits, I felt the journey could be more than just that of self-improvement. 

While I was still in corporate, I entered the health/wellness space through personal training. Then, in 2014/2015, taking the Insulin Resistance Solution Practitioner Training (IRSPT) hosted by Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo was pivotal. It opened my eyes to the world of  biochemistry of the body, and how our dietary and lifestyle habits/choices impact our hormones and functions in the body. The body is a beautiful machine but we screw it up. We have the power to undo harm. The body is built to heal itself; we don’t have to tell our cells what to do. We need to FUEL and feed them properly!

I don’t want people to struggle on their own. I want to help them stop the yo-yo dieting, popping meds to cover up symptoms and dread their quality of life. I want people to have the energy to go after their dreams, day in and day out! I want people to feel healthy and happy in their own skin.

That’s why I decided to start my company, Be Fab – Be You LLC

In 2014, after 7-10 days at the new job, the CEO and CFO told me they had learned about the serious financial pressure the company was going through. Months later, when “sh&t hit the fan’, it was clear it was for my best interest to go job hunting.

I could NOT do it!

The thought of starting all over with another company while having this passion for health/wellness brewing inside me for the past two years created serious stress and anxiety.

I remember like it was yesterday, I was at the CFO’s office, who had been a friend for years and had just resigned because of the craziness. I was vulnerably crying, filled with fear, anxiety, and indecisiveness, sharing my thoughts and situation. He looked at me and said, “Maria, go look for a job. You’re crazy.”


  1. I had NEVER thought of being an entrepreneur. It was NOT part of my plans, at all. Jesus, I had not attended Emory University’s Executive MBA Program to become an entrepreneur. Not only was that NOT part of my career plan, but that also wasn’t focus of that program!! 
  2. I was NOT financially prepared to take the step. Not enough savings to support months of little to no income, additional education, daily living expenses, and loads of other [unexpected] costs. Being single, away from family for emotional or financial support, it’s been me or me since 1996.
  3. I was still uncovering my own hidden stressors and healing my own body. Self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and fears of rejection, failure, acceptance, and being ‘good enough’ kicked in from nowhere.

I took a leap of faith anyway!

I had absolutely fallen in love with the health improvements I had achieved, the knowledge I had acquired, and the possibility of making a difference in people’s lives.

I went against the grains. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made in my life. I made an emotional decision, which was very unusual for me.  

The stress got real and really quick.

I dug myself in a hole.

Feeling optimistic that my venture would ramp up quickly (red flag #1),  I made SIGNIFICANT investments in the business in the first three years: training/education, business coaching, service tools, etc. I fell for [smart] salespeople who used urgency psychology to convert–a couple of these services I barely touched! 

I took advantage of a credit score of 800+ along with several 12-18 month 0% interest credit cards to fund my dream and said YES to a lot more programs/education faster than I could ever do anything with (red flag #2)

For some reason, I thought I was a superwoman who could learn it all and do it all (red flag #3) by myself. 

Epic fail.

How could such a smart and educated woman dig herself into a hole like this? Let me just say that every entrepreneur goes through his/her own journey. This is mine and I take full responsibility for it. 

The business was growing but not at a pace to support all expenses and definitely not enough to pay the debt pack. The level of pressure and [financial] stress was insane. Obviously, this is not the kind of news you share with people in your circle. I held it all in for a long time. 

Then, I had another come to Jesus moment: “Maria, you’re in the business of helping people de-stress, how can you expect to attract your ideal clients when you’re incurring insane levels of stress yourself? And without a solid plan to get rid of this nightmare?” The answer was, “I cannot expect any positive growth to happen until I put this behind me.” 

It was time to get real, put my ego aside, and let go of societal expectations. I needed to reset my expectations and get out of debt to feel FREE again–the worst thing anyone can do to me is take my sense of FREEDOM away. I had done that to myself.

It was time to HUSTLE.

In mid-2019, I started to hustle on weekends. I established a 5-year debt payment repayment plan with all my creditors. That’s when I started to restore peace of mind. I had a sustainable and achievable plan. I felt back in control!

P.S. Want to guess what my side hustle is?  Just ask me!

In the meantime, let me give you a few clues: I socialize, I have fun, I get steps in, and I create an experience for others as much as possible. I deploy my coaching skills, I’m able to inspire and even direct people to make better lifestyle choices, and I build relationships. Plus, I’ve handed out many business cards. I’ve enrolled a few clients from the relationships I built.  Most importantly, this side hustle allows me keep growing my business. 

What’s not to LOVE about it, right? 

Update: I paid my dues. As of 5/15/23, I am debt FREE (mortgage excluded). I've beaten my deadline by 13.5 months! The "paying ~$70K off" chapter ended. The "abundance and growth" chapter has started. I'm proud for doing the right thing, relieved, and excited for the future!

You might be asking…

Would I have done anything differently? HAHA…

I can deliver a keynote speech about what NOT to do in order to reduce pitfalls and succeed faster as an entrepreneur.

Need a speaker to talk about entrepreneurship and how to fail forward? I'm your girl!

I made several mistakes. If I could go back, I’d do a few things differently. Yet, the lessons learned led me to uncover all sorts of ‘stuff’ about myself. I’ve invested significant dollars and time in my personal growth.

Thanks to this journey, I have grown so much as a person. I am very convinced that all my experiences, pre/post-corporate, have shaped me into a better person, coach, mentor, and friend today.

P.S. If you are wondering if I left my Fri-Sun evening side hustle job, the answer is NO. Here is why…

  • First: I have fun. I socialize. I build relationships. I add value to others.
  • Second: I can reallocate the cash to invest in the company, trainings, and in myself, savings, and fun
  • Third: my focus is now GROWTH and the cash helps!

The Nutritional Endocrinology Way...

In 2016, I was accepted into Dr. Ritamarie’s Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner’s Training (NEPT). NEPT focuses on teaching the biochemistry of the body and how diet, lifestyle, and toxins impact cells, organs, and systems. It dives into functional blood chemistry analysis, functional lab testing (after lifestyle), and DNA genetic interpretations/nutrigenomics which was a game changer for my own health (and it can be for you as well). The training promotes natural lifestyle approaches to health. Lifestyle first, labs second. Here I was inspired to take my business venture in a different direction—one I didn’t expect to grow into. Another blessing. I LOVE IT!

The more I coached people to implement healthier lifestyle practices, the more I got exposure to people with more complex health issues. They were feeling overwhelmed and confused because they tried all sorts of strategies, were doing everything their doctors were telling them, yet still they couldn’t make sustainable leaps.

I was attracting driven and health-oriented people who were sick and tired of the trial-and-error cycle of weight, diets, supplements, doctors’ visits, etc. They were not feeling well or healthy. Over the past few years, they had felt tired all the time, physically and mentally weak, uncomfortable and had developed lots of food sensitivities. They had either reached a weight loss plateau or steadily kept gaining pounds. Doctors had done some blood work and for the most part, they were “good”. Yet, they were feeling like crap and it was disrupting their personal and professional affairs.

It’s hard to relax, have fun, and start a project you’ve been longing to do when you lack energy, clarity, peace of mind, and motivation for it, and ‘you know something isn’t right’ isn’t it?

I know how it feels…

The FDN Way...

At that point, I realized that they not only deserve to learn more about their bodies, but also get answers so they can implement something that works for them.

That’s when I decided to go back to Reed Davis and incorporate the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition system into my practice. Believe it or not, I enrolled in the FDN training as soon as I left corporate in early 2015 but put it aside to focus on IRSPT and other pieces of training. Honestly, I believe that things have a reason. It was NOT the right time then.

Years later, I was sure it was time. The FDN training was a perfect complement to NEPT. In 2021, I become a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). FDN-Ps, aka ‘health detectors’ use functional lab assessments to identify malfunctions and underlying conditions that are the root cause of many common health complaints. Hidden stressors are often what keep the body out of homeostasis, manifesting as weight gain, fatigue, aches and pains, and many other consequences.

During my training, I did the same functional labs and more. Not only do I like to be my own guinea pig, but I also like to be an example (walk my talk). 

I also know that experiencing NO SYMPTOMS doesn’t mean it’s all groovy inside. In order to maximize my potential, I need to know how my body was functioning on a much deeper level. 

Guess what? I found weak links in my body and they made sense once I correlated the lab results with how I was really feeling. I was excited to have found healing opportunities.

I use this level of information and data to empower my actions going forward.


The Horstmann Method Way

I created the Horstmann Method to help you get to the root causes of Metabolic Chaos® by taking a deep dive into the 3 main culprits for health issues that hold working professionals back from feeling and looking their best- blood sugar dysregulation, inflammation, and imbalanced cortisol and HPA-Axis [hormones].

When we take time to learn about ourselves, implement healthy habits, implement changes, and stay consistent, the body will respond. What’s often missing is personalized solutions, knowledge, accountability, support, and tools to succeed.

I understand how easy it is to leave your health on the back burner while working in the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. Personally, I know the obstacles that get in the way of achieving your highest health. Not every health coach understands the struggles of dealing with high levels of professional stress and the non-stop go, go, go lifestyle. I do.

As a coach, one of the areas I excel in is listening closely and being quick to spot when you get in your own way. Besides providing accountability and tools to live a healthier life, I support you each step of the way by helping you work on mindset, clearing “debris” that blocks progress, and motivating you to push to the next level. Plus, I am an educator and a solution-driven person. I love empowering and celebrating successes with people.

I would love to learn more about YOU, your current health, what’s in your way, and your life and wellness goals.

Maria Horstmann, MBA, BCFWP, FDN-P | Health Coach | Personal Trainer | Speaker

Education, Training, and Credentials

Maria Horstmann is not a dietitian, physician, pharmacist or other licensed healthcare professional. She holds the certifications, credentials, and education mentioned above. Review our disclosures and disclaimers HERE.

Health Coach | Board Certified Functional Wellness Coach | Mari Horstmann | FDN-P | BCFWP

Your Health Optimization Plan

The 4 steps to your health transformation journey are:

Maria Horstmann, MBA, FDN-P, BCFWP | Be Fab - Be You LLC | Health Coach | Fitness Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Corporate Wellness Consultant | near Atlanta or online coach/trainer

Grab a time on my calendar

We’ll discuss where your current health status, goals, and what’s keeping you stuck.

Maria Horstmann, MBA, BCFWP, FDN-P | Health Coach | Personal Trainer | Atlanta, GA | We Need a Healthy Body For Healthy Weight

Personalize a plan for YOU

We’ll create a personalized plan, with or without functional labs and fitness, so you make progress towards your goals!

Implement the plan

We’ll implement, evaluate, and course-correct your plan accordingly. We stick with what works.

Maria Horstmann, MBA, BCFWP, FDN-P | Health Coach | Personal Trainer | Atlanta, GA | We Need a Healthy Body For Healthy Weight

Celebrate small and big wins

We celebrate wins, big and small. We might throw unexpected dance parties too!


Healthy and Suddenly Sick? Why You Want To Be Healthy Anyway?

Maria Horstmann, MBA, FDN-P, BCFWP | Be Fab - Be You LLC | Health Coach | Fitness Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Corporate Wellness Consultant | near Atlanta or online coach/trainer

We cannot predict the unpredictable, but we can prepare for it!

One of my virtual mentors, John Maxwell, says: there is not suck thing as luck, there’s preparation.  This is true in business and in personal wellness and growth.

How many times have you heard and witnessed a ‘healthy’ person get sick out of the blue, go through serious challenges, and sometimes die from it? 

The average person’s response to the news is “She/he was healthy, did all the ‘healthy and right stuff, and died anyway. “

That’s often followed by “Why bother being healthy?”  “This healthy thing doesn’t work.”  “I am going to die anyway.”  The latter hits home. I’ve heard my mom say this for decades to explain her smoking addiction that eventually caused a stroke and a brain aneurysm. 

Whether or not you believe in God, the truth is we don’t know the ‘plan’ or life curveballs that will be thrown at us. 

Sh&t happens. Period!

Preparation MATTERS! Being obsessed about health and every single step isn’t the answer either. That alone can be super stressful.  

Don’t shut your eyes and ears to wellness. YOU CAN DO THIS!

What I know is, scientific literature backs me up,  the healthier I am, doing what's in my power to live a healthy life, pitfalls and imperfections included, the better off I will be in terms of healing and not having long-term issues from curveballs.

My balance and reflexes will be stronger the way I’d fall—thanks to exercise. The healing process will be faster.

If I am doomed to die, my chances are that I will have more time to say my goodbyes before the switch is turned off.

When it comes to healing, the body has its own timeline. We can’t make it go faster. We can FACILITATE the process by applying natural wellness therapies.

And no, I am NOT against medication or the medical system at all. They save lives. Yet, we ought to do our part: FUEL and FEED the body with the essentials so it can heal. That’s preparation!!!

It’s about choices we make daily: our mindset, the thoughts/words we allow in and out, the environment and surroundings we are in, the foods and beverages we choose, the stress (eustress vs distress), and how we perceived stress, our sleep quantity/quality, our physical activity and fitness level, the supplementation we take to fill in nutritional gaps, and laugh/fun that help us keep our hearts young!

Hence, there is no better moment than RIGHT NOW to take steps and help needed to be and stay healthy. I encourage you to learn more about your body. Dig, learn, apply. Strive to optimize your body’s function.

Don’t shut your eyes and ears to wellness.