My Mission is to Empower Stressed-out Sugar and Carb Lovers to Optimize their Weight and Health so they Rediscover Vitality, Happiness, and a Fulfilling Life.

Hi, I am Maria!

After lots of dedication to my commitment to age beautifully, I overcame my personal struggles with sugar addiction and prediabetics, G.I. and digestion. I did not have the courage to open up about my struggles about my addiction, eating disorder, and many insecurities. It is pretty easy to hide when you live alone.  Yet, after a come to Jesus conversation I had with myself, I knew I had to change. My journey has a lot to who I have become, including becoming a coach, mentor, and trainer.

During my journey, not only I have learned a lot about my body and mind in ways I would, but also, I have grown as a person. Definitely, I am a very different person. One that I am happy to have discovered and transformed to. During this journey, I became super passionate about health and wellness. When I realized I was spending most of my evenings including Fridays and Saturdays studying, researching, reading books on cell level energy production, the impact of nutrition on hormones, and listening to health summits, I knew the journey could be more than that of self-improvement.


My experience of overcoming my challenges and [sugar] addiction on my own is what led me to a career change from a Finance professional to a Holistic Health/Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer. My struggle with assorted sugars, sweets, and simple carbs was real. I took a step forward to learn more about managing blood sugar and insulin. I became an Insulin Resistance Coach.

The training was a blessing to me. It opened my world to the biochemistry of the body.dy is a beautiful machine. We screw it up. Yet, we can fix it too. It is fascinating to understand and apply the knowledge of how foods/beverages, movement, stress, sleep, mindset, mindfulness, fun, and time for many of these activities are essentially intertwined to provide us with energy to perform life daily. I understood that taking a comprehensive approach to health was the way to go.

The fascination to this world led me to the next level. I joined the Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training program run by Dr. Ritamarie founder of the Institute Nutritional Endocrinology. This training focus on the understanding and application of how nutrition and lifestyle impact our hormones which basically rule our bodies.

Why did I choose to do all ‘this’?

It’s because the struggle is real. I experienced and the human in me, still do from time to time. I see the struggle people are going through, whether it’s physical, emotional, and/or mental.

I care. I don’t want people to struggle. I want to help them stop the yo-yo. I want people to have the energy to go after their dreams, day in, day out! I want people to feel healthy and happy in their own skin.

I am an educator and a solution-driven person. I love empowering and celebrating successes with people.

I know that when we take time to learn about ourselves, implement healthy habits, implement changes, be consistent, the body will respond. What’s often missing is customized solutions, knowledge, accountability, support, and tools to succeed.

As crazy as it is…

It took my family a long time to understand why I had decided to leave my successful career in corporate finance, a 6-figure job, financial freedom to do whatever I wanted and travel the world. Why would an honor graduate at Emory University’s Executive MBA program leave it behind to start from scratch? And in a totally different field?

It was in the power of my journey; the learning process of how incredible the body is;  and the understanding of how much control and power I had to do it right or wrong.

I have been called crazy many times for my adrenaline junkie activities and adventurous trips around the world.

I have been called crazy many times when I decide to leave corporate to start my company Be Fab – Be You LLC.

I have been called crazy for enduring financial hardships during this entrepreneurship. I have been asked multiple times…”Why don’t you go back to corporate?”

Yes, there are external, internal, and philosophical reasons for my craziness.

Yet, let me tell you this, the rewards of helping people make progress, change their mindsets, achieve their goals, become a different person is PRICELESS!

I would love to learn more about YOU, your current health, what’s in your way, and your life and wellness goals.