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After a self-thought process and lots of dedication, I overcame my personal struggles with sugar addiction and prediabetics, G.I. and digestion. Doing it without any support was hard and a long road. I learned a lot about myself and most importantly, I became super passionate about health and wellness. When I realized I was spending most of my evenings including Fridays and Saturdays studying, researching, reading books on cell level energy production, impact of nutrition on hormones, and listening to health summits, I knew the journey could be more than that of self improvement.

My experience of overcoming my challenges and [sugar] addiction on my own is what led me to a career change from Finance professional to a Health Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer. I am also an Insulin Resistance / Blood Sugar Coach. I have started a two-year training to become a Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner run by Dr. Ritamarie founder of the Institute Nutritional Endocrinology.

This training focus on the understanding and application of how nutrition and lifestyle impact our hormones. Incredible web and relationships.

I provide individualized health and wellness and coaching and exercise recommendations. If you are struggling with weight, belly fat, brain fog, fatigue, burnout, blood sugar and hormone imbalances, digestion, inflammation, depression, stress, and sleep, let’s talk.

Evaluate, Educate, Support, Train, Not Medicate!

Are you ready to take your upgrade your health? I am here to help you lose weight, get toned, manage food cravings, get energy, feel healthy, restore blood sugar management, balance hormones naturally, improve and embrace a healthy lifestyle, take charge of your health, and feel fabulous!

The gym has all the equipment for one-on-one training and duets. I am also available for House calls. Health and Wellness consultations/programs can be done in person or phone/Skype.

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