Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is not a verdict

We Will Help You Manage It

The women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), are one of the strongest women. YES. YES!!!

Your life is unusual and harder compared to most of the women. Sometimes, you cry and feel like an outlier. It is because there is no cure, you may feel trapped and that you will NOT able to experience your ‘true self’ or your reach ‘potential’! You may even ask “WHY ME?

No Freaking Way!!!

You Can Feel and Live Better

It starts by accepting that  YOU ARE UNIQUE and that it takes a UNIQUE  approach to what it is best for you and your well-being.

PCOS is a bump in the road, yet, one you can manage. Remember that you are an AMAZING individual, and have GIFTS to give. All these blessings combined, make YOUR UNIQUE soul. That is, with PCOS or not, overweight or not,  with a child or not. You are here to make a difference!


I’ll welcome you to ‘practice’ my A-C-T Method: Acknowledge, Chat, and Thank it. 

Curious? I’d be as well.  Reach Out and I’ll walk you through it 🙂

You Can Take Charge of PCOS

A few important building blocks I want to start thinking about it when it comes to your health, wellness, and fitness journey. This is especially true for women with PCOS:

♥ See the big picture, know your why and dreams.

♥ Remove the debris away from your path so you gain ENERGY to stay the course.

♥ Take steps to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

♥ Build discipline and consistency to continue to be and feel better.

♥ Build a mindset of a champion.

♥ Leverage resources, seek and accept help to MOVE FORWARD!

As a holistic health and insulin resistance coach and personal trainer, my mission is to help you set and reach your goals, one at a time. We will work the plan we customized for YOU!

This is a multi-facet approach to getting to the root cause of your health concerns. My philosophy includes building your nutrition template, managing stress, moving your ‘fanny’, improving the quality of your sleep, cleansing your body, and even adding more fun.

We will identify imbalances and work on balancing foundational systems in your body from your digestion, blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones, and organs.

Our initial plan is to identify imbalances, establish a plan of action, and work the plan. I will be your tour guide to give you additional knowledge, accountability, support, and tools. Our goal: CELEBRATE YOUR DAILY WINS!!!

In less than a month she helped me clean up my health and stop my bad eating habits! I have lost 11.5 pounds and counting!! I feel better, have more energy and sleep better!” – Michelle S.

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Learn How You Can Manage Your PCOS

Schedule an Energy Audit

Benefits You May Experience When You Work With Us

Benefits you may enxperience when you build and sustain a healthier lifestyle focused on identifying the root cause of health imbalances

  • Increased Insulin Sensitivity

  • More Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Lower Stress Levels and Better Sleep

  • Improved Physical and Mental Strength

  • Lower Inflammatory Markers

  • More Energy

  • Weight Loss

  • Lower Blood Sugar Levels

  • Improved Lipid Profile

  • Less Food Cravings

How We Can Serve You

Lifestyle Booty Camp (LBC) for PCOS & Insulin Resistance Program

Lifestyle Booty Camp Step System

LBC for PCOS is an action and education packed 5-Step System that will kick-start your transformational lifestyle journey. Learn, Share, Grow and Celebrate in a group and the online environment.

During our 6 weeks together, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Mindset, Values, and Goals
  • Healthy & Nutritious Foods
  • Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep

WHEN: Next Group Starts Soon. Ask Maria at mhorstmann@BeFabBeYou.com 

FREE 5-Day Sugar Cleanse

Lose Weight | Ditch Sugar Addiction | Gain Energy | Move More 

You’ll Learn How To:

  1. Cook yummy and healthy meals
  2. Avoid hidden sugars
  3. Cleanse our body of stored sugars


  1. Daily FB Live & Exercise Routines
  2. FB Group for support and celebrations

WHEN: Click the button on the right and email you next time run it.

Other way we serve you

Health/Wellness Coaching Solutions. Learn More HERE (online & in-person)


Personal Training Solutions HERE:  Tailored To Your New Beginning (online & in-person)

Personal Training

PCOS Awareness Annual Events

Why You Should Attend 2018 PCOS Awareness Symposium

Highlights of Past Symposium


Highlights of Past Bolt 5K for PCOS

PCOS Latest Research & Other Resources

Other Resources

  • PCOS Challenge, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides support for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), local offline support groups; and multiple 16-week fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness challenges.
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) – ASRM is devoted to advancing knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine, including reproduction, male and female infertility, andrology, menopausal medicine, infertility diagnosis, treatment, and research.
Learn More with an ENERGY AUDIT
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How Can You Make a Difference?

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