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Become Your Extraordinary!

My mission is to empower YOU to optimize your weight and health so that you reclaim your energy, happiness, and confidence to lead a fulfilling life.

Do You Want To…

  • Reach your ideal weight and feel healthier again?
  • Get to the root cause of unsuccessful diets and exercise programs?
  • Replace discouragement and self-doubt with confidence, new habits, and actions that GET you healthier?
  • Be comfortable and able to take upon new [physical and mental] adventures in life?
  • Take back charge of your well-being?
  • Feel fit and stronger and age beautifully?
  • Strive to be a healthy role model to family, friends, and most importantly to YOURSELF?
  • Build and maintain a more positive outlook and?
  • Strive to add value to others by doing more of what you love?


It’s your time to feel happy in your own skin so you exude vitality and joy.

As your coach, I will help you map out a strategy and develop a plan of action specific to YOUR wellness and life goals. We will get down to business and have fun along the way.

My programs and coaching are based on the following pillars of health:

  • Diet/Nutrition: it’s about eating real whole foods to fuel your body for weight loss, energy, metabolism, hormone balance, and more.
  • Exercise [+ Sleep]: your beginning is yours and I am with you!  We will focus on building consistency so you can make progress. Exercise is essential for life. That is especially true for weight management, brain and neurotransmitters’ health, insulin resistance, bone health, injury prevention, hormone balance, and the list goes on. Despite your level of fitness, there is always a way to keep moving from the ‘I can’t’ to the ‘I can’. I will be your guide!
  • Blood sugar and insulin resistance: most people are unaware of how powerful the ability to understand and manage blood sugar and insulin levels is. That is for weight and energy management, better digestion issues, mental clarity, irritability, mood swings, chronic and metabolic diseases, and the list goes on.
  • Mindset [+Stress+Habits+Beliefs]: Let me just say this…everything starts with our mindset and outlook. When you open yourself to opportunities, you will become available for transformation. As a coach, I will help unwind, establish goals and parameters, and create the space for your health.


Ready to get started?  Schedule your Complimentary ‘Energy Audit’ Health Session HERE (virtual or phone).



Wellness Warrior Coaching Packages

All Wellness Warrior Coaching Services include the following assessments with a personalized evaluation:

  1. Confidential Health History (returned forms 72 hours prior to first session).
  2. 5-day Be Fab, Be You Food and Wellness Journal (detail on your nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise, digestion).
  3. Receive smart nutrition choices, supplementation, and lifestyle recommendations.
  4. Sessions are via phone and Skype or in-person in Atlanta/Vinings, GA. Additional fee applies to House calls. For remote clients, please have access to smartphone/computer/tablet for file sharing and viewing during live session.

During these 3 months, you will go beyond a Health Makeover, you will start writing your new you by learning and applying key lifestyle concepts. We will navigate three phases. Be Fab – Be Radiant Program Info

  • A single 90-Minute session PLUS
  • Nine (9) 45-Minute follow-up sessions that include educational presentations specific to your needs.
  • Follow-up sessions must be completed within 6 months (180 days) from the initial session.
  • Throughout the program you will:
    • Receive continuous feedback on your Food and Wellness Journal.
    • Gain greater knowledge on topics such as blood sugar management, inflammation, stress, fitness, etc.
    • Topics will be customized to your needs.
    • Learn to build nourishing meals, enjoy whole foods, and do not feel hungry.
    • Have access to a vault of healthy recipes.
  • During the program, you will navigate through the eye-opening phases below.
  • Full payment can be done online (MindBody). Installments must be done over the phone or in-person.

Adaption Phase (Month One) Includes:

  • Learning what’s preventing your body to perform its best.
  • Start implementing steps that get you feel energized, healthier, fitter, and sexier.
  • Start eliminating foods and toxins that often interfere with the well-being of your body/mind.

Reset Phase (Month two) Includes:

  • Nourish your body with non-inflammatory foods.
  • Eliminate as many toxins as possible from your daily life and routines.
  • Acknowledge, respect, and celebrate the health benefits your body is receiving.

Restoration Phase (Month Three) Includes:

  • Rediscover how certain foods once eliminated impact your body.
  • Learn the benefits of a balanced lifestyle by implementing techniques related to the pillars of health to ensure achieve long term optimal health.

A LA CART services and products I recommend adding:

  1. 21-Day Purification Program. Prepare your body to success.
  2. Applied Nutritional Analysis (6 or 12 sessions). Learn what’s not optimal so you can feed proper nutrients your body for success.
  3. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. Screen & identify imbalances in body metabolism.
  4. Personal Training. Learn multiple movements, correct form, motivated, and ensure you can do well safely.
  • Click here to learn details of this program.
  • This cornerstone program will change your life. You will be amazed to learn how foods, sleep, stress, physical activity, and timing impact your body.
  • Learn vital information on key lifestyle areas and apply them successfully.
  • Get educated on ways to support your natural physiology, balance your blood sugar, and restore insulin sensitivity.
  • Balance your hormones, lose weight, improve lipid profile, increase lean mass.
  • Reduce cravings, clean your skin, improve digestion.
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem. Look and fell priceless!

Rediscover energy, vitality, and focus. Reduce cravings. Feel less bloating. Eat and feel healthy!

Be Fab Health Makeover will get you in touch with what is most important to you, your goals, and your values. This program provides basic information and recommendations of pillars of health smart nutrition choices recommendations, physical activity, sleep, stress management, fun, environment, and attitude. The program includes all that the Be Fab Health Makeover 30 Day Program offers and much more

  • A single 90-Minute session PLUS
  • Three (3) 45-Minute follow-up sessions.
  • Follow-up sessions are once a week over the course of a month. They must be completed within 6 weeks (45 days) from the initial session.
  • Continuous assessment of daily Food and Wellness Journal.
  • Learn to build nourishing meals, enjoy whole foods, and do not feel hungry.
  • Learn and implement a process to eliminate food and toxins elimination that often interfere with body’s normal performance.
  • Full payment is due before 1st session.

A LA CART services and products I recommend adding to Be Fab Health Makeover:

  • 10-Day Curb Your Cravings Program. Prepare your body to success.
  • Applied Nutritional Analysis (6 sessions). Learn what’s not optimal so you can feed proper nutrients your body it needs to feel happy.
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. Screen & identify imbalances in body metabolism.
  • Personal Training. Move you Fanny. Get motivated. Learn multiple movements, correct form, motivated, and ensure you can do it correctly on your own as well.

Jumpstart Your Vitality Strategy Session

Whether you are looking for more energy, better and sustainable diet/nutrition, reduce cravings, improved sleep, or better digestive function, I am committed to help you succeed.

Take advantage of FREE Energy Audit Consultation. During this session, I’ll learn what your desires and dreams you’d step into if your health challenges were not in your way. What’s getting in your way. I will share a few steps you can start right away.

Anyway, this 90-Minute Vitality Session is included in every program I offer

**Apply a 100% credit of the Jumpstart Vitality Strategy Session toward any Coaching Package**

  • Jumpstart Your Vitality

    Jumpstart Your Vitality

    90-Min session is included in all Coaching Programs.

  • Identify health goal and establish a strategy to support your journey to restore health, regain energy, and feel your best in the long term.
  • Get practical tips and steps you can implement immediately that will support your health journey.
  • Receive valuable feedback on your nutrition, supplementation, sleep, stress, exercise, and digestion upon completing our 5-Day Journal.
  • Learn whether and how any habits may be impacting your well-being.
  • Session is done via phone and Skype or in-person.

A LA CART Services and Products

These stand alone services can be purchased separately or added to one of the Wellness Warrior Coaching Packages. Some of these services are already included in the Coaching Packages. I have broken down the The A LA CART into three categories:

  1. Applied Nutritional Analysis, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Hourly Coaching

  2. Purification Programs and Organic Whole-Food Supplements

  3. Personal Training 1:1 and 2:1


Coaching Session

Coaching Session

  • Talk to me about what’s going on and we can discuss some basic strategies about tackling your challenges.
  • No evaluation forms and food journal required.
  • Full payment is due prior to the session.


  • Applied Nutritional Analysis

    Applied Nutritional Analysis

    ANA works as a stand alone solution, especially when lifestyle changes are not practical or realistic, OR

  • Incorporate sessions to any of Wellness Warrior Coaching Programs for a more comprehensive approach.
  • First session of ~75 minutes. Follow-up sessions of ~30 minutes.
  • If you are not combining ANA to any one of the coaching packages, I recommend you enrolling on a 12 session package.
  • Initially, follow-ups are weekly. Your body will tell us when to move to bi-weekly and monthly sessions.
  • Learn more about this holistic technique here. Click here to read Mercola’s opinion on this non-invasive body supportive practice.
  • Cost of supplements is not included.

  • Does your doctor tell you are within the ‘normal’ ranges and yet, you do not feel healthy? You know that there’s something not ‘right’?
  • Get to the root cause. ,Functional blood Chemistry is a unique method of evaluating and analyzing blood testing to reveal early stages of physiological imbalances.
  • I will review the specific markers relevant to digestion, liver and blood sugar dysfunctions as seen on CBC, CMP and Lipid panels.
  • You will receive appropriate nutritional protocols to help you restore proper function.

Functional Ranges vs. Normal Ranges

  • It is based on current research on healthy individuals. Normal ranges are 20-30 years ago!
  • It focuses on evaluation of patterns – how individuals values related with each other.
  • A single 30-Minute session in-person, call, or Zoom/Skype.
  • You will receive a copy of a comprehensive report that will WOW your health practitioner.  Most importantly, you will equip yourself with amazing knowledge and guidelines to better your health.
  • Full payment of $100 is due upon your delivery of labs and at least 72 hours prior to the session.


  • Based on bell curve representing 95% of population.
  • Tests can be normal yet the person is symptomatic.
  • Less sensitivity.
  • Either disease or health; no cautionary markers.
  • Varies lab to lab; region to region.


  • Narrowed to show more appropriate ranges for healthy populations.
  • Can reveal underlying cause of symptoms. Proactive vs. reactive.
  • Greater sensitivity.
  • Able to see imbalances in chemistry before pathology.
  • Not dependent on population sampled or geographic area.


Those who are highly addicted to sugar and ‘junk’ food will greatly benefit from doing a purification program to facilitate weight loss and obtain the most health benefits from doing the 30-Day or 90-Day WW programs. In fact, some people choose to complete both programs and love it.

10-Day is an excellent [and short] way to adjust your pallet, introduce new habits, and substitute sugar and high glycemic foods for healthy and nourishing whole foods.


21-Day will give you new appreciation for healthy eating. Personally, I love this purification program and recommend doing it at least once/year.

  • Why supplements have become a necessity? What’s affecting quality of commercial foods?
    • Incorrect farming methods.
    • Funcgicides and perticides on our foods.
    • Soil depletion is a fact. Ultimately, foods no longer have the same content of vitamins and minerals they used to have four to five decades ago.
  • According to Dr. Royal Lee, the vitamins are so interdependent that there is always a probability that anotehr deficiency will be aggravated when one takes isolate vitamins.
  • Studies show that the bioavailability of Natural Food Complex Nutrients are greater than that of isolated USP vitamins or inorganic mineral salts or mineral chelates.

  • IDLife provides individualized nutrition. Take FREE HIPAA Compliant Health Assessment
  • Superb quality of products for athletes, crossfiters, weight lifters, and others.
  • Feed your body nutrients it needs to perform at levels you desire. Food alone doesn’t do it!


Get ready to MOVE YOUR FANNY!  YOUR fitness goals, exercise experience, health history, and commitment level, will determine the appropriate training program.

  • Training sessions are ONLINE, from our cozy private studio in Vinings or at a location of your CHOICE (I come to you).
  • Browse the Personal Training page to learn more about this service.
  • Would like to get a TASTE for Personal Training before making a bigger investment? Try a 3-session of 45-min for $99.
  • 1:1 and duet 2:1 training available.
  • Sessions of 45 or 60 minutes.
  • Sign-up with a friend for 2:1 training to make lower cost per person!!!
  • No membership. No Contract.
  • House Calls are available. Rate/hour is based on location and time. ASK!

Applied Nutritional Analysis (aka Applied Kinesiology)

What is ANA?

Applied Nutritional Analysis or Applied Kinesiology, as known as by many, is a biofeedback and noninvasive technique that evaluates the body’s imbalances, assesses its needs, and tests allergies to get to the root cause of most people’s health problems. This is a tool and an alternative to lab tests. Our muscle organs respond to many external as well as internal influences by becoming stronger or weaker. The skin, our largest organ, acts as a complex sensory organ which transmits vibrations to the entire body. In muscle response/reflex testing, the change in organ strength is assessed before and during contact with a test item. We also test for food allergies. The goal is to find foods (in supplements forms) that will strengthen weak parts of the body. In this case, we use sample of high quality whole-foods based supplements for testing.

How does the test work?

The tested person is in the seated or standing position. The person places an arm forward, shoulder slightly back, elbow straight. The tester presses downward on wrist and the tested person ‘matches the resistance’. This step sets up the stage for further testing. We start by testing for food allergens such as sugar, wheat, corn, soy, milk, and peanuts. Next we test for drainage. If tested person is ‘blocked’, we look for the potential causes (parasites, heavy metals, food allergies, scars, virus, etc.) that are preventing the person to restore health. The next step is to do a balance test on the right and left brain. The last step is to check each organ starting with the Brain/HPA Axis Point and cover all organs. With the exception of the drainage test, the organ demonstrates weak when the arm of the tested person goes ‘down’ as the tester applies pressure. At that point, we will test whole foods supplements that strengthen the deficient organ and find the proper dosage. I have learned this technique with Jeanne Winner, CCN ND from Winner Wellness. Jeanne has been working with Response Testing and Standard Process for over 20 years. I feel honored to have Jeanne as a mentor for this program.