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Whether virtual or in-person, Maria delivers a high energy message in an authentic, dynamic, and empowering way. Her presentations range from a 15 minute message to a full 60 minute keynote. Below are examples of the talks she offers. 

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Maria Horstmann, MBA, Health and Wellness Speaker, Board Certified Functional Wellness Professional, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Personal Trainer, and Entrepreneur–founder of Be Fab – Be You LLC. She is also the host of the Be Fab – Be You Made Simple Podcast

Maria is known as an engaging, energetic, and inspiring speaker. Her talks are dynamic and designed to challenge the status quo. Maria’s goal as a speaker is to meet her audience where they are at in their health journey and invite them to take action steps towards transforming their physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Her topics can be customized to fit your audience. Topics may include HIDDEN stressors to optimal health and weight, blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, sleep, exercise and brain health, women and bone health prevention, immune system, habits, and accountability systems.

Maria’s strategic, honest and practical approach, using the Horstmann Method, has empowered driven, health-oriented professionals to get to the bottom of their health and weight issues so they can restore vitality while supporting the body’s innate healing abilities.

Central to the Horstmann Method, she focuses on identifying culprits of many chronic diseases such as blood sugar dysregulation and insulin resistance, inflammation, and cortisol and hormone (HPA axis) imbalances and implementing natural wellness principles to help the body restore function, energy, and vitality at any age.

Maria Horstmann, MBA, FDN-P, BCFWP | Be Fab - Be You LLC | Health Coach | Fitness Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Corporate Wellness Consultant | near Atlanta or online coach/trainer

Maria holds a unique combination of 20+ years in Corporate America, personal health reinvention, entrepreneurship, and coaching skills. As a functional wellness practitioner, she can help you transform your frustration & burnout by getting to the root of Metabolic Chaos® and implementing healthy lifestyle habits that will boost your productivity, energy, and brain power to keep up with demanding and stressful environments. As a speaker, she can help you put the dots together to why there is no wealth without health, and ignite your fire to  take action TODAY!

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Maria, THANK YOU again for your spectacular participation in my recent seminar. Your initial 10-minute presentation definitely got the audience’s attention and engagement and then your participation in the panel discussion cemented it.
Your dynamism, enthusiasm and obvious reservoir of knowledge were brilliantly displayed like light beacons in the night and reminded me of your website – Be Fab – Be You- because you were both.
And, YES, I would definitely invite you back in a heartbeat.

Lewis J Forbes Jr, CFP® , MBA, CRPC® , RICP® , CDFA® - Financial Advisor
Ameriprise Financial

Maria was a speaker at one of our conferences on polycystic ovary syndrome. Her speaking style is dynamic and she has a unique passion for the subject matter.
Her topic was “Strategies for Improving Insulin Sensitivity and Fat Loss” and she effectively conveyed her message on how to improve your health by putting her words into practice as she incorporated movement into her session. She had the audience out of their seats and moving as they listened to her speak. It was truly remarkable and a wonderful experience working with Maria.

Sasha Ottey - Executive Director
PCOS Challenge: The National Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association


Maria is a dynamic, energetic, and captivating guest and speaker, having spoken on stages (in-person and online), on podcasts, and on summits.

Signature Talks and Messages

Below are examples of the speaking programs she offers.

“How to achieve optimal health?” is such a great question, but it is NOT on most people’s minds, NOT covered in most media, and NOT a popular Google search either. If we asked a group of people this question, chances are that their answers would vary significantly. 

This talk addresses why and what optimal health is; the possibility that you’re experiencing suboptimal health and don’t know; and what you can do to assure you’re performing at an optimal level daily.  

Exercise is the best PILL available in the market for longevity and brain health, and it’s free! Just like there’s no one-diet-fits-all, there is no one-size-fits-all exercise/fitness program.

This talk addresses why and how you can experience the profound power of exercise by igniting essential neurotransmitters and hormones that help you be fit, stay sharp, age beautifully, and feel energetic at any age.  

It’s easy to live on autopilot when the body is in constant fight-or-flight mode. It’s also easy to disconnect ourselves from our bodies, reach out to what’s convenient and easy, and let go of lifestyle choices that actually help us feel healthy, energetic, and productive in the long term. Left unresolved, we risk experiencing a “Health Wake-up Call” that can quickly turn a life upside down. 

This talk addresses how you can thrive in life without worries and ease of mind by discussing essential lifestyle choices and steps you can take today to FUEL your cells, tissues, organs, and systems to do their jobs, and restore/maintain function so that 

Consumption of sugar, whether it’s added, or natural, or artificial, has been under attack for years now. Our love-hate relationship with sugar has kept many of us awake at night, literally. Sugar has 50+ names and is blamed for obesity in America. What’s the real buzz about it? Is it worth losing your sleep to figure out a way to beat a sugar addiction?

This talk exposes the truth about sugar consumption so that you can decide whether you’ll keep the relationship as is or call for a break-up, a separation, or a divorce.

When it comes to building better health and fitness habits, the most common excuse is “I don’t have time” followed by “I’m busy”, which sounds convincing enough that rarely anyone questions it. How often have you said/heard these quick answers from co-workers, family, friends, and acquaintances this last week alone? I bet way too many times.

This talk addresses why these answers are not acceptable; why they may be in your way to success; what’s possibly missing in the storyline; and most importantly, learn key strategies to optimize your 24 hours so it aligns with your life goals, including your health and fitness.

Blood tests can’t uncover everything about your health. Yet, the results can give amazing insights into your health and when you “listen” carefully, you may catch imbalances before they become pathology and find answers to symptoms.  

This talk addresses key concepts including the difference among “normal”, dysfunctional, and optimal/healthy lab ranges and how to lower your risk of diagnoses or treatment decisions made by your doctor because your values fall outside the 95% “normal” range. Lastly, you will learn how this type of analysis can help you personalize more effective dietary and lifestyle changes so you feel healthier and more confident.

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