Learn how Maria has helped many busy professionals, mom’s, executives, and corporations restore balance and health, take control of their body and mind, build a sustainable healthy lifestyle so they can do what they love the most and be more successful at work and at home. You will find examples of Maria Horstmann as a health coach, a blood sugar / insulin resistance coach, a personal trainer, a corporate wellness consultant, and a speaker.

You will find testimonials of individuals with imbalances ranging from weight, belly fat, post pregnancy belly fat, fatigue, poor-energy, blood sugar imbalances, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), nutrient deficiencies, poor mood, confidence, and libido, and more. Most importantly, you will notice that Maria provides not only knowledge, accountability, support, and tools to help her you succeed, but she also customizes services to fit and meet each individual’s needs.

Maria is not only mobile (she comes to you), but also virtual (sessions via phone and video conferencing). You are welcome to me come to Vinings, GA to meet her for appointments.

No Excuses. At Work. At Home. Online. Get Started!