Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA)

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA)

Your Blood Talks. Let’s Listen!

"Normal" Bloodwork Isn't (Necessarily) Healthy or Optimal

You’re stressed...

…you’ve gained more weight than you’d like to admit, and are always tired. You’ve been putting all your energy into your career, but now you’re burnt out and can’t believe you let your health get to this point.

You decide enough is enough and you want to get healthy again, so you head to the doctor to get some blood tests done.

They will decide the biomarkers to run for you because you’re not fully aware of what to request.

All you want is to get on top of your health [again] and assure nothing is really ‘wrong’ despite the fact you don’t feel 100%.

You are ready to take ACTION to feel healthier again and prevent diseases–especially knowing your family history. Yikes!!!


First of all, congratulations on making the time to get checked!

When your lab results come back, the most common scenarios are:

  1. Your doctor sees the biomarkers that fall outside the “normal” range and they use them to diagnose and write a prescription, yet, you have no idea what these numbers mean or how it’s disrupting other aspects of your health. You’re told “there is nothing else you can do right now”. You are told to come back in a few months to see how things are going and retest.
  2. Your doctor emails you the ‘good news’. Your blood tests came back “all normal”. They go on to say, ‘you’re the perfect bill of health’, yet you don’t feel that healthy…In fact, you know that’s NOT right. I don’t feel well. Instead, I feel like crap a lotYou are worried that something might be wrong.

Does this resonate with you? You are not alone!

It’s fairly common for people to start to not feel like themselves and not feel good long before their blood markers are outside of the ‘normal’ ranges.

Functional Blood

Normal, by definition, means, “the usual, average, or typical state or condition”

Now that I pointed this out to you, ask yourself…

> Do I want the state of my health to be compared to the average? 

> Do I want to perform at suboptimal or optimal/healthy levels?

> How do I know what are optimal/healthy levels within these [wide] “normal” ranges?

> Is there a stage of dysfunction I am possibly in and unaware of?

Well, what if I told you that conventional labs aren’t giving you the full picture…

The Issue With Conventional Labs

Conventional blood chemistry analysis reflects broad reference ranges that are calculated based on average values found within a sample population. “Normal” is 95% of the referenced sample, with only the results that fall outside the upper and lower 2.5% considered abnormal (high or low) like the image below.

Blood Work Not Normal

Ask yourself…

Who makes up the sample population and bell curve? Healthy or unhealthy, young or old? In general, do symptomatic or non-symptomatic people get blood work done? Uhhh…do you see where I’m going with this?

So they base “normal” on the average population. Let me ask you…how healthy is the average population? These averages aren’t telling the true ranges for health. This means that you are only getting abnormal results if your body is ALREADY in a critically diseased state. The medical system uses these outliers to treat and/or diagnose diseases–“the damage is done” at this point.

Don’t you want to know whether your blood markers are operating at optimal/healthy levels and/or suboptimal, so you prevent s**t from hitting the fan?

This is why you could be struggling with symptoms, but everything is showing up as fine and dandy on your lab reports. Living your life under suboptimal/dysfunctional levels and even showing subclinical imbalances without knowing, isn’t what you want and deserve. 

What you need is a clear insight into your cellular health!!!

One more thing…

Your physician may order ~50 biomarkers for a ‘complete’ panel. While that sounds great, the body is an amazing machine, with many intertwined mechanisms that are often ignored. A comprehensive panel may contain 80-120 biomarkers.

Isn’t the discrepancy significant?  How would you know that in the first place?

Does everyone need 100+ biomarkers? It depends on many factors. There is no one size fits all here. Yet many clients want to dive deeper are tired of the trial and error cycle, and want to know!

For the past several years I’ve been ordering biomarkers/panels I assess necessary. I have been using FBCA to apply wellness principles to optimize my health for years. FREEDOM!!! 

I am here to help you do the same. FBCA allows you to…

Play an Active Role in Your Health When Discussing Your Health Decisions With Your Health Care Provider!!!

Introducing Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA)

Approaching blood chemistry from a functional perspective, using FBCA, allows us to assess the risk for dysfunctions and imbalances in the body BEFORE they develop into diseases.

We look at ranges associated with OPTIMAL health and gain insight into suboptimal and sub-clinical imbalances. This allows earlier interventions (like changes in diet, supplementation, lifestyle, and exercise habits) to aid in preventing negative health outcomes.

The functional/healthy ranges for functional blood chemistry are narrower than the standard/lab ranges. The assessment will indicate whether your results are within the healthy/optimal range or sub-optimal range which is step before pathology or disease.

Ultimately, the functional range is used to assess risk for disease before illness develops.

FBCA is never used in isolation. Test/lab results are numbers. Your biochemical individuality and health history are part of the process.

FBCA combines health and medical history, consideration of diet, supplementation, and lifestyle. These factors can give insights into blood markers and body imbalances.

With FBCA, we gain insight into areas you can improve, allowing us to make custom lifestyle recommendations based on your lab results. This will ACCELERATE your health outcomes and success, saving you months or even years in your wellness journey.

There’s no guessing here and no expensive investments needed especially if you’ve had blood work done recently. We will have a solid personalized road map uniquely designed for you at an affordable price.

Your Blood Talks. Listen To It!

Be Proactive > Understand How To Optimize Your Metabolism > Take Action > Feel Better 

The Dynamic Duo:

"Go Optimal or Go Home,
but never go home suboptimal"

This report can help you kick start your health journey, enhance your energy, help you lose weight & start feeling healthy!

The Horstmann Method with FBCA is the most cost-effective way to start getting to the bottom of your health complaints, and identifying some of the HIDDEN stressors and Metabolic Chaos® preventing you from feeling healthy again. It starts by listening carefully to what your blood [test results] have to say

If you’ve been experiencing chronic concerns or unexplained changes in your health, including the areas below, YOU may benefit from FBCA:

✓ Weakened immunity      

✓ Anxiety and/or depression

✓ Low libido, irregular periods, and other sex hormone issues 

✓ In-Depth Cardiovascular Risk 

✓ Low energy and fatigue

✓ Inflammation and pain (muscle aches, stiffness, etc.)

✓ Sleep issues

✓ Digestion issues (gas, constipation, bloating, heartburn)


FBCA provides blood chemistry analysis of 120+ individual bio-markers for comprehensive analysis of your health.


FBCA uses advanced algorithms to analyze the interrelationship between biomarkers to assess overall health and risk for diseases.


FBCA delivers clear and super informative report that helps identify hidden health trends, track changes, and uncover disease risk over time.

What can FBCA show me?

FBCA can analyze 120+ individual bio-markers for a deep dive into your health. FBCA provides a very comprehensive blood chemistry analysis from a healthy and optimal perspective.

You get an inside look at how well your body systems are functioning:

✓ Blood Sugar Regulation

✓ Inflammation & Risk for Blood Clots

✓ Metabolic Health

✓ Immune & Thyroid Health

✓ Hormone Balance

✓ In-Depth Cardiovascular Risk

✓ Mineral & Vitamin Status

✓ Comprehensive Thyroid Function

✓ G.I. Function

✓ Kidney, Liver & Gallbladder Function

✓ Electrolytes Balance

✓ Acidity Level & Hydration Status

Functional Lab Reporting FBCA Sample
FBCA Report Analysis Sections

✓ Blood Test History

✓ Accessory Body Systems

✓ Macronutrient Status

✓ Nutritional Deficiencies

✓ Blood Test Results

✓ Functional Body Systems

✓ Blood Test Comparative

✓ Blood Test Results Score

✓ Out Of Optimal Range Markers 

Optimal Ranges for Optimal Health!

How can FBCA help me, again?

Key goals of functional blood chemistry analysis and implementation are awareness, education, and prevention of diseases. This approach is about uncovering dysfunction early so you can implement protocols as soon as possible. 

And at Be Fab – Be You, we focus on drug-free, natural wellness recommendations (diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplementation). 

That said, here are some of the reasons YOU GET TO consider starting your health journey with The Horstmann Method with FBCA:  

Track effectiveness of diet and lifestyle adjustments

✓ Learn about hidden weak links in the body to course correct actions

 Prevent sub-clinical issues from becoming more serious problems

✓ Learn about vitamin/mineral status to help your cells do their jobs

✓ Discover how you can optimize your energy, performance, and overall  health

✓ Stay on top of health trends and risks

✓ Gain better insight into what’s causing your health problems


What blood markers are best to get tested?

FBCA can analyze 120+ individual biomarkers and interrelationships between biomarkers to provide insights into your body’s biochemistry. You deserve to know and understand so you can take charge of your health. The more biomarkers you get tested, the more precise and impactful your report (and lifestyle recommendations) will be. 

We recommend you schedule a complimentary strategy session with us to help you decide on blood tests to order. You can start by asking your healthcare provider to run the vital/generic panel–check out the panel comparison sheet below:

Pick Your Package

FBCA Report Only


FBCA Report + Consultation



Now, if you are like me and you just want to know as much health data from inside your body so that your plan makes more sense to YOU and you feel equipped, combine FBCA, Genetic Testing, and Coaching. That was what I did years ago when I started my journey!

FBCA + DNA Genetic Testing + Lifestyle Guidance and Coaching

Receive Your FBCA Results in 4 Simple Steps


Test. Don't Guess

Ideally, you got your blood tests in the last 6 months. We'll start with biomarkers you have. If you don't have insurance or access to a doctor, see the FAQ below for ways to get labs done.


Send/Upload Your Results

Once you receive your test results from the lab/physician, use the form below to upload/send results (pdf, word, or jpg) and we will run the analysis/report.

Receive Your FBCA Report

Once the analysis is complete, typically within 4 business days upon receiving all your lab results and applicable intake form, we'll send you your Functional Health Report.

Your Personal Plan of Attack

(optional but recommended) Schedule & attend a 90-minute consult to discuss your results, diet and lifestyle suggestions and whether other labs are recommended.

Are You Ready to Get REAL Answers & Solutions?

FBCA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can. There are a couple of important ‘things’ to be mentioned though:

  1. If your blood tests were done in the past 6 months, great!
  2. If your lab results are 6+ months older, we recommend you order the FBCA Report only (without consult) for now.
  3. In that case, after you complete your next set of bloodwork, we encourage you to order the FBCA Report + Consult to get personal recommendations. Plus, we will be able to compare your current with prior results.
  4. When you provide your own bloodwork, conducted within the last 6 months, we can only analyze the biomarkers provided. In case we identify you would benefit from additional biomarkers/panels than those provided, we will inform you which ones and why so that you get your blood tests done next time.

STEP 1: Complete the intake forms. 

STEP 2: If you have the blood tests done, ideally in the last 3-6 months, you will upload the PDF or jpg (images) files to our portal. If you are going to have labs done through your doctor, see the list of recommended labs we’ve put together for you and bring it to your doctor’s appointment.  

If you’re going to use a private laboratory to get the labs done, please refer to the FAQ “If I am not ordering labs through a doctor, how does it work? How/where do I get them done?” 

STEP 3: Be Fab – Be You, upon receiving the results of your blood test, will evaluate them accordingly to complete the functional blood chemistry analysis (FBCA). This process takes approximately 4 business days.

STEP 4: Whether you ordered the “FBCA Report Only” or the “FBCA Report + Consult” package, you will receive a copy of your report via the portal or email—whatever works best for you.

STEP 5: If you ordered the “FBCA Report Only” you will be ready to go. We encourage you to get an FBCA every time you get your blood tests done so that you stay on top of your progress and make adjustments as needed. 

If you ordered the “FBCA Report + Consult” package, you’ll be invited to book your 1:1 FBCA Results & Recommendations session with Maria Horstmann. During the Zoom session, Maria will explain your FBCA results and share your action plan incorporating diet, supplementation, and lifestyle choices to best support your health goals so that you may make progress with confidence. Maria may ask any questions you may have as well.

No health insurance coverage. No doctor. No worries!

Here are a few ways to get your blood tested:

  1. Ask your doctor to order your blood work and if you have health insurance, it’s likely that everything he/she orders will be covered by your health insurance. Unfortunately, based on my experience, what’s considered a  ‘comprehensive’ list by your doctor/insurance, lacks some very essential biomarkers. It’s sad but true. We encourage you to download our recommended list of blood tests and ask your physician to run them–be aware that there might a cost for some of the biomarkers being suggested though. It’s totally up to you!  OR
  2. Select an Ulta Lab panel I put together for you to get blood drawn at Quest Labs or LabCorp near you.  It’s because the labs are highly discounted,  health insurance is not accepted.  No doctor’s order is required–which is news to most people. OR

  3. Order the panels at your local laboratory. Again, remember that you can order hundreds of lab tests without a doctor’s order. See panels here

  4. Test. Don’t Guess. You Got This!

P.S.  In case you fall under option #2 and maybe #3, note that blood tests can be completed in Quest Labs or LabCorp locations in the USA except NY, NJ, and RI because of current legislation from those states. If you live in NY, NJ, or RI you may go on a short ‘road trip’ and complete the labs in another state.

Whether you don’t have health insurance coverage or are not under the care of a general physician at the moment, you can still order your blood tests.  No doctor’s order is required. You will pay out of pocket though!

Here are a few ways to your blood tested without the care of a healthcare provider:

  1. Select an Ulta Lab panel I put together for you. Purchase them online, schedule an appointment with Quest Labs or LabCorp near you, and get the blood drawn. It’s that simple! I’ve done it many many times and often I am in and out in 15 minutes.  Using this process, note that because the labs are highly discounted, these institutions don’t accept health insurance.  OR
  2. Order the panels at your local fav laboratory. Again, if you’re in the USA, remember that you can order hundreds of lab tests without a doctor’s order. See panels here

  3. Blood tests can be completed in Quest Labs or LabCorp locations in the USA except NY, NJ, and RI because of current legislation from those states. If you live in NY, NJ, or RI you may go on a short ‘road trip’ and complete the labs in another state.

  1. Test. Don’t Guess. You Got This!

An FBCA report and consults are not intended to diagnose diseases and/or treat medical conditions. If the report shows high risks of dysfunction and deficiencies, we encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider for further evaluation.

We encourage all our clients to have a relationship with a primary care doctor regardless. Your physician might really appreciate seeing your FBCA and gaining insights into the all-natural wellness D.R.E.S.S. recommendations we will have discussed during our session.

It takes a village!  I’m all about being part of your village.

Absolutely. I have been offering virtual wellness consultations and fitness training for several years (way before the pandemic).

Blood work themselves will be done at your doctor’s office or at Quest Labs or LabCorp location in the USA except for NY, NJ, and RI due to current legislation in those states.

If you live in NY, NJ, and RI you may go on a short ‘road trip’ and complete the labs in another state.

If you purchase the FBCA Report with Results & Recommendations Consult, you will receive your report in PDF via our portal and we will meet via Zoom for our 1:1.

P.S. I don’t care if you show up in your PJs, messy hair, sweety, etc. What I do care about is for you to SHOW UP, be PRESENT, and be ready to ROCK & ROLL. Oh, have a pen and paper too.

Let’s Do It!

Yes. You have 90 days from the day you ordered the FBCA report to order/attend a 90-minute Results and Recommendations Session.

The stand-alone FBCA R&R consult is $175.00 when purchased separately from the FBCA report. 

That said, you save $25.00 when you order the FBCA Report + Consult together. 

We don’t discriminate against locations 🙂

Seriously, anyone from anywhere worldwide can order an FBCA report. Blood test results, preferably within 3-6 months must be in the English language and the person must speak, read, and write English.



You have 90 days from the date of purchase to complete all the steps, including a consult if you ordered the FBCA Report & Consult package which I highly recommend you do so.

You want to focus your time and energy on implementing the recommendations instead of learning the ins and outs of the report and running the risk of getting overwhelmed and not implementing a thing!!!

Absolutely. This would be an amazing gift for someone who is interested in getting real answers. If you know the person has their labs done in the last 6 months or he/she is about to do them, it will be a great time to GIVE! 

When you order though, make sure you enter their information when ordering the FBCA Report Only or FBCA Report & Consult to ensure they receive it.

Every time you get your blood work done!  Whether you test every 6 or 12 months, you want to track results, see trends, and make dietary and lifestyle adjustments as needed. 

Ready To Upload Your Blood Test Results?

  • Drop files here or
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Disclaimer: FBCA (or DNA Genetic Testing Reports) is not intended to provide medical advice or take the place of a visit to your personal physician. Users are advised to consult their own doctors or other qualified health professionals regarding the treatment of medical conditions. Be Fab – Be You LLC, it’s officer Maria Horstmann or 3rd-party affiliates shall not be held liable or responsible for any misunderstanding or misuse of the information contained in a FBCA report or for any loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by any treatment, action, data entry error, or application of any food or food source discussed in this report. The information provided in a FBCA report is for education purposes only and  is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.