#52: Be an Observer to Master Stress, Health, and Life!

#52: Be an Observer to Master Stress, Health, and Life!



You are in for a treat today. As long as you listen up with your guard down, curiosity antennas up, and take action you will level up your game, the game of life, positive energy, and good health.

Today’s episode is inspired by a corporate wellness session I led earlier this week. The company continues to grow and the team is back to the office after 15 months of long-distance work. One can expect elevated levels of stress…

In June, we spent time on [stress] assessment, awareness, and coping mechanisms. This month, it was time to introduce them to being observers to master stress, health, and life.

Whether you are in the workforce or retired, this show is for you. Why? It’s because you are breathing and living life. And as long as we are alive, we have room to be better and capable of optimizing our health and life. If you disagree, no problem. We can agree to disagree. Allow me to release you into the wild. Go listen to someone else speak.

Oh by the way, if you’d like to talk to me and start working with me one-on-one, go to BeFabBeYou.com and book a complimentary call. Let’s talk and if there’s a fit, together, we will get the ball rolling to transform your health and life.

If the organization you work for is looking to optimize the wellness of staff and teams, I am available for coaching and speaking engagements. You can find my information on the show notes.

  • Being an Observer @ 5:30 minute
  • Choosing your Attitude @ 9:45 minute
  • Being Present @ 13:50 minute
  • Building Inner Stability @ 17:30 minute

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic. Enjoy the show!


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