#3: Are You a CHO of Your Health and Life? [Part 1]

#3: Are You a CHO of Your Health and Life? [Part 1]



In today’s podcast, you are being promoted to CHO! Congrats! You are now the Chief Health Officer of yourself. Your job is now to take responsibility for your health to ensure your wellbeing. My goal is to empower you.

To reduce fear and overwhelm, you take small steps and surround yourself with the right ‘assets’. Likely, you’ve worked for a small, medium, or large organization. Then, you’ve exposed to a framework I recommend you implement to build and sustain a vibrant, happy, and fulfilling life.

Grab a pen and paper. Let’s do this. Are You Ready?


A few years ago, I was talking to a client of mine who was very resistant to writing her goals down. I had given her this values, vision, and goals document to complete. But when it came to writing her goals, she was vague and had a hard time breaking them down into chunks that she was able to commit to and accomplish.

As a coach, it’s part of my job to help people discover what’s in their way and help them break these barriers down. My goal was for her to see she could see could do this and I was there to help her.

By the way, she had retired from a very large and successful company. I thought that sharing the concept I am about to share with you, would help her.

What are some of the characteristics of a successful organization?

Right now, I want you to think you are about to start your own company or start a new one.

Successful organizations have established:

  1. Vision: the big why
  2. Mission: how will you achieve your vision
  3. Business Plan and Strategy: series of ways of using the mission to achieve the vision
  4. Short and Long Term Goals: what you need to accomplish the strategy
  5. Objectives: actions and specific timelines to achieve the goals

Does every company start with this fancy structure?

Most do not. I know I did not. What they have is a person with a dream, a vision.

And since this is you and your company, you have a product or service in mind that will add value and improve the lives of people, including your own.

Can you do it alone?

In the early stages, yes, you can perform many of these tasks.

Can you do all of them [tasks] well? Likely you do not. You will hit a wall and if you want to grow, you will need a team.

Who is on your team?

  • Start with you, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The leader and visionary who is ultimately responsible for all that goes on, regardless of who is helping you.
  • Execs, VPs, and partner will help you set the direction of the company, lead others with passion, and keeping everyone focused.
  • Managers will be supporting the structure and leading your employees.
  • Employees, the peons –no offense, are representing the company through their voices, looks, words, verbal and non-verbal communication every day.
  • Then you have your vendors and suppliers.

The most important asset of any organization is the people, we humans.

What goes on to produce and launch your products and services?

Projects > Staff > Accountability > Goals > Milestones > Deadlines > Meetings > Emails/Text Messages > Implementation Phases > Adjustments as needed

I told her…

This is the type of structure and processes you will run to turn your health and fitness around.

She looked at me and said…

“I get it, Maria. But I am retired. I did all the goals, analysis, performance all my life. I am done with it.”

Well. Well. Well.

As you can imagine, this was beyond establishing goals and breaking them down into chunk sizes.  And eventually, we got to the root cause of feelings and she moved forward.

I spent 20+ years working for small, medium, and large organizations. I left a very successful career in finance to start my journey as a solo-entrepreneur. I have worked for amazing people and some, not so amazing. It’s part of the drill.

And although this is NOT a business podcast, I am here to tell you the framework I shared is pretty much the same I recommend you implement to…

  1. build and sustain a healthy body and mind
  2. minimize the risk for chronic and inflammatory diseases
  3. stay away from medications as you age
  4. keep you physically and mentally independent
  5. and of course, Be Fab – Be You!

So today, I am promoting you to Chief Health Officer (CHO). That’s the equivalent of being a CEO of a company.

You are NOW the CHO of your health and life.

As a CHO, you are in charge. You make all the decisions. You choose Why, What, Who, How, and When so you live a vibrant, happy, and fulfilling life.

Isn’t that wonderful?

I know this may sound scary at first. You might be thinking…

“I don’t have all the knowledge. This is not my career. What if I made the wrong decisions”

Blah. Blah. Blah. And there are all these voices…

Don’t worry, you will be fine when you are surrounded by the right assets.

And as far as scary goes…

Scary is to get your chest opened for surgery because of poor lifestyle choices.

Empowering is to know you’re taking charge and doing what’s best for your health, energy, life with CONFIDENCE.

Waking up with energy to do more than what you thought you could do and live a life that is not mediocre.

Isn’t that amazing?

Next episode I will walk you through step by step of building your conglomerate and how you become an awesome CHO. I will help you build a structure we talked about earlier for your health.

In the meantime, I want to grab that pen and paper.

I want you to start jotting down your VISION.

What is that you want your life to be…DREAM

Remove all the barriers and the “I can’ts’ from your mind. You are a superwoman or a superman right now.

Embrace the possibilities of being the Chief Health Officer of your body, health, fitness, and life.

Get comfy in your thinking chair—I got that John Maxwell. Maybe put some soft music on. Take 3-5 deep breaths. And start jotting words down that reflect your vision, your why, your dreams.

If you feel like writing paragraphs, go for it.

Ready to get your health and fitness to the next level, book a call here.

Thank you for listening. I will see you in the next episode.

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