#47: The Body’s Chemical “Factory” [Part 1]

#47: The Body’s Chemical “Factory” [Part 1]



In today’s episode, I am starting a new mini-series about the second biggest organ and gland in the body, the liver. I’ll start by reminding you about how amazing your liver is with its 500+ functions and various toxins we are exposed to the liver works hard to filter and protect us from.

During this mini-series, I will also share my experience after completing three liver flushes in the past nine months. My body went through different experiences each time–all very interesting and informational. Super cool!

My intention is to share enough information to inspire you to love your liver with intentionality. Why? It’s because whenever this organ/gland isn’t optimal, your entire body isn’t either.

P.S. As I mentioned in the show, if you’re interested in giving your body and liver some rest, get started with my 4-day mini-cleanse. It’s FREE and can just a great starter with great information and recipes. Download it here.


We can be book-smart but it’s not until we apply and experience what we have learned that we get a true feel for it. This couldn’t be more true about our health and healing practices. That’s one of the reasons I love to experiment with my body and do different protocols, especially when it’s an area I know my body and I can benefit. The liver and gallbladder have been areas in need of extra attention.

If you are wondering how come?   Great question.

Often we associate liver imbalances with excessive alcohol consumption. One would wish that’s the only way to beat this amazing organ and gland up. Excessive drinking was NOT a thing for me before I became a health coach and trainer and definitely, it has not been since.

In my case, for decades it had been years of excessive toxins in foods, sugar and processed foods. There are plenty of other ways you and I are exposed to toxicity though. I will touch on them shortly.

Our body talks to us all the time. Just think about all the different organs that give us plenty of feedback. The heart is the most obvious. It beats faster when we are stressed out and moves our muscles.

The stomach makes noises to signal hunger and when foods and beverages don’t agree with us. Overeat when you can fell it too. It hurts when whatever we consumed is insanely not agreeing with it.

The brain shows its power through headaches, speech, eyesight, and memory abilities. When the brain is really upset, it will stop communicating with any or all other muscles in the body.

The bladder, all the bladder, actually another part of my body that needs extra loving. It’s pretty good to tell us when it’s full, isn’t it?  The lack of communication with us, or lack of peeing, is a way to tell us it’s not good. Please, stay hydrated.

The lungs cause our rib cage to expand and shrink with each breath.

The skin, the largest organ in the body, reflects how healthy and balanced our bodies from sweating to acne, psoriasis, rashes, dry or smooth, and so on. Plus, it soaks all in, think about all the things you touch and put on your skin. Yes, the skin is soaking all it and delegating the work associated with the intake to many other organs to deal with it, including the liver.

Then, let’s talk about the liver. The second-largest organ/gland performs over 500 essential tasks. It works ALL the time and when we live an unhealthy lifestyle, the poor liver works even harder.

The thing is that we don’t feel when it’s happy, tired, congested, irritated, or sick. Surely, like all the other organs I mentioned, we can test it and see how it’s operating. When we don’t see or feel stuff, it’s easy to ignore it. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

My goal is to remind you of the liver’s amazing functions organ so that from now on, you will LOVE it and TREAT it with the most respect. It deserves it. You deserve. It’s in your body, for God’s sake.

An article by the Medical News Today summaries its functions nicely so I am sharing it here with you:

Functions of the Liver

Among the 500+ jobs, removing waste products and foreign substances from the bloodstream, regulating blood sugar levels, and creating essential nutrients. Here are some of its most important functions:

  • Albumin Production: Albumin is a protein that keeps fluids in the bloodstream from leaking into surrounding tissue. It also carries hormones, vitamins, and enzymes through the body.
  • Bile Production: Bile is a fluid that is critical to the digestion and absorption of fats in the small intestine.
  • Filters Blood: All the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver, which removes toxins, byproducts, and other harmful substances.
  • Regulates Amino Acids: The production of proteins depends on amino acids. The liver makes sure amino acid levels in the bloodstream remain healthy.
  • Regulates Blood Clotting: Blood clotting coagulants are created using vitamin K, which can only be absorbed with the help of bile, a fluid the liver produces.
  • Resists Infections: As part of the filtering process, the liver also removes bacteria from the bloodstream.
  • Stores Vitamins and Minerals: The liver stores significant amounts of vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12, as well as iron and copper.
  • Processes Glucose: The liver removes excess glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream and stores it as glycogen. As needed, it can convert glycogen back into glucose.

I often say we are what we absorb. Heck, we have to process what we absorb and we need the liver to do so. The liver is the body’s chemical “factory” because it processes the nutrients from the small intestine and makes all the various chemicals the body needs to function.

As I mentioned I abused my body, liver, and gallbladder with insane amounts of sugar and other inflammatory foods. However, toxins are everywhere and there is no way to eliminate them. We can reduce them, for sure.

Here are key sources of toxins…

Perfume, shampoos, creams, hair products, air fresheners, hairspray, hair dye, makeup, all sorts of chemicals in cleaning products.

Let’s not forget the toxics in medications and recreational drugs. Lucky me, I have taken very few medications thus far and have not used any type of drugs. Well, alcohol is considered a drug, so yes, I’ve been exposed to plenty of it.

Then, we have heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, and others that are found in water, foods, cans, and other products.

Then, there is radiation. That’s in MRIs, plane fights, food and water, X-Rays, and cell phones of course.

It’s true the liver is a strong beast and can regenerate itself as long as a minimum of 25% of the tissue remains. However, lifestyle, quality of foods, water, high levels of stress levels, and a lot more puts a tool on it. This level of exposure is very different than the generations prior to ours and I believe that the organ needs rest. Ultimately, the reality is that the health of our liver has a direct impact on our metabolism, energy, and overall health.

When someone is trying everything to balance weight, blood sugar, cognition, metabolism, performance, and the list goes, we need to dig deeper. One place to look at is our liver.

Look, I unknowingly the health of my liver for decades. Do NOT feel bad or alone when it comes to the information I shared and how your lifestyle has impacted your super liver. The awesome thing is that you can change and show your appreciation for it by making small changes.

Next episode, we will continue the conversation about the liver. If you would like to optimize your health and performance, book a call at www.BeFabBeYou.com. Be ready to rock and roll.

Don’t forget to download my FREE 4-day mini-cleanse HERE. This guide is loaded with great information and recipes to get you on the right path to a healthier you.

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