#27: The Healthy Pyramid Explained and What’s In For You

#27: The Healthy Pyramid Explained and What’s In For You



In today’s episode, Maria talks about her philosophy to health and wellness by explaining the Nutritional Endocrinology Method Pyramid.

By the time she finishes sharing this information with you, you will have expanded your awareness about how your lifestyle choices impact your body’s key operating systems, organs, and hormones.

You can also check the video for this episode displaying the pyramid for you to follow along on YouTube — CLICK HERE

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I am super excited about sharing this with you because when you understand how this pyramid works, you will understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and why you want to identify the root cause of imbalances.

Most people want results tomorrow despite the fact it might have taken them years to get where they are at now or have been stuck for years. More often than not, quick fixes will lead to more ups and downs and slow you’re your metabolism.

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