#51: Liver and Gallbladder Flush and My Experiences – The Body’s Chemical “Factory” [Part 4]

#51: Liver and Gallbladder Flush and My Experiences – The Body’s Chemical “Factory” [Part 4]



If you are suffering from constipation, headaches, skin issues, weight gain, fatigue, rashes, depression, food allergies, and more, could be that your body is holding up toxins? Or could it be that it has reached a point it’s unable to detoxify properly?

The healing opportunities are significant when we cleanse our bodies.

In today’s episode, I talk about:

1) phases of detoxification: @5:30 minute
2) signs your body is holding toxicity: @ 9:16 minute
3) how a cleanse/flush works: @ 11:09 minute
4) cleanse and flush week: @ 16:20 minute
5) my experiences: @34:03 minute

Enjoy it!


I’ve been talking about delivering today’s content since the beginning of this mini-series on the liver and gallbladder. Today is the day. We’ll wrap up in style by talking about cleansing and flushing your liver and gallbladder.

Oh, Lord. What the heck is that?

If you are thinking of changing channels, I invite you to hang with me, do not judge. Just listen with curiosity. Can you do that?

In previous episodes of this mini-series, I discussed functions of the liver, sources of toxicity, functions of the gallbladder, how to prevent gallbladder removal, things you can do to give your liver a break, including the 4-day mini cleanse I offer. I also talked about Functional Blood Chemistry and two liver markers you want to run annually, and get your labs analyzed and interpreted from a functional perspective. Of course, I can help you with that, just reach out.

In today’s episode, I will share a few key reasons someone may want to do a liver flush, the various considerations and steps to cleanse the body in preparation to flush, and what’s involved in the night of the flush. Lastly, I will share highlights of the three of them I completed in nine months.

If you’re thinking I will be offering you a liver flush program today, the answer is NO. Although I did two out of three on my own, I did my first under Isabelle’s wings. Isabelle and I met in 2015 or 2016. Both of us received training at the Institute of  Nutritional Endocrinology.

Isabelle leads a comprehensive step-by-step 2-week protocol with manuals, presentations, support calls, and recipes to assure you are nurturing while cleansing. Needless to say, the process I am about to share, although very summarized, is based on Isabelle’s protocol I’ve used.

If you want to learn more about it, contact me and I will glad to share more information and how to reach her Liver Cleanse and Flush 2-week protocol.

Why Cleansing Your Liver and Gallbladder

This thought of flushing an organ may sound weird or even scary for you. It doesn’t have to be when done properly and supervised. In reality, what we really talking about is helping the body to improve or restore its abilities to detoxify the body. Our bodies are bombarded with increased levels of toxins (episode #47).

What do I mean by detoxification…

Basically, there are 3 Phases of Detoxification. Although there are other organs involved in detoxification, the liver is a very important one and one organ you want to give some love to.

Phase I is where the body uses enzymes and nutrients to remove toxins in drugs, food additives, hormones, etc. It neutralizes a toxin so it can turn into a water-soluble so it can be secreted.

Now, if we are really congested and this transformation is not happening well and cannot continue to phase 2, it can be a problem.

Phase 2 is where toxins get turned into water-soluble. Amino acids play a key role here. They attach to the toxins to further neutralize and get them out of the body.

Phase 3 is where toxins are eliminated out of the digestive tract via bile, or via the kidneys in urine.


Clues Your Body Is Holding Extra Toxicity

The liver and gallbladder are important organs and your body, when clogged, will speak up. Here are some signs of dysfunction and reasons you may do to a good cleanse and even flush:

  • Constipation, fatigue, and stomach pain
  • Headaches, depression, and anxiety
  • Irregular heartbeat, weight gain
  • Sensitive to the smell of perfumes and chemicals
  • Aches and pains, sore throat and cold sores

How The Cleanse and Flush Works

If you have been following a Standard American Diet for the most part, you will want to start making food swaps 3-4 weeks before the week of the flush. Either track your foods or make a list of foods you eat the most. Then, start swapping and/or adding foods that detoxify the body.

Here are a few examples of detoxifying foods…

  • Garlic, onions, lemon, cruciferous vegetables like brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale.
  • Onions, apples, beets, and loads of leavy greens vegetables.
  • Adding more berries will boost antioxidants for the liver too. Go at it, baby!

Now, don’t be surprised if soon after you start getting rid of highly toxic foods and beverages, you experience fatigue, headaches, and other nasty side effects. Hang in there. Give your body a few days to adjust. It’s just like the sense of peace when once the storm is over.

The week prior to the flush’s week is the time for you to reduce consumption of toxic and inflammatory foods….

  • Alcohol and cafeeine
  • Sugars, including artificial sugards
  • Milk and byproducts
  • Processed foods and sauces
  • GMO foods
  • Eggs and animal protein
  • Refined grainss

If you are thinking what you will eat, let me tell you, there are loads of yummy foods to eat. Focus on what you CAN EAT instead of what you are eliminating. Take charge of your brain.

Load that body up with examples of foods I just mentioned. Look at fermented foods like sauerkraut, natoo, and miso. Fruits, especially low glycemic such as berries, green apples, and lemons are great as well. Healthy fats such as coconut, avocados, and nuts and seeds are very welcomed. As far as protein, if you must have, focus on their quality and keep servings down.

Cleanse and Flush Week

Ok, so now that you’ve done a great job preparing yourself for the week of the flush, let me share some important aspects of the week, which will be broken down into two parts, days 1-5 and days 6-7. Day 6 is your flush night.

Days 1 thru 5

  • You will follow a specific protocol of foods and supplementation.
  • You will be on a healthy vegan diet for at least ditch foods that are sources of toxins and inflammation. They are dairy, sugars, caffeine, alcohol, animal protein, GMO foods, vegetable oils, refined grains, and fried and processed foods of course.
  • Supplements during this week are to help you break down foods, get your bowels to move 3 times a day. You will also do drops of a couple of products that will stimulate your cells to take on water to prevent dehydration and take in more trace minerals. Both are super important for detoxification.
  • From days 1 thru 6, you will be drinking a stone softener that combines Malic Acid and apple juice.
  • On day 5 or the morning of day 6, you will want to do colon hydrotherapy or colonics to help you remove as much toxins out of your body as possible. If you don’t have access to a therapist for that, you will be doing extra enemas from home.

Let’s talk more specifically about days 6 and 7.

Days 6 and 7

You will need a few additional products to support during these 2 days:

  • Castor oil and castor oil pack
  • Pure Epson salt
  • Enema kit and 100% pure coffee for the coffee enema on day 7
  • Extra virgin olive oil and grapefruit. You will be drinking a combination of olive oil and fresh grapefruit juice.
  • Coconut water from fresh coconut or buy unsweetened, junk-free, coconut water to replenish electrolytes.

Here are important steps for a safe and effective protocol:

  1. This is a day you will want to schedule little, no exercise either.
  2. You will be drinking 100% juice or clear vegetable both only.
  3. You will start fasting at 1 pm of day 6. So you will do your juicing and broth, stone softener, and supplements by 1 pm.
  4. At 6 pm and 8 pm on day 6, you will drink a mixture of 6oz of water with Epson salt. You will have prepared 24oz of this nasty tasting beverage in advance so you are all set for 4 beverages.
  5. At 9 pm, depending on your bowel movement status and whether you had a colonics, you might be doing a water enema
  6. At 9:45 pm, you will want to prepare the castor oil pack.
  7. At 10 pm, you will drink a mix of ¾ of a cup of fresh grapefruit and ½ cup of virgin olive oil. It sounds nasty but to be honest, it is not. I was very surprised. Actually, it tastes good.
  8. As soon as you drink that mix, you will place the castor oil pack on the abdomen at the level of the liver. I wrap the pack in saran wrap. Keep it on your for 2 hours or sleep with it wrapped on my body as I do.
  9. You will want to lie down immediately. It’s time to be quiet and not move.
  10. On day 7, at 6 am and 8 am, you will drink 6oz of the Epson salt mix. In total, you’ll have drunk 24oz from 6 pm to 8 am.
  11. After that, you will do a water enema and a coffee enema, which you will want to hold for 15 minutes. Immediately after, you will replace your electrolytes with coconut water. By the way, if you are opposed to enema or colon hydrotherapy, forget about the flush, it’s not safe.
  12. For the rest of your day, you will be very gentle with your body as far as food goes.
  13. On days 8-10, I often just consume liquids and blended foods. What you don’t want to do is add junk or inflammatory foods back.
  14. On day 9, you will do another colonic, and likely you will see bile come out.

By the end of cleanse, you will feel amazing, energized, and healthy.

I know that sounds a lot. It’s a process, for sure. And that’s the reason you don’t want to have planned from 1 pm on day 6 to 10 am of day 7.

Don’t worry, you will get detailed instructions on every step and things to do. This is the reason I recommend you do with an expert like Isabelle, at least on your the first time.

Here is another thing, if you are leading a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy vegan diet, take enzymes, and have normal bowel movements, you may skip the preparation Days 1 thru 5. I’d not skip the pre-flush colonics though.

Before I share key highlights of my experiences, let me just say that these types of cleanses are meant to be repeated. Most people do them to release stones. You may or not release stones the first time.

Weight loss is another benefit of this process. I lost 5 pounds each time (yes, I gained them back over time). But for some people, this type of cleansing is what their bodies need in order to unlock weight loss. Once you start doing these flushes, you want to keep doing and twice a year might be a great schedule to follow.

My Experiences Completing Three (3) Liver Flushes

You must know this about me…

I am curious about my body, be my own guinea pig, and evaluate how I react emotionally, physically, and mentally to my actions. And as a coach, I prefer walking the talk first!

My goal in starting doing flushes was to clean up. The most sensitive markers in my blood work are the liver and gallbladder. I used to lead a pretty unhealthy lifestyle and have lots of digestive issues. Plus, I love eating fats and see poop float too many times. I am committed to giving my liver and gallbladder some love now.

  1. Flush 1#: September 2020: I went through a couple of challenges. I was not able to schedule a pre-flush colonics and that had an impact. Plus, the funniest that happened which ended up causing me issues was that in doing the enema, I cut corners and didn’t take the temp of the water, and literally burnt my behind. I wish I had known and had recorded the insanity. Immediately, the body and down there went on strike and I was not able to release the level of toxicity I would have, even during the post-flush colonics. Ouch!!!
  2. Flush #2: February 2021: I followed the protocol better and I felt amazing. The cleanse inspired me to try a vegan diet. Well, semi vegan diet because I was eating small amounts of goat and feta cheese weekly. I did this vegan for 4 months. More on that experiment another time.
  3. Flush #3: June 2021: I miscalculated the dates and my menstrual cycle started during that week. This was NOT fun. I had a lot of pain and discomfort for a few days. The body used loads of energy and resources to fight whatever was going on inside me. On day 10, I was 100% and feeling awesome.

You may feel more energy and immediate relief of certain symptoms after the flush. If your symptoms return in a week, it’s expected especially if you went back to a pre-flush lifestyle. It also means you have more to release. A thought for you is to make long-lasting adjustments to your diet.

And of course, I am on your side and I will be glad to be part of your journey. Schedule a call with me and let’s get the party started

I hope this episode was insightful and inspired you to keep implementing healthy practices.

Thanks for listening and leaving us a review in iTunes. Your review will help the show grow and reach other awesome people like you.


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