#32: More of These YESES in our Lives


In today’s episode, I am talking about a response state we must be for healing to happen and awesome things I encourage you to embrace to help you be well. When we are not in a parasympathetic state, we are on overdrive and disrupt our bodies in a cellular level, hormones, and wellbeing, period.

Although I was able to reverse my prediabetes primarily through better nutrition, I was not able to heal other aspects of my life until I adjusted various lifestyle choices that impacted my hormones. You and I will feel well and in control when we keep our hormones happy. My training in Insulin Resistance kicked started the awareness and knowledge base.

That’s why I choose to speak up about lifestyle choices and hormones, including insulin since it is so freaking important energy, health, and prevention of disease. And maybe, just maybe, it’s because I had my hands full with prediabetes, insulin resistance, and a few of the side effects of insulin resistance.


You will often hear me say we must get to the root cause of the imbalances instead of using the band-aid approach of doing this for that. One of the reasons I speak up about the importance of managing stress and our reactions to life curveballs is because, in order to heal, the body must be in a parasympathetic state.

Involuntary functions in the body are controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System or “ANS” which is part of the nervous system. It regulates very important functions in the body, including the heart and digestion.

Let me brief you on this. The ANS is composed of two systems:

  1. The Sympathetic Nervous System
  2. The Parasympathetic Nervous System

The sympathetic state is the fight-or-flight response. The brain doesn’t know the difference between fighting a threat physically or thinking of a threat we make up in our heads. The brain will stimulate the release of hormones like adrenaline so can fight whatever it perceives as a threat.

The parasympathetic state is the ‘rest-and-digest’ or ‘feed-and-breed’ state. Here is what I want you to know about this. Healing happens in this state. The body cannot heal under chronic stress and things get more difficult as we age. The time is NOW, not tomorrow.

How many people do you know who go crazy trying to implement multiple health strategies at the same time while running chaotic lives? They do it all and cannot get results they want. People with an overactive sympathetic nervous system are in physical and mental distress and often are unaware of the damage this is causing to all their hormones and cells.

As observers, we witness their stress in their voice, tone, posture, energy. They look agitated and inattentive too. Then, they speak up about the physical symptoms that may include headaches, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, aches and pains, poor libido. They have such a hard time turning life off or quiet their minds. Again, they might not realize what’s going on.

Have you been there? Do you feel like that right now?  Or who do you know that is feeling or experiencing these side effects? Send this person my way.

It’s time to wake up and take action before disease and surgery wake them up.

We get to commit to bringing more healing from the inside out.

The last episode I shared that I was shocked that my doctor didn’t tell me of my prediabetes. Back then I was like most people, you go to the doctor, draw blood annually, wait for the doctor to tell you if there is anything wrong, and move on, right? I used to hear about results and was glad to hear when I was within the ‘normal’ ranges. Back then, I had no idea that ‘normal’ isn’t the same as ‘optimal’. Being optimal? What was that? Clueless. Trust me, you want to be within optimal ranges, not normal.

The poor communication and clarity situation I experienced with my doctor in 2013 is not unusual even these days. Actually, I feel like things have got worse.

I’ve worked with someone who had diabetes and was prescribed medication for diabetes and that was it. The person was not told about the severity of the disease or recommended natural strategies to manage the disease. Obviously, this doctor either ignored or disregarded the patient’s trend toward the disease. This is not difficult to do when the practitioner reviews and assesses more than one set of lab results.

As a health coach, this is the type of thing that frustrates the heck out of me. It’s even more frustrating when my clients share a list of biomarkers I suggest them to ask their doctors to run and the doctor either refuses to run some markers or ask the person who the heck is she (me)? She’s not an MD. What does she know?

I had a case of a female client who was obese, had PCOS, and other imbalances I could assess by doing a complete health history. Her doctor not only refused to take my list seriously but also didn’t tell her what he was going to do. When we got the results, the physician hadn’t even run a complete cholesterol panel, or A1C, thyroid, and more.

I was speechless. Needless to say, my smart client changed doctors after that awful experience. She was disrespected, not heard or understood. I applauded her for making the change.

My wish is that one day, all MDs will partner with coaches and trainers like myself to help support their patient’s journeys. Physicians must understand that it takes a village and the more we come together, the better results for everyone. My hope is also for them to work more on prevention and less on the treatment of symptoms, though treatment will never cease to exist. We need MDs and surgeons. We need

That’s I am here speaking up, sharing, and educating. We can no longer sit still, trust the medical system alone. We must be our own advocates for health.

We CANNOT accept that aging is attached to medications and disease. I refuse to settle for that. I am on a mission to help others NOT settle for that either.

Will it take some effort from you? Absolutely. Is it worth it? YES. YES. YES.

If you want to live the last few decades of your life with vibrancy, continue to do things you love, be mobile to go places, feel welcomed conversing with people of ANY generation, and do not depend on meds and drugs to do those things.

I want you to bring more YESES into your life…

YES, you will start putting yourself first more often. YES, you will ditch unhealth habits. YES, you will listen to your body.

YES, you will be mindful of your words, thoughts, and surroundings. YES, you will fight addictions. YES, you will ditch smoking and drugs.

YES, you will improve the quality of your diet. YES, you will choose sleep over TV. YES, you will take deep breaths during stressful times.

YES, you will revamp your environment so you’re surrounded with positivism and growth. YES, you will exercise 4-5x a week. YES, you will be patient with yourself and the healing process.

YES, you will laugh daily. YES, you will unplug more often. YES, you will make choices that you are proud.

YES, you will never GIVE UP pursuing your best self and growth.

This is what I want you to do RIGHT NOW!

Take a few minutes to reflect on your life, dreams, goals, people you love, how much, and how well you want to experience life. Who you want to do these things with.

  • Image your life without health challenges?
  • What life would you be living in that state?
  • What would you do more of and less of?

Be in the driver’s seat. You can do this!

Pick the YESES you will bring more into your life. Start TODAY, not tomorrow.

Now that’s picked some YESES, I’d love for you to let me know what you are committing to. Remember that if you want a partner in crime to move forward, I am your girl.

I want nothing else but pure health and happiness for you. I want you to wake up energized and ready to kick tails enthusiasm and a positive outlook in life. Book a call at http://www.BeFabBeYou.com/energy-audit

Next episode, we will talk more about hormones and how they control our bodies and the role of nutrition and lifestyle.

Thanks for listening and talk to you soon.

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