#25: There Is No Wealth Without Health. Agree or Disagree?

#25: There Is No Wealth Without Health. Agree or Disagree?



I am excited to share this special episode with you. It’s a conversation I had with WendyY Bailey from Profitable Coaching Society.

Whether you are a busy professional, a stay-home parent, or an entrepreneur, this is another good episode to listen to.

Many people burn the candle at both ends or miss the warning signs about taking care of their health. We discuss the warning signs you can no longer ignore if you want to get ahead of ensuring you have your health and age beautifully.

It’s time to do the due diligence so you can act on the right information and avoid misinformation about your potential health issues. Without your health, you cannot operate a thriving personal and professional life.

Tune in so you can take the right steps today to ensure you have health today, tomorrow, and in the future because there is no wealth without health.


WendyY: Tell us what a health and insulin resistance coach does. Like I read that and I was like, I kinda think I know, but let, I’ll let you tell your thoughts about it.

Maria: People actually don’t hear too much about insulin resistance, unfortunately. Having that in my title gives me an opportunity to educate people. As a health and wellness coach, one of my primary objectives is to educate and to help people to balance their blood sugar and to actually get their insulin sensitivity back.

And what does that mean? Really is so a lot of individuals are walking away, not really feeling in living their lives to their full potential they’re feeling. They’re having problems with weight loss or having problems gaining weight. They’re walking around with a lot of tiredness and fatigued. They have problems with focus and productivity. They have digestive issues. They have cravings, they’re cranky and feel tired in the middle of the day. Their lipid profile is off, meaning that Cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides are high. HD is low. All these symptoms impact people’s health and wellbeing.

WendyY: I’m hearing and what you’re saying is all of these symptoms that people may just take for granted are really a sign of insulin resistance.

Maria: That’s correct. It comes with blood sugar, imbalances.

WendyY: Hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia

Maria: When I mention blood sugar imbalances, a lot of people say “Oh, I don’t have diabetes.” The thing is you don’t have to have diabetes to have symptoms of insulin resistance. Prediabetes and insulin resistance often starts years before a diagnosis of diabetes, which we want to prevent.

I was one of those people. I had pre-diabetes. I used to have chronic digestive issues. I had eating disorders, I have emotional eating. I mean, a lot of stuff, living a life that energy was field through sugar and caffeine. And I mean, it’s amazing. I mean, I don’t, you know, I guess what are young, you know, you can get away with stuff.

WendyY: And when you get older, your body tells you no.

Maria: Right. I discovered this health and wellness in my mid-thirties. I’ll be 46 in a couple of weeks.

WendyY: Yeah. And I’ve got 11 years on top of that, you know, I’m 57. So when I think about, by the time this airs I’ll be 58. So when I think about everything you’re described, it really started to hit me in my mid-forties.

And I’m a diabetic. So let me just in the way of full disclosure, everything you described, I experienced it at some point in time, over the past 11 years since I’ve been diagnosed and I used to manage it with my diet. And what I discovered is that there came a time when I wasn’t able to do that anymore because I actually needed some support. I just couldn’t do it anymore. So you’re, you’re talking to somebody who would benefit from working with a wellness person like you.

Maria: Yeah. The whole idea is to prevent diabetes. We are living live with the symptoms and think to ourselves, “I will deal with this later. I will push through.” We are a push through society. So you do just that. And everything is more important in our health. Eventually, our energy starts decaying slowly. You go on and start to wake up in the morning with less and less zest to do the things that you really love in life.

WendyY: Yeah. The thing that I’m hearing in, what you’re saying is there’s a call to action before it gets to be something that’s truly detrimental to your health. When I was diagnosed, for example it was quite by accident. I was at the doctor’s office. I had a regular doctor’s appointment. And when I went to the doctor, they tested my sugar based on some things that I was describing. Some of the symptoms that you even described when they tested it, it was almost at [glucose] 400. Yeah. It was almost at 400 and I’m predisposed to it, genetically and all that kind of stuff. So I knew that I needed to look out for it, but I wasn’t like I was eating whatever I wanted to. And, and when I thought of healthy, I thought of fruits and fruit juice and all that stuff. That’s high sugar content that as a diabetic does not do your body. Well, it does not serve you at all. So the thing that I learned in that experience is what you just described and what most people go through. They walk through life and say, Oh, I’m just a little tired or, Oh, I’m just a little bad. And they don’t pay attention to their health. What do you say to the person who is in that space of not attending to their health? What do you say to them that kind of wakes them up about where they are?

Maria: Well, I’m going to say what I told myself. When I started my health journey 10 years ago, I started questioning about how I wanted to age. At the time, several incidents happened that made me stop, take the time out and say to myself “Maria, wake up.” And I mean, the symptoms that I had, some of these who are describing, you know, some of these I experienced, but not to like an extensive degree, you know, I had those symptoms, right. That I was buffering off with caffeine and energy drinks. I knew about the disorder. I knew about my emotional eating. I knew about my sugar addiction, which was extreme. I knew about my digestive issues, but I never wanted to deal with them. I didn’t know how they [habits] were impacting my body, mind, and performance.

WendyY: I’ve always got tomorrow. I don’t have to deal with it today.

Maria: Yes, I could go on with my day and still do the things that I want to do. The question is at what expense? When I started to ask myself questions, I was single—and still am today. My family is in Brazil. I don’t have anybody over here. It’s me or me, financially, mentally, emotionally. I don’t even have dogs. I also thought of the worst-case scenario. As I age, I’m going to be in some other country other than Brazil, away from my family, without a companion or kids.

I asked what’s really important to me, what makes me happy? I’ve been depressed once in my life. I will do my best to never get to that position again because it was one of the worst times in my life.

So, what do I need to continue to do, things that I love, to not feel that way again, enjoy life, and age independently? Having companionship is a bonus.

I start to think and research and the answer came to health and eventually I understood that was more than health. It was a healthy lifestyle.

What’s a healthy lifestyle? That became the umbrella. Then I started digging into studying and changing. And I got so excited.

What people don’t understand and I didn’t understand is that prevention of chronic diseases and metabolic diseases is beyond nutrition. Yes. Nutrition and exercise are the two very important things, but stress can kill you. Poor sleep is going to cause all lifestyle areas to fall apart.

WendyY: It’s all connected. That’s the thing I’ve learned on my journey is it’s all connected.

So Maria, who’s a typical client that you serve.

Maria: I served the person who is trying to lose weight. They’ve tried multiple things to lose weight but they didn’t work. They are missing accountability. They’re missing the right formula for them. They’ve tried this tried that didn’t work. They fall apart. They, they are in the yo-yo place. Right. And they’re stuck. So they’re trying to lose weight. They are fatigued. They have some fears. They’re starting to feel like, “Oh my God, this can become a problem. Or I have problems in my family. Such an such has this and that, and I don’t want to go through the same path. I’m missing accountability. I’m missing the motivation. I’m basically stuck in a rut. There are too much information and conflict. It’s so overwhelming. “

WendyY: It’s a huge amount of information out there. And some of it is misinformation. You gotta do some due diligence to make sure that you are talking to the right people. And Maria, I got to tell you, I can tell through your training and education. I didn’t mention it, but you hold an MBA as well. Right?

Maria: Yeah. I did my MBA at Emory University here in Atlanta. I did the executive MBA and I have no idea that was going to become an entrepreneur.

WendyY: So you were working in corporate America. And when you started really going down this rabbit hole around health and fitness, it wasn’t something you planned to do as an entrepreneur. What made you say I’m ready now to take this step?

Maria: I took the step because of anxiety.

WendyY: Yeah. So, so how long has it been that you’ve been a full-time entrepreneur.

Maria: It’s going to be almost six years now. I left corporate in the beginning of 2015.

WendyY: Oh, nice. Nice, nice. I love it. The thing that I’m really hearing in your story is that you can have dreams that are sometimes deferred, but sometimes you just have to go for them. You know, you’ve got to create what you want and I can tell six years later that you’re good with that decision.

Maria: Yes. Look, this road is not being filled with roses. It’s very challenging. And you know, there is no $100,000 MBA program that is going to teach you the things that I learn as an entrepreneur.

WendyY: It’s a whole different journey when you’re an entrepreneur. For sure. Yeah.

Maria: If the listener is an entrepreneur or thinking to become one, your WHY is what is going to keep you strong and keep moving forward. The same applies to your health.

Why do you want to get better health? What is that you want to do if that better health? What is that you want to do with this undiscovered potential that you have under your skin often unknown?

If you have a dream…go for it. It doesn’t matter what it is. Maybe it’s playing with your grandchildren, continuing to do your grocery shopping, to walk in the mall, walk in the park and hold hands with your loved ones. Or maybe, your dream is to transform the world in some way or another. To leave your mark, you’re going to need energy and health to live a fulfilling life.

WendyY: To need your health. You’re going to need your health to do all of that. Yeah.

Maria: So you’re going to need your health. It gets very tough. Even as a coach and a trainer, I need accountability as well. So I make myself accountable in different ways.

WendyY: And I realize in, in everything that you’re saying, and, and you know, if people aren’t hearing this, I want them to, yeah. When you don’t have health, you don’t have the means to create wealth from your business as an entrepreneur, from your life, from whatever it is that, that you do, you don’t have health. You don’t have the ability to create wealth.

Maria: Yeah. Correct. There is no wealth without health And so that’s what I’m saying. You got to put ourselves first. I woke up to that. I did some test because I had hit a wall. I remember when I got the results back, I cried and cried. And I told myself “I failed myself.” As an entrepreneur and as a coach, I had failed by not listening to my own body,

WendyY: I don’t see that as a failure because you learned, and in that learning, you were able to turn things around with your health. I think that’s a great story to share.

WendyY: So let’s jump into the profitable wisdom segment is our signature segment and every single guest that I have answers these five questions. So the first question is Who has had the greatest influence on you in your life?

Maria: No diet that’s my mother. She is a fighter. She res three of us practically by herself. I, she helped me, you know, build you know, the character that I have today with actually building my greatest value, which is freedom. I realized that come from, from her as well and you know, work ethic. And also she’s one of the main reasons that I became a health and wellness and fitness coach. I she’s in Brazil, she’s 76 now. Her health is not where I want mine to be at her age as a distance and communication, you know, in platforms and things like that is really difficult for me to help her. And I wish I could, but she was one of the first, you know, influencers and it says, this is it. I don’t want to be, you know, to let myself go to that level. And she did all she knew, you know, but sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, and I’m better educated and better position. So I’m here fighting for myself and also to help others to to not, you know, reach her health situation.

WendyY: Awesome. Awesome. And what’s the best business advice you’ve ever received in your past six and a half years

Maria: It’s really to be myself and be authentic. This has been really a challenge because when you go into doing videos, interviews, writing, and all, I always wanted to be liked by people. There’s a sense of insecurity, lack of confidence and self-esteem behind all this. I discover a lot about myself during this entrepreneurship journey. A few key people said “you gotta be you.” For some reason and for a while, I wanted to fight that. A voice always said “Me? Am I good enough?”

Eventually, I said, yes, I am good enough. Look at what I’ve accomplished thus far. You gotta tell yourself you are good enough. And I’m going to show up the way I am. That’s the way people get to know me better. Lastly, as a coach, I must adjust to the client’s personality and needs for a coach. I am not the best coach for everyone. But surely, I can adapt so they receive the message I want them to receive.

WendyY: As entrepreneurs have times when we felt like throwing in the towel, giving up and doing something different, what has helped you to move through that time?

Maria: My why and my mom. I want to age beautifully and independently. The ‘FAB’ in the name of my company (Be Fab – Be You) is an acronym. It stands for Fit and Health, Age Beautifully. I commit myself to that and I have big my dreams. We all know we can survive most circumstances, We can find ways to do live. When confronted with issues, there are multiple answers and solutions. We must do our best to refocus, take a step back, take time we need to learn from experiences and failures. I mentioned failure earlier. Failure is not a negative thing for me. I failed multiple times but that’s how I grew as well.

WendyY: Yeah. We all have. And the thing that I love about what you’re saying, you say a failure, isn’t a bad word. That’s what I mean, when I say you don’t feel you learn.

Maria: There is a new book by John Maxwell called Failing Forward. I recommend it for the audience.

WendyY: I’ve listened to the audio books. I’m familiar with it. Yeah. I love his work. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. So, final question. What’s your greatest personal accomplishment?

Maria: Personal…It’s achieving the health I have today and the way I turned around my eating disorder and my pre-diabetes. I’m not saying that it’s an easy journey. My mom and sister say that whenever I put your mind into something, I accomplished. Well, I put my mind into health and wellness at the age of 36, I dove into it. I became obsessed with it for a minute. And obsession is not a bad thing, although it can be bad. Mine was a healthy obsession. You want to learn, you suck as much information as possible, then the next step is to apply not itself. Knowledge isn’t much without application. And it’s a process that includes failure. You fail, learn from it, get up, revise, review, and do it all over again.

WendyY: We’ve been talking with Maria Horstman about the importance of health. If you want to create wealth, she says no health, no wealth. And if there’s one thought that you want in everything we’ve talked about, Maria, you want people to walk away from this conversation with what’s. That one thought was that nugget.

Maria: Don’t allow what you want in the moment (unhealthy foods and beverages, drugs, stress, and poor sleep) destroy what you want the most in life. Whatever is your definition to success. Don’t let poor health and energy get in your way to living life with vibrancy or in your way to accomplishing your dreams.

The moment you know you are getting stuck this day is with the negativity around with unhealthy foods and healthy habits, lack of movement and things like that. It is easy to sit back over here and do nothing. It is easy to grab a bag of chips and don’t do this, but that is really in the moment, or really have alcohol more than you really need or deserve. It’s really deserved because this is impacting our body. So those things can really influence what you want the most so that I would, I would live everybody with that thought, you know that out.

WendyY: Yeah. Awesome. And you have a gift you want to tell us about it.

Maria: Spring is here. I have a four-day mini cleanse that I would love everybody to join. Basically, this is a reset. It’s a beautiful eBook with guidelines and recipes.


WendyY: Like a level set, like everyone who does this cleanse sort of resets their body so that they can begin to rebuild in a healthier way. Yeah. I love it. Yeah.

Maria: It’s four days, not too long and not too short. And people have achieved wonders with it. Learn from the body and keep working on the new routine. It’s a beautiful thing.

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