Taster – Personal Training Starter Kit

Ditch YO-YO Exercise in 2018. LIVE ONLINE or IN-PERSON Training.

Personal Trainer Kettlebell

TASTE Vibrancy with a Personal Trainer


I invite yourself to ask a few questions. Be honest with yourself!

  1. Is my health preventing me from engaging in activities on my bucket list and/or with family and friends?
  2. Is my health impacting my productivity level inside and outside work?
  3. How are my self-esteem, confidence, and energy levels?
  4. Am I taking the right steps to prevent or decrease the risk of developing metabolic and chronic diseases?
  5. Am I taking the right steps to age beautifully, maintain mobility, and cognitive health today and decades from now?
  6. How do I know my lifestyle is right for me today and 10, 20, 30, and 40 years from now?

 Is it time to change? What are you waiting for?

More hours in a day? Make the Time. GET STARTED!





  • 45% OFF  –  3x 45 Minutes for $99.00  
  • 1:1 Personal Training
  • Choose IN-PERSON (Studio in Atlanta, GA) and/or
  • Choose LIVE ONLINE (Anywhere you have internet)
  • Complete sessions within two weeks after purchase
  • Introductory One Time Offer To New Clients Only

Whether you choose in-person or live online personal training, you are about to reap benefits. If you are doubting the benefits of live online, do not. All you will need is a device with a camera (smartphone, tablet) or a laptop with a web camera and device working microphone for us to communicate.  You will need to place the device in a location I can see you. The rest is a piece of cake!

If you are hesitant about live online training, call me at 770-835-5490 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute session. How does that sound?

  • Accountability
  • Non-judgemental support
  • Individualized programming


  • Motivation
  • Emphasis on technique
  • Injury prevention


  • Maximization of workout
  • Maximization of time
  • Flexibility and Empowerment


Exercise Is Medicine. Road To Recovery!
Personal Training-Empowerment
Personal Training for two

Live Online Training is also ideal…

  • Busy professionals, entrepreneurs, moms
  • Does not like the ‘gym’ scene
  • Want to save time
  • Value convenience
  • Want to assure proper technique wherever you are moving your fanny!


Fight Aging and Disease. Be Fab – Be You!! Let me Help You Get Started.

Do You. Be A Game Changer!

You know exercise is good for you. Set that aside, whether you would like to...

 ✔ Make Exercise Stick

 ✔ Stay Motivated

 ✔ Stay Committed

 ✔ Build Confidence To Do On Your Own

 ✔ Discover Your Potential (Physical and Mental)

 ✔ Enjoy Exercise and Feel Accomplished

 …Your New Personal Trainer, Coach Maria, is Ready To Get YOU Started. Shall We?


It is OK and expected for you to have questions…

  1. Call Maria at  770-835.5490 to get answers.
  2. Visit the testimonial’s page here to read about clients’ experiences.
  3. Want more than 3 sessions? Fantastic, click on the options below (in-person in Vinings, GA or onlinefor online only or for a combo).
Ditch YO-YO Exercise in 2018. LIVE ONLINE or IN-PERSON Training.