#12: How To Keep Your Blood Sugar Regulated and Heart Healthy

#12: How To Keep Your Blood Sugar Regulated and Heart Healthy



Welcome back to the Be Fab Be You Made Simple Podcast.

I am pumped to share today’s content with you.

Last episode, Earl Britt shared the relationship between heart attack with diabetes and obesity.

Today, I decided to take a deep dive into one aspect of Blood Sugar Optimization. Blood sugar regulation and insulin sensitivity are very important for heart health and the prevention of other diseases, including diabetes and obesity. And since I LOVE to talk about this, I am super excited to share these goodies with you.


Let’s talk about Blood Sugar and Hormone Optimization Meal Cycle

Today, I would like to walk you through a process in which eating three balanced meals a day help you regulate your blood sugar, burn fat, and prevent weight gain.

I will use my Blood Sugar and Hormone Optimization Meal Cycle graph (see video for the image HERE).

Let me introduce you to Bob (on the left side of the graph). He is hungry. Bob brought a yummy and healthy lunch. He has been following my suggestions and made sure lunch contains raw foods and all three macros (fat, protein, and carbs).

Bob is about to eat a big salad with arugula, mixed greens, tomatoes, green olives, sauteed mushrooms, nutritional yeast, raw and cooked red onions (he loves onions), and pomegranates sprinkled on top. He chopped ¼ avocado and added it to the salad. He also warmed up about 5 ounces of well-seasoned chopped chicken he had prepared and tossed on top of the salad.  Finally, he sprinkled lemon, apple side vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper on top.

Before Bob takes his first bite, he takes a deep breath. He notices his stomach is talking to me (hormone ghrelin is up). He looks at his beautiful and large bowl and smells his food. He is now salivating. Right there, his digestion system starts to work—yes, before he ingests food. Food smells stimulate appetite and induces salivation cause a cephalic response and insulin starts rising.

Let me stop here for a second and share a thought with you.

Take a few seconds to prep your body for digestion before your first bite. Smell your food. Notice that when you smell, you will salivate as well. Now be mindful – pay attention to your body as these processes happen. It’s a beautiful thing. Next, take a bite and CHEW YOUR FOOD. Yes, I am reminding you to chew. Somebody has to do it and it’s coach Maria, today. You will taste the ingredients—wow, incredible, right? you will facilitate digestion, help your GI track absorbs the nutrients and fluids, and more likely, you will eat less.

Take it from me…for most of my life, I swallowed my food, overate most of the time, had digestion problems. As a kid, food was scarce so I ate fast. On the job, I ate at my desk and very fast so I wouldn’t waste time. Always on the go. With friends, yes, I was the first to be done eating—the least necessary bites and swallowing were habits.

I rarely appreciated the process of ‘eating’. Then, I ended up with an eating disorder, emotional eating, prediabetes, chronic digestive issues. You want to prevent all that.  Or if my personal resonates with you, you might want to reconsider your habits.

If you need help, book a strategy call. Let’s put a plan of attack and edit your health story.

Now let’s go back to Bob and the graph.

When you eat, blood sugar (the red arrows) and insulin (blue arrows) rise. On average, blood sugar peaks around 45 minutes post meal. At that point, fat is stored, your blood sugar and insulin start to go down.

Keep in mind that one of insulin’s jobs is to transport the glucose from the blood to your cells. Your cells have insulin receptors. Healthy receptors will welcome the glucose in and continue the process to create ATP and energy.

The food breakdown and digestion may take about 2.5 hours. At that point, your blood sugar will have come down to a healthy baseline so is your insulin.

You may notice that I am suggesting that an optimal meal cycle be 4-6 hours. That is, no snacking, just water and other non-caloric beverages until the next meals.

If you are asking…

What happens for the next 2 to 3.5 hours after my food is digested?  That is what I call the blood sugar stabilization and fat burning zone.

Your blood sugar is stable and to maintain stability while giving you the energy you need for you to perform your activities between meals, your body will burn fat that is has in store. Heck YES! It’s a beautiful thing.

Now, let me ask you this?

Knowing what you know now…

what happens when you eat every 2-3 hours?

You may be saying…But Maria, everyone says to eat every 2-3 hours? What Am I missing?

I have so much to say about it…but I will address it another time or t.

I am convinced that EVERYONE benefits from understanding how foods, beverages, thoughts, stress, sleep and exercise impact their blood sugar and hormones. Each one of these lifestyle choices has a say in your blood sugar and ultimately on your energy, weight, heart health, and overall health.

High blood sugar levels can contribute to insulin resistance. Those beautiful insulin receptors become sensitive and stop responding to the insulin in the bloodstream. The receptors appear to malfunction more in people with excessive weight. Insulin resistance can lead to diabetes, obesity, and more.

Uhhh…Can you imagine the side effects when glucose stays in your bloodstream instead of being in your cells?

Feeling tired all the time? Uhhh….well, that’s one of many side effects of insulin resistance. Makes sense why, doesn’t it?

Look, I am here to share information, give you inspiration and practical nuggets to help you optimize your health trajectory.

The earlier you grab any health imbalances by the horn, address the situation from its root, the earlier you feel healthier and more confident about your wellbeing.

Whatever your health status is today, illness or not, you want to PREVENT any or more to rise.

Oh, your assignment for today is to track your food for a week. Write all down, including beverages. Then, it’s time to evaluate. And I eating a balanced meal? Overeating anything? Undereating others? Are my meals keeping me fool for 4-6 hours?

I’m here to help. Schedule a call when you are ready to take bigger strides with your health and fitness.

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