What a beautiful day at Crossfit Atlanta! We got together to celebrate Richard’s life. Our friend Richard left us on March 13th. He was passionate about fitness, crossfit, yoga, volleyball, wellness, life with purpose, and helping people lead a healthier and mindful life.

Richard-WODWe had hits running a 20-minute WOD (Workout Of Day) followed by yoga. We gathered around and shared memories and reasons we cared much for Richard’s beautiful soul. We wrapped it up watching a slideshow of hundreds of photos we submitted of and with Richard. It was also great to meet individuals from other gyms join us as well.

Now, we have Richard in our gym’s wall. It was a magical day. I am thankful for the staff of Crossfit Atlanta who make the event possible.

RIP Richard Bowen

P.S. The person in yellow bright shirt is me…seconds behind the class 🙂