Working this “muscle” will help you meet your goals

Working this “muscle” will help you meet your goals

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Do you wonder why I often talk about motivation?

There are a LOT of reasons why … but the biggest one is that motivation smoothes out a lot of bumps on your path to success.

And I want you to be successful. It’s why I do what I do every day! 🙂

Here’s the thing. Your motivation is like a muscle. And just like your physical muscles, you have to work on 1) building your motivation up and then 2) keeping it strong.

It’s so much more fun to be EXCITED about your fitness & wellness than relying on sheer discipline and willpower to see you through.

Feeling motivated also means you’ll be more likely you’ll stick to your program and make real, significant progress.

But … the tricky thing about motivation is that what works for you today might be different than what works for someone else … and also different than what works for you tomorrow.

Your Environment....

You may have realized that I often talk about building an environment to will propels you to success. Once I heard a pastor say something like “You cannot hangout with chickens and expect to fly and thrive like eagles.”  The people in our lives is only one component of our environment. Yet, it is a very important one!

This is why I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you surround yourself with different tools, tricks, and tactics that keep you pumped up and excited about all the changes you are making!

It’s also important that you actually USE them on a regular basis!

This can include:

  • Popping in to our Facebook group (LINK HERE), for ongoing motivation and for building relationships with people who have similar goals
  • Joining a transformation program that has built in support and accountability. Schedule a complimentary Energy Audit HERE to discover whether one of the E.N.E.R.G.Y. System programs I offer and my coaching style are right for you.
  • Creating a playlist that fires you up (and that you listen to DAILY)
  • Reading personal growth books (at LEAST one per month) 🙂
  • Watch Ted Talks, watch documentaries, and read about inspiring people.

Have these resources readily available so you can jump on them any time you schedule time for and have an unexpected break.

It’s so much easier to STAY motivated than it is to re-motivate yourself over and over again. Setting aside a few minutes every day to work on your motivation is totally worth it!

Another thing that works: having an accountability partner or coach.

The best accountability partners “get” what you’re working for. They may even be working towards something similar, themselves!

They challenge you to be your best, and call you out when you need it. They believe in you, and they help to keep you on-track (and vice versa) no matter what.

It’s the same with coaches, except with a coach, they will provide you with a proven plan for success. They already know what works and doesn’t, so there’s no guesswork involved, and they can help you get the results you’re looking for FASTER.

I’ve always believed that accountability is KEY to achieving the results you want and deserve. That’s why it’s one of the key components of any the programs under the E.N.E.R.G.Y. System I offer.

Do not question your abilities to accomplish amazing things. All of us need accountability, support, encouragement, and guidance to take bolder steps. It’s also OK to accept help. Wear your ‘I CAN DO’ hat every day!

If it’s up-leveling your mindset, wellness, and fitness, I am here to help!

Take a step. Let’s set up an Energy Audit Wellness Strategy Session to help break down your goals. Just click this link HERE or email me at or call me 770-835-5490 to schedule your virtual/online today!

I am confident that when you show up curious and with intentionality, I am your partner in crime. You knock 50% of the battle by showing up.  NO EXCUSES! No matter where you, we can meet and make it happen. Click HERE to get started with your virtual/online session!

My Word...Continued...

My Other Word…


YES!!! Freedom tops the value chain on top values of mine. Have me in a ‘cage’ and limit any of living circumstances and possibilities and I shall not thrive. This bird needs to fly.

When I’m financially, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally FREE, I create, implement, radiate greatness, expand, transform, and love more. –Maria

So far I have shared three words: Discipline, E.N.E.R.G.Y., and Freedom. Stay tuned. I got three more I use to help me stay the course and run my race!  What’s your word (s)? 

Much love and health to you,

P.S. If you are ready to make 2020 YOUR YEAR…and you’re ready to create a real change in your life and make yourself a priority, allow me to be part of your health journey. One of my jobs as a health/wellness coach and fitness trainer is to help you identify what’s driving your motivation to change and from your big why. You are unique and require unique approaches and solutions. Stop the bandaid approach, do this for that, get doen to the root cause of imbalances and inconsistencies.

Ready to chat? Call me at (770) 835-5490 or email me at Or even better, go ahead and schedule a complimentary online/virtual Energy Audit Wellness Strategy Session HERE

P.P.S. Stay in touch by signing-up to E.N.E.R.G.Y. Living news HERE  – and enjoy FREE GIFTS!

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