#33: Your Nutrition And Hormones. What About Them?

#33: Your Nutrition And Hormones. What About Them?



How are you today?    How have you been feeling?     How is your family?

Our lives have been impacted in one way or another since March 2020. Many lives were lost unexpectedly. Many people are still living in isolation. The mental and physical health of many people has decayed drastically.  Many people’s habits have taken the wrong turn with higher stress, financial difficulties, and lack of personal touch.

So, again…

How are you?  

I invite you to drop all you are doing to take a few deep breaths. Can you do that? Breath in through your nose, take 3-4 seconds to do that. Then, hold for 3-4 seconds. Next, exhale through your mouth. Leave no air behind. Feel your shoulders relax.

If takes you a few times to feel calm, it’s OK. Give yourself permission to do this process as many times as needed. You deserve it. Yes, you do!

If you are feeling relaxed, I encourage you to take a few deep breaths anyway. Pay attention to how your body feels with each deep breath.

And if you have a wrist band that reads your heart rate, check the before and after. You will see a slower heartbeat as you practice these deep breaths.


Last episode, I spoke about welcoming new YESES into life. Maybe breathing is one you can incorporate to help you recenter when you bump into nerve-wracking situations.

Forgive me for not asking you more often. I can get caught up in the weeds of giving you content, sharing stories, and giving you homework.

I’d love for you to drop me a note and let me know how you are doing.

You see, one of my affirmations is “My voice and words get to transform millions.”

Needless to say, I am here doing my best to transform lives. And today’s episode might ignite change in you. If it does, please let me know because that makes my heart sing. If there is an opportunity to help you, don’t hesitate to book a complimentary call. Oftentimes, we don’t know what we are missing out. Go to www.BeFabBeYou.com and let’s chat.

Today’s episode is about making you aware of, or maybe remind you of, how nutrition and lifestyle impact our hormones.

Are you ready? Let’s do this…

In the past, I have talked about the Nutritional Endocrinology Method Pyramid that I use to help myself and clients strive to reach homeostasis. The pyramid highlights important pillars of health that include mindset, healthy diet, stress, sleep, exercise, toxicity, and fun. I also refer to them as lifestyle choices because we have incredible control over each one of them. These lifestyle choices have a direct impact on our digestion, blood sugar, adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones, and organs in the body.

Let’s go step by step here:

The endocrine system is a network of glands in your body that makes the hormones that help cells talk to each. They’re responsible for almost every cell, organ, and function in your body.

Hormones are messengers that control and coordinate everything in the body.

One of the functions of the endocrine system is to make hormones that control physiological and behavioral activities such as metabolism, reproduction, organs, growth, development, digestion, and mood.

The network of glands making up the endocrine system is spread in different parts of the body, including in our brain. One other gland you are familiar with is the thyroid gland which makes the thyroid hormone that controls our metabolism.

The glands usually secrete hormones into the bloodstream and the hormones stay in circulation until it gets to a cell with receptors for that specific hormone.  The receptors, something we don’t hear much about, are located on the cell membrane.

There are some hormones that have receptors on most cells. That’s the case for hormones that control vital functions like metabolic rate—almost every cell has a receptor for thyroid hormone. The same thing for insulin which keeps our blood sugar balanced. Most cells have insulin receptors to move glucose from the bloodstream inside the cell to generate energy.

So, what exactly is Nutritional Endocrinology?

In a nutshell, it is the relationship between nutrition and endocrine imbalances. Conversations about malnutrition, nutrient deficiencies, and even nutrient excesses are crucial to have because they impact our hormones.

In what way? Nutrition, and lifestyle for that matter, impact the distribution, production, and receptivity of hormones.

Certain foods have a positive impact and others disrupt hormones. The same applies to the other lifestyle choices of the pyramid. They all impact the wellbeing of our hormones and how our body communicates within.

Why is it important to understand these relationships?

I am a true believer that the more we understand about our bodies, minds, systems, and especially the endocrine system, the more we will invest and grow into becoming our best selves by cultivating healthy habits that will FUEL our cells with energy and health.

As an insulin resistance coach and nutritional endocrinology practitioner, when I help my clients restore their health, I apply a sequence of intervention:

Starts with food and lifestyle, then specific nutrients, then herbs, and lastly, there are bioidentical hormones from a natural source not from a prescription form, of course. Sometimes, when someone experiences acute issues, I might change the order of intervention to help alleviate symptoms.

This is a process that includes identifying the root cause of the imbalances so we can address them. It starts with various assessments and then labs. The most basic set of labs is blood work. I recommend to everyone to do so they know where they stand.

And I recommend them to get their results analyzed by doing a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis—I love doing this because it’s often an eye-opener. This is where you have the opportunity to identify deficiencies and imbalances ahead of time. This is the beginning stage to go from being ‘normal’ to ‘optimal’.

In this process, sometimes, it is wise to dive deeper and run labs to identify the health of the adrenal glands, check out our poop, and do a stool test to see what creatures are living inside us, and food sensitivities. At times, we might need to test the levels of minerals and amino acids.

Ultimately, the goal is to get you to feel healthy and vibrant so you continue to things you love with joy and confidence.

I’d like to share another affirmation I use is “My body is my temple given to me to live my life’s purpose”. When I think about taking care of my body, I think about how my daily choices impact my hormones and the health of my receptors. Literally!

Am I perfect? Nope. Do I make choices that disrupt my hormones? Yes, sometimes, I do.

Here is the thing. I feel grateful for…

  • Having a pretty good understanding of my body—what makes it thrive or not. It’s certain that as I age, my body is changing. I stay curious to learn and adapt.
  • Having developed resilience. And I am committed to strengthening it along the way.
  • Being able to educate, inspire, and help transform lives, including yours.

It is my hope that this information inspires you to continue to understand what makes you unique and makes your body and mind thrive.

If you would my guidance to help you achieve your health and fitness results faster, go to www.BeFabBeYou.com to schedule a call. I will be ready whenever you are ready.

Thanks for listening and for sharing this podcast with your family and friends. Talk to you soon!

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