Thanksgiving – Fuel Your Body/Mind with Connection, Gratitude, Energy

Thanksgiving – Fuel Your Body/Mind with Connection, Gratitude, Energy


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On Thanksgiving day with family and friends, it’s easy to focus on the food feast and feel the food coma after eating. I have been there many times in the past. I bet you have as well.

This afternoon, shortly after my workout, I got inspired and I did a Facebook Live. I shared a few words to help you set your intentions as you prepare for Thanksgiving along with a couple of strategies to stay the course of your health journey. 

Fuel your body, mind, and spirit by focusing more on being fully present and giving energy to the people and less on the food/beverages. Eat to be satisfied and drink to stay hydrated. When we understand that time we spend with people is more valuable and irreplaceable, and that every food and beverage item presented/consumed can be easily recreated and consumed whenever you want, you might well choose to fuel your body and mind until you feel satisfied and that is enough. You will feel proud and energized by your choices, trust me on this one!!!

Your next day conversation will NOT be about how much and what you ate and how ‘stuffed’ you felt. It will be about the heartfelt conversations and connections you made. Those memories that will outlast anything and will not disrupt your body.

>>Watch the video HERE


>>Looking for a yummy recipe? Try one of my favorites, Zucchini Bacon Frittata Recipe HERE

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