21:21 A Journey Of No Regrets

21:21 A Journey Of No Regrets

21-21 A Journey Of No Regrets - Maria Horstmann

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WOW to July 2, 2017! It is a big day. 21:21 a journey of no regrets – I have spent half of my lifetime in Brazil and the other half in Atlanta. I remember about every hour of  7/2/1996 in ATL.

I am so grateful for the opportunities and the people I’ve met in this country. I came because I was seeking self improvement and growth in my early career in international business. I left family, boyfriend, school, and an amazing job in pursue of a brighter future. I had a J1 Visa for one year. It went from J1 to H1B to Green Card and soon citizenship.

I have faced many hard decisions. Every time I had to decide stay or go back home, I asked myself ‘what if’. At young age, I knew one thing about myself…the uncertainty or feeling of regret was something I was going to deal well. I am still pursuing the same thing–I do not want to feel regrets or at least keep them to a minimum.

I have made many hard decisions and as I continue to grow, seek opportunities, and help others, I expect nothing more than many others ahead. The hardest decision in the last 3 years was to leave corporate that kept me financially stable for years, to follow my passion to educate and help others with their health and well-being 2.5 years ago.

It was the birth of www.BeFabBeYou.com. Besides helping people with lifestyle changes, getting them healthier and happier, I have been stepping outside my comfortable zone, reaching the bottom, getting up, being vulnerable, getting help, finding my tribe of trusted people, confronting my limiting beliefs, and losing and winning battles.

This stuff is not easy, yet I appreciate this journey and especially the amazing people I have been surrounding myself with. I feel I’ve grown more in the last 2 years than 10 years combined. It’s been a deeper connection and level of conversation I have with myself.


This is a forever deal! Every opportunity in front of us is a door. More doors we open, more opportunities come. It is our CHOICE to stay put and comfortable, take a step in the right or wrong direction, add or not value to others, slow life down or jump into our passions, explore the big why, and so on.

One thing I continue to learn is that health is the foundational for living life to the fullest. That is important to me.

What’s important to you? What’s Your Big Way?

Thanks for being part of my life and thanks for letting me be part of yours.

Cheers to this beautiful and pinnacle day. Cheers to a healthy you!

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