Happy Sunday! …and Oops I’ve Been a ‘Bad Girl’

Happy Sunday! …and Oops I’ve Been a ‘Bad Girl’


Get lifestyle content to help you feel more energetic, stronger, and committed to your health journey!

What has been awesome in your life lately? 

What has made you feel proud lately?

How have these steps gotten you closer to your goals and dreams?

I would LOVE to hear about and celebrate them with you, even if it’s over the phone or email!

Changing subjects…

I’ve been a bad girl lately–imagine that!!! I had a little talk with myself. This girl here isn’t perfect. Let me tell you…

One of my main roles as a health coach is to remojust-do-itve ‘debris’ from my clients’ pathway to reaching and sustaining a healthy lifestyle with more joy, energy, and physical and mental strength. Often, it is NOT about what/when/where/how their nutrition or exercise–two or seven foundations of health. Often it is about managing stress by mastering our mindset and attitude.  I LOVE being part of the solution.

The THING is that at times, I allow debris pile up my path too…imagine that!

I’ve been letting myself down for some time now. I feel lacking congruency and setting the wrong example in this department. Enough of that.

What is this all about? It is about being consistently inconsistent communicating with my you, my community. The world of health, nutrition, and physical and mental strength does not stop evolving.

You may be saying, oh Geez, all this for that? It is a BIG DEAL to me because it does not align with my commitment to you and myself. I apologize. One small plus is that I do a little better job sharing on Facebook — feel free to connect with me there 🙂


The Truth Is…

…that as a single woman and an entrepreneur, I learned the importance of celebrating small victories, especially if I wanted to become an inspiring and transformational coach/trainer and speaker.

Every successful step I complete, opens new doors, provides more clarity to my vision, and get me closer to living my ideal perfect average day. This is the case for all of us. At times, we disconnect from the present and lose sights of what’s truly important. I love helping my clients build these pathways to mental strength. Does that resonate with you?

Whether you are single or not, woman or man, entrepreneur or not, it is easy to ‘ignore’ the small steps and victories. Well, it’s a daily CHOICE. Either we MAKE TIME to practice daily routines that allow us to reflect, plan, set goals, act, change, and be grateful for experiences OR WE CHOOSE to trade time, efforts, energy for something else.

My question to you is are the trade-offs going to help you increase:

  • resilience and confidence?
  • energy and focus?
  • discipline and well-being?

Are the steps helping you react to curveballs life throws at you with more control, positivism, and confidence?  Have you considered these curveballs are often signs to guide us to another direction?

What’s Exciting…

Let me re-engage and share six (6) exciting things that have been exciting me to get out of bed and stay the course of this challenging yet rewarding journey I have been:


  • CLARITY: In the last several months, I’ve gained great clarity on who my ideal client is and how rewarding it feels to serve them when the partnership is about authenticity. I feel a great drive to give and empower them and get the results they have been longing.

Giving openly to those who show up with a desire to do their best and open to get out of their comfort zones to change, lose weight, boost energy and confidence, and build physical and mental health is a beautiful thing. It’s exciting to wake up and serve.

  • PCOS AWARENESS SYMPOSIUM: I am super excited for PCOS Awareness Weekend in Orlando on Sep 22-23. I am fundraising for the cause.

I am fundraising for PCOS Challenge, Inc–a non-profit that allocates funds to help women and girls with PCOS.   CLICK HERE TO DONATE!


PCOS-Speaker-Exercise-Health-Coach-Weight LossPUBLIC SPEAKING: Is your workplace, church, community group, wellness centers/spa, meetup group, business associations looking for speakers?  Drop me a line, please.

I am rolling up my sleeves to do more public speak in person or online.  I am passionate about using the power of my voice to educate and help busy professionals and super moms feel more energetic, productive, and confident, as well as mentally, emotionally and physically healthier.

Ultimately, it’s about inspiring people to take responsibility for their well-being as well as for feeling extraordinary and inspiring others to take a similar path by example.

  • NO EXCUSES: My business now fully aligns with my vision and motto ‘No Excuses’ to be transform and sustain a healthy lifestyle from anywhere.

Whether it’s coaching or personal training, one-on-one or group, I am available online (virtual sessions), they come to me or I come to them in the Atlanta and surrounding area. No Excuses!

Would like to workout from home? Email, call or text me and I will give you a coupon for a complimentary LIVE online group personal training class with me.

  • HEADING TO ‘MY SPOT’: In just a few hours, I am driving down to Fort Walton Beach, FL for a few days. It’s one of my favorites places to be and it’s almost one year. I am BEYOND GRATEFUL for this opportunity.

The coolest thing is I’m bringing clients with me. Yeap! That’s one of the benefits I offer to myself and to my clients. Live online coaching and personal training.

  • WEBSITE: I’m looking to revamp my website and messaging. In the last months, I have had the opportunity to test drive ideas and concepts with a few clients with great success, built a ‘System’ that aligns with my ideal clients’ health concerns and needs.

I am excited about the end product and outcome. And like my mentor John Maxwell says “everything that is worthwhile in life is uphill”. Cheers to another hill 🙂

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