Front vs. Back Squat

Front vs. Back Squat

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Moved my fanny with several movements, including front squats, and got a pretty good sweat within minutes. Completed the workout in 17:13 minutes. Considering that I was fasting and without food for 21 hours, timing wasn’t bad.

50 Calorie Row
40 Front Squats (75 lbs)
30 Toes To Ring
20 Push Jerks (75 lbs)
30 Pull Ups  – 
My sensitive skin on hands didn’t resist the pull-ups. The last 6 reps were a little bloody 🙁

For a quick cash-out, Bruna and I did 3 rounds of 20 sit-ups passing 14lbs ball to each other. Keeping core awake!

The front squat is great to lower body including muscles such as gastrocnemius, gluteus maximus, and especially quads.  Back squat requires more core for stabilization, hips, and spinal erectors. If back squat is performed with bad technique, the movement will be blamed for lower back pain. That is because a person might use lean forward and compromise back. When performing front squat, it is hard to lean forward without losing power or dropping bar weight on the floor. Thus, in general, front squat promotes better or proper back squat technique.

Front squat

Front squat

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