Fun Partner Workout

Fun Partner Workout

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My Starbucks friend Shannon came by to Be Fab – Be You’s gym to workout with me yesterday, 3/14. It was perfect because I was going to make it on time for my 7:30pm crossfit class. This ironman guy moved his fanny! It was fun working out at my gym with partner to keep each other motivated.

We spent some time stretching and short short run to warm up. Then, we moved to do the workout:

3 rounds:

15x wall balls (12 lbs, 10lbs), 11ft

15x leg raises / leg crosses

15x DB front squats (50 lbs, 40 lbs)

15x sit ups with 14lbs ball pass

After that, we went for two rounds of 70 meter DB farmer’s carry and DB back row (35 lbs, 30 lbs)

I forgot to keep track of time 🙁

wall ball

wall ball


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