Do Not Wait For Your Health Wake-Up. Take Action Now

Do Not Wait For Your Health Wake-Up. Take Action Now

Get lifestyle content to help you feel more energetic, stronger, and committed to your health journey!

If you are an executive, entrepreneur, busy professional, competitive, and/or someone experiencing high levels of stress, today’s Energy Recharge video is for YOU!

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak to the top executives of a large international organization here in Atlanta. The presentation went well.  I am passionate about speaking on topics of health/wellness/fitness. I left the room so freaking excited because I was confident I had made a difference.

Little I knew I was there to deliver a health wake-up message to a few attendees. Yeap!

You see…I am in a mission to transform people’s lives, to influence their choices so that they feel good in their clothes, have ample energy, and are physically and mentally strong. Yes, there are many ways I can do that (coaching, training, accountability, support, tools, assessments, etc). Ultimately, together, we get to increase the quality of health and longevity.

Let me ask you a few questions before you watch today’s video…

Are you physically active?

What ways do you challenge your muscles and mind?

Do you feel healthy and energetic without stimulants (caffeine, sugars, etc)?

Are you concerned about your quality of life as you age and/or retire? 

Pay attention to what’s going on with your fellow peers, friends, and even family member…To many, health does not matter until it prevents them from their dreams. Reckless health habits do eventually catch-up.

Hold on…

Does it matter what dreams you have IF you won’t experience them with a deteriorating body, especially from eating nutrient semi-dead foods?

Or when you unexpectedly seek medical assistance after performing a few minutes of squats and push-ups?

Why would you wait until you experience a health wake-up call to finally think about your health?

Why would you wait until you are dying to finally think about your health? 

In today’s Energy Recharge video, the story I share is to inspire you and/or a loved one to take steps to prevent health wake-up calls.

Here are a few steps I encourage you to take to prevent health surprises…

  1. Visit your general physician for labs and physical once a year. I hear often, ‘I don’t like doctors’. Listen up, you don’t have to like doctors yet it is your responsibility to get your blood work done annually, whether you feel healthy or not. If you want to learn more about functional blood chemistry analysis to expand your knowledge about your body and open up to the possibility the tool has to reveal the underlying cause of symptoms, I can assist you. Plus, you can share details with your MD. Be Proactive vs. Reactive! 
  2. Be honest about your habits, physical abilities, energy, nutrition, and other aspects of your lifestyle with YOURSELF, health care practitioners, coaches, and trainers. Do not try to be a hero!
  3. Pay attention to your body. Listen up. Do not ignore the signals and information your body sends us. Nobody has ears inside you either. Use the guy or gal ‘next door’ to motivate and inspire to be better but not to push you to unhealthy limits. That is especially true when it comes to your respiratory and cardiovascular wellbeing.
  4. TAKE ACTION TODAY! Stop. Assess. Revisit your values. Align your values with your goals and lifestyle. Identify the areas you can improve. Establish a plan of action. Get accountability. Get outside your comfort zone. Get help if needed.

You are in this world to THRIVE. Do not wait to start living until your health gets compromised. BE PROACTIVE! 

With love, 


P.S. I know that can be hard for us to do all on our own, especially when require us to take steps are outside our comfort zone. If you think I can help you, let’s chat. If you do not know I can help, definitely, let’s chat!

Schedule time HERE (via phone or Video Conference). Let’s discuss and take what’s in your health wish list to steps that will get you results.

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