Hiking: Healthy Time To Catch Up

Hiking: Healthy Time To Catch Up

Hiking Sweetwater Creek

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Hiking Sweetwater Creek was short and sweet. I was up at 7am, left the house at 8:35am, started the hike around 9:15am, hiked 3 miles with 23 pounds backpack and was done at 10:35am, got home at 11:10am, ate and showered and ready to go at 11:45am. Plus, feeling FAB! How can you argue with that? Had a great time with my friend Mallery.

Hiking-Positive-EnergyMallery and I go years back. Once or twice a year, we would either play against each or bump into each other at our favorite volleyball tournament in Fort Walton Beach in FL. Mallery is full of energy, positive being, not shy to strike a conversation with whoever welcomes her with a smile. She moved to NE Atlanta a few months ago. It was great to spend time with this girl. She joined this morning and we had a great time catching up. I look forward to having her join again.

What Was In For Us?

Being Silly Is FunNot only we moved our fannies, that’s got some exercise in, we got fresh air, socialized, laughed, strengthen our relationship, had fun, and we hope to inspire others to get out there too! How much did it cost? $5 for parking. The point is…being healthy doesn’t have to cost much. All it takes is initiative! One of the reasons I organize these hikes is to stay accountable to myself and do something I enjoy so much. Positive energy every time!

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