Physical Activity, Sweat, and Hydration

Physical Activity, Sweat, and Hydration

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Fav Physical Activity

Rev Co-Ed Volleyball Tourney

What’s your favorite physical activity?

Want to improve your ability to do daily activities and perform at your best? Are you concerned that your health and lifestyle might, soon if not already, get on your way of doing activities you love? What are you waiting for? Allow ‘things’ to get out control? Don’t let yourself down. Be Fab – Be You can help.

My favorite physical activity is playing doubles volleyball, especially reversed co-ed on grass. Today, Todd and I got out there, moved our fannies, and had fun. Temperature got to 95º and humidity of 55% today. HOT, HOT, HOT Atlanta!! Staying hydrated is essential for overall performance, especially when we sweat a lot.

What is sweat?

It is a combination of water, trace minerals, lactate, and urea. Drinking water is great and replaces water. Yet, we must replace minerals.

Volleyball Tourney Crowd

Volleyball Tourney Crowd 06.13.2016

I am NOT a FAN of most sports drinks. I am a fan of making my own and I recommend you do the same. Most drinks out there have sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, vitamins (isolates and many synthetics) that our bodies don’t absorb entirely, coloring, and other junk. Sugar will interfere with performance, plus will make crave for more sugar and dehydrate you. A brand of consumer products such as pre-workout, post-workout, and hydration is IDLife.

So, how did you stay hydrated today? I brought juice of squeezed lemons and Himalayan salt. Added them to water and done! All natural, no added sugars and junk. Just about the electrolytes/trace minerals and liquid your body needs!

Next time you are sweating your fanny out, try the recipe above and/or Hydrate. Feel the difference! 

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