Hiking UnicoiUnicoi Trail was different today!

I love this trail. It’s physically demanding and packed nature. Today, it was different and for a few reasons. It rained yesterday and overnight. Birds were happy and chirping loud, air was fresher, fannies moved fast, and great company. What a great workout. Mother nature does wonders for hormones! Body and mind win! 



A couple of days ago, I got my friend Karl, on my left, to commit to join me rain or shine! He recruited a couple of his hiking buddies. I woke up at 6am and looked at forecast: 75% rain precipitation at 9am and 100% at 11am. We took our rain coats and went for it.

Guess what? We did NOT get one drop of rain! Instead, fog and high humidity  🙂 

appalachian-trail-unicoi-gap-rocky-mountain-loop-elevationWe completed 5.17 miles with two long and steep hills (4,000 ft and 3800 ft elevation) in 2 hours and 21 minutes. Your first step is heading uphill–no time to warm-up.  Karl’s friends, Scott and Jason are experienced hikers (compared to me, at least). They have covered 600+ miles of the Appalachian Trail. They hike fast and don’t look back. My fanny’s only option was to keep moving. 





These guys hike fast and don’t look back. My fanny’s only option was to keep moving. I told the guys I was happy I had decide to leave my heavy backpack home for this hike. I would have NOT been to keep up with their pace otherwise.



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