My Saturday, 3/26/16, morning was exciting. Got about 10 minutes of kickboxing in before completing the WOD movements that surely could have destroyed my shoulders. Took it easy on the weight, focused on form, and shoulders came home with me 🙂

I met Erica a few weeks ago at the gym. She’s also a personal trainer who knows my former personal trainer. I trained with Ken before I joined Crossfit Atlanta and then became a trainer myself. Talking to Erica, we learned that we both missed punching, kicking, and kneeing. I love offering that to my clients and they seem to enjoy as much as I do. On Saturday, Erica and I met at 8:30am for a quick warm-up and got each 10 minutes of fun. It’s just an awesome way to release stress and get heart rate up quickly. Once we were done, both of us 9:00 AM class for some more action.

21-15-09 reps
Clean & Jerk (45 lbs)
OHS (45 lbs)
Pull Ups

I forgot how long it took me to this workout.