Life…Deserve a break? What’s fun to you?

Life…Deserve a break? What’s fun to you?

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“Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. –Grandma Moses

What’s fun to you?  How often do you find asking yourself when was the last time you had fun? or have to think hard to remember fun times or time for yourself? Sometimes, we just don’t even think about it. 

Fun and relaxation are important to healthy living. Our hormones love and need! I cannot lie. Unfortunately, I have neglected them for the past 1.5 years. I have been focused on getting my business up and running. Changes are on the way. Spring is perfect season for that 🙂  

Today, from the moment I woke up around 7:30am to about 4pm, I’ve done things I love:

  • Ate a healthy breakfast: hard boil pasture raised eggs, avocado, soaked/dehydrated walnuts and brazil nuts, goat’s milk kefir. Healthy protein, fats, and carbs/probiotics.
  • Moved my fanny at the gym (more below)
  • Played doubles sand volleyball —  perfect weather in low 70s and sunny this morning. It had beena while since the four of us played together. Right shoulder has been bothering. I irritated a little more though  😳 
  • Ate my power house and complete meal smoothie (ask recipe if you’d like to know more)
  • Sauna for 30  minutes followed by nice shower
  • Stopped by at a couple of places for grocery shopping…cooking yummy stuff tomorrow!

Now, I am ready to get a few hours of work done. Cheers to self-care and fun!


EMOMx 14 (Every Minute On the Minute 14 min)
odd: 10 Calorie Row
even: 100m Sprint

– Rest 5 Mins –

EMOMx 10  (Every Minute On the Minute 10 min)
odd: 12 Wall Balls 12lbs
even: 12 KBS 35lbs

Good stuff!

doubles sand volleyball

Maria, Candice, Lucia, Kendall. Perfect day for sand volleyball

wall ball

wall ball

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