Weekly Digest – March 25-29: Vision Health, Diabetes Prevention, Workouts

Weekly Digest – March 25-29: Vision Health, Diabetes Prevention, Workouts


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In this edition of Be Fab – Be You’s Weekly Digest of March 25-29th, 2019, the most popular topics/posts along with attached articles, videos, strategies and tips I published on the Facebook Page included:

  • Saving Our Vision
  • Diabetes Alert – Start with Prevention

Looking for workout routines? Scroll down to check out three of the workouts. For more routines, images, videos, and blurbs, connect with Maria on Instagram or Facebook.


Save Your Vision Month
March is also ‘Save Your Vision Month’. that’s in addition to being Endometriosis, Kidney, and MS awareness month. Isn’t interesting that nutrition and blood sugar levels are part of the healthy recipe to prevent and manage these conditions?
🔍Do you get blurred vision often or more frequently than that you think it is ‘normal’?
🔍Have you noticed that the blurred vision happen after meals more often than other times during the day?
Well, let’s talk about this…
Did you know that high blood sugar levels impact your vision? And nope, you do NOT have diabetes to have your vision impaired.
Here is the deal, high blood sugar causes the lens of the eyes to swell, changing our ability to see well.
According to the CDC, ~80+mil American adults, more than 1 out of 3, have prediabetes. The issue is that ~90% of this group don’t know they have it. I used to be one of them. I am committed to my mission to help people prevent and manage prediabetes, diabetes, and all the health conditions driven by high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.
What to do? Food for thought…
➡️ Tune in to your body: do you experience blurred vision? If you know someone, share this post.
➡️ When do you have it? Dive into to understand the potential driver. Note the incidents for a week or so.
➡️ If you notice that’s happening after meals and/snacks, likely they are out of balance and high in carbs causing a spike in your blood sugar.
➡️ Assure that your blood sugar is normal (75-85 mg/dL) before you eat. Work to improve the balance of your meals: carbs from veggies, healthy fats, and lean and clean protein. You can get all your protein from vegetables as well.
➡️ Confused or overwhelmed with all this, I am here to help. Blood sugar and insulin resistance is my area of expertise. The transformation you can achieve is amazingly fast when you have personalized knowledge, accountability, support, and tools for you to succeed. Yet, you still need to show up and do the work! Your coach here will be with you throughout the way!
➡️ If you haven’t got your blood work done in a while, PLEASE schedule an appointment. If you need a hand your doctor a comprehensive list of markers and labs to run, send me a private message.
Additional resources/readings:
Diabetes Alert Day

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Outside Rowing!

1k row +
4 rounds:
25 squats
20 sit-ups
15 chin ups (assisted)
10 power cleans 85 lbs
5 push ups
+ 1k row

Time: 30:29 min

School Bus Tire

7 rounds:
10 tire flips
10 tire push ups
10 tire tricep dips
10 tire lifts
50-meter farmers carry 35 lbs/arm
1-minute plank (hands on the tire)

Time: 29:56 min

Perfect Spring Day!

7 rounds: 10 reps/movement
Wall ball 10lbs 10ft
Incline chest press 20lbs
Renegade row burpee 20lbs
Deadlift 115lbs
Kettlebell swings 40lbs
Cal row
Knee to elbow

Time: 41:49min

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