Be Fab – Be Moving! Hurt So Good!

Be Fab – Be Moving! Hurt So Good!

Hurt So Good

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Hello Wellness Warriors! Have you heard people who enjoy physical activity say “It hurt so good“?

That was me on Monday, a day after steep and speedy 5.1 miles hike, and after yesterday’s 38:30min workout.

Hurt So Good

Hurt So Good!

5 Rounds:

10 Pull-ups

10 Push Press 45lbs bar

30 Kettlebell swings 35lbs

20 GHD Sit-ups

20 Abmat sit ups

50 air squats

Averaged 7:15 minutes rounds 1, 2, 4. Rounds 3 and 5 dragged my overall timing down as I broke down routines into smaller reps to breath.

I did this workout alone; everyone else was doing a different WOD. It is always interesting to listen and evaluate the ‘conversations’ between the ‘let’s go’ and ‘you are tired’ sides of the brain are having. I like to win the battle with  ‘LET’S GOOOOO!!!!!‘. I feel awesome after I exercise, so why do I let the conversation take place? Well, I am a human. Winning the battles makes us stronger, help build consistency, strength, confidence, and we feel better!

As a personal trainer and health coach, I must be there for my clients. Would you agree most of us need a push, vote of confidence, motivational words, kick to believe in our abilities? When I work out, especially on my own, I tell myself (what I tell my clients):

  • I CAN DO IT!

That said, how are you moving your fanny today, tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that?

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