Happy Mother’s Day – Motherhood: Not An Average Job

Happy Mother’s Day – Motherhood: Not An Average Job

Happy Mother Day

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To all mothers, I wish your day is filled with love, kindness, smiles, and gratitude. It’s a day for self-care!
This morning, I talked to mom, who is thousand’s of miles away. I am glad to still have her and be able to share my love and appreciation for all she has done for me and my siblings. Mom raised us alone (ok—little help from neighbors). We grew up with little, yet, I have great memories of running around and playing on streets happy. Life was different back then. Mom was also the second mom to make other children she helped raise. I had my share changing diapers, feeding, bathing, and putting many children to sleep 🙂
I cannot thank mom enough for all she went through to set a great example. I don’t have a memory of mom being lazy, careless, weak, unfair–we got ‘tough’ love though :-). She did not raised us in any bubble. Let me be a kid and play on the stress, yet I had set responsibilities. She worked hard and as the youngest, I worked side-by-side with mom. Mom taught us the true value of money. She was mom and dad in one and that must be HARD to balance.
Character, personality, self-esteem, beliefs, and more are built at very young age. Parents have a huge responsibility and whatever experiences, believes, and reward systems are shared play a huge role in our lives. Surely as we ‘grow-up’, get exposed to real life, and make our own decisions, our experiences and beliefs create thoughts. In order to change them for better or worse, we must be aware of them and we need to work really hard to change them.
Cheers to all mothers (and parents) who are NOT averages, value their well-being so their children learn the importance of social, mental, physical, and spiritual health. One can teach all the ins-and-outs to make a living. Yet, there is no WEALTH without HEALTH! It’s best to learn earlier than later in life.
Be Fab – Be You! Don’t Be Average!
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