Moved my Fanny and got a double workout again.

After completing a 38 hour and 20 hour fasting, food in the belly, recharged energy, felt like I could add another workout on top of 12 min AMRAP.

Workout #1: 12 min AMRAP

09 SDLHP (55 lbs) – Sumo Deadlift High Pull
12 Wallballs (16 lbs – 9 feet)
:30 rest between rounds

Completed 7 rounds. Completed 1st round in 1 minute–wallballs came to get me quickly and went downhill from there. Read more on wall balls below 🙂

30 minutes later…

Workout #2: 7 rounds

200m row

12x GHD sit ups

10x kettlebell swings 35 lbs

12x 20 lbs ball slam

Completed in 23:33 min–round 1 in less than 3 minutes. It went downhill from there too 🙂

So what’s the deal with wallballs? surely they can increase your aerobic and anaerobic condition. Heart and lungs will be working hard from the explosive movement of squadding and throwing the ball up high.

Wallballs work several muscle groups including glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, abs, triceps, lower back, chest, deltoids, and biceps

There are variations of the movement you can do and get similar results. Squat and toss ball in the air. Catch it as you are squadding. Key differences are intensity and angle the ball will come down and you will likely not throw as high. It is a good way to try it.

wall ball

wall balls