Running…I used to be addicted to running–didn’t admit that at the time though. it wasn’t until injuries started to pop up. Eventually, the frustration took over and I stopped. 

I was ignorance. Didn’t train for running, didn’t do strength training to support muscle and bones, poor rest, and my diet was awful compared to that of today’s…i just wanted to run. I would not allow much to get to the middle of my daily running routine of 6x and ~ 45 miles a week. Yes, injuries  were no fun. Plus, other body parts (knees and hips) started to bother years later. Bottom line is ANYTHING in EXCESS is a problem.

Today, I have to be really careful or body parts will scream loudly. Terrain, distance, and speed are key factors. On treadmill, I focus on getting a great workout by doing bursts for 15-20 minutes. Efficient and safer to my joints (and to anyone’s joints).

Anyway, here how i moved my fanny on 2/29/16:

2 rounds:

400m run

*20 Thrusters 55lbs

400 run

20 pull ups

*second time doing thrusters after injury. 13 lbs up from a few days earlier. Road to recovery continues

Completed in 18:28min

Are You Addicted To Running?

Are You Addicted To Running?