Strength from will

Strength from will

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“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” –Mahatma Gandhi

We are in charge of our thoughts and decisions. We are in charge of every next step we take. Worrying about ‘stuff’ we CANNOT control is a waste of positive energy. Focus on what YOU CAN control…before you know it, life will be easier. Once one transitions mindset, he/she will be the only one to blame–that can be hard to deal with. Wonder is that’s one of the main reason many people just blame others?!?!  I say stop the vicious cycle of blaming anyone and everything for whatever is not going well. Instead, DO something, TAKE a step that will improve the situation and not add degrees of difficult for yourself or anyone else around you. Let’s be strong, be movers and shakers, be awesome, be role models!

Strength From Will Power

Strength From Will Power

Cheers To A Healthy You,


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