Sunday Double!

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Woke up early on Sunday at 6:30am ready to Move my Fanny at 7am!  Double fitness fun day!

Energy boost post workout, healthy and balanced breakfast, and got ready to do some work done during the day and was feeling good enough and compelled for second workout at 6pm. 

At 7am, nobody else at the gym besides the instructor and I. It was pretty way to get day started.

Total of 20 minutes, broken down into 4 minutes, 5 rounds, allowing for little break between rounds. Slowest round was 3:25min

Rounds 1, 3, and 5: 500m row + 12 Toes To Ring

Rounds 2 and 4: 400m run + 12 Back squats (95 lbs)

At 6pm, took the fanny outside for 6 rounds of routine below and completed in 25:30 min.

10x wall balls 14lbs (10ft high)

15x ab-mat sit ups with 14 lbs wallball

20x  alternating leg lunges with 25 lbs per arm

1 minute plank

What else for the day after 7pm? Went to farmer’s market for my vegetables and fruits. I went a little crazy on the amounts of vegetables. Well, more will be freezed as I cook this week 🙂

How did you move your fanny? Remember, walking is great…but for bone health, you need to challenge your body more. Body weight exercises such as squats, push ups, wall sits, lunges, dips, and many more require no equipment and can be done ANYWHERE! If nothing else, add 30-60sec sprints or fast walks in your walking routine! Learn more about the importance of fitness as we age here.


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