My 23rd Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary to me!!! Today, July 2nd 2019 I celebrate 23 years in Atlanta, GA and in the United States. I will also take the opportunity to wish America, Happy Anniversary as well ❤  

I have clear memories of the day I arrived and most of my first day. It seems like yesterday.

Thank you, America for the opportunities it has provided me with, for people I have met and been part of my journey, for the relationships I have built, and for offering a space for so much personal growth.

Cheers to the future. Cheers to living intentionally. Cheers to minutes, days, years, and decades filled with growth, success, transformation, and significance ahead.

I was so pumped that I jumped on social media to share a few words. Below is the download of the recording of the live video. Cheers to voice over video quality!


As I mentioned in the video, I am excited to have one version of the book cover designed. It is incredible the time it has taken from selecting the images, to the wording, to the colors, and back and forth to get to this product. I am working on another version/option two now.

Is the book finished? In my dreams, YES! Haha…My intentions of designing and sharing the cover before the book is finished are to inspire me and reignite my commitment to keep moving forward.  Self-accountability!

I started to write it last year and for reasons that do not matter here, I stopped. It is time to stop excuses. It is time to commit and make time to write daily!

Long-term consistency always trumps short term intensity

P.S. If you like to hold me accountable for my writing progress, I welcome that. I need all the accountability I can get 🙏

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