Going Against The Grain?

Going Against The Grain?


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In today’s Hump Day Energy Recharge, I am going to talk about steps you can take when you find yourself going against the grain and non-linear growth, more specifically to your health/wellness/fitness

Let me ask you this…

Do you feel like you’re going against the grain?

Do you feel stuck and stagnant?

Perhaps, you’re going and going but not going anywhere…It’s like being on a treadmill. You are moving, sweating, getting tired, but staying put.

You say to yourself ‘Oh my God, I’m not moving forward, not succeeding, not progressing at the way and speed I wanted.

Have you gone through that? I have been there and done that many times.

When it comes to your health and wellness, look, you might be reading a lot, cooking and preparing your meals, diving in and understanding what foods are and not good for you. You are working hard to understand the habits that serve you well. You are going at full speed.

Yet, your results are kind of flat…Does that happen to you or happened to you?

I’m talking about your health and wellness, but this can happens to our career sometimes.

The deal is… this is part of our personal growth and growth is not linear.

If you have been working hard to change your lifestyle to improve your health and lifestyle, today’s Energy Recharge video is for you.

When you go through this growth process, you might be going against the grain as well.

What do I mean?

When we commit to a healthy lifestyle,  whether is related to nutrition, fitness,  prevent and manage inflammatory and chronic diseases, manage your stress,  sleep, or other habits that increase your energy, you may feel alone. You are now doing things that a lot of other folks are not doing. So you push hard to stay on top of things! 

This process can take its toll physically, emotionally,  and mentally.

I’m here to tell you this…

In those situations, it is important that you retreat and take a time out. The going and going, but not going too slow is draining. Take a step back to reassess.

Give yourself space to reflect and note what has gone well, what has not gone so well. What is impacting your progress?

In this space, take a few big breaths, celebrate your wins, and replan. It’s totally okay to adjust plans. Life changes all the time.

Retreating, reflecting, and incubating the new thoughts allow us to take a bigger leap.

My journey has been filled with setbacks, leaps, more stepbacks. That’s part of a growth journey.

This week’s energy recharge tip is…

The going, going, going is not always the best answer or approach. We can lead us to hit a wall and that is not fun. It happened to me about 2.5 years ago. I kept pushing my boundaries and the body responded with deep adrenal fatigue.

So take time to reflect.  Retreat to reflect, assess, and plan again. Okay?

Hey, there’s a reason retreats have become popular.  It is an opportunity to get away from distractions away, refocus, and be in an environment that propels one to make progress–as you surround yourself with like-minded people.

Again…I am asking you to take time for yourself to assess, plan, and consider building new relationships. Often, we try to grow in the same environment that pushed us down. Likely, that environment will not help us to jump forward. Keep that in mind.

When it comes to personal health and fitness, there are plenty of folks who are going to question your actions. There are way too many naysayers out there.

Think about the people and the places that bring your focus, enthusiasm, and freedom. Bring more about that into your life so that you take big leaps to a healthier, fitter, and stronger YOU!

It’s about you, you, you, you, you, okay?

Be well. Talk soon!


P.S. I know that can be hard for us to do all on our own, especially when require us to take steps are outside our comfort zone. If you think I can help you, let’s chat. If you do not know I can help, definitely, let’s chat!

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