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In today’s Hump Day Energy Recharge, I am going to talk about FITNESS for PLEASURE! Yes. You heard me right! Pleasure.

I’m going to share THREE FITNESS STRATEGIES that will help feel [more] awesome and that is through physical activity.

What’s pleasure? How about the feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment that we get in life. The sense and feeling of happiness.

Today, I want to implant in your mind is that fitness/physical activity can do this for you. It can elevate the level of pleasure in your life.

I do it for myself. When I don’t think about the outcome before I get started with my exercise routine, it is way harder to get started. And yes, I am a coach and a personal trainer.

The reality is that all share similar struggles. Nobody is perfect. We all need a certain level of accountability.

I invite you to listen to today’s Hump Day Energy Recharge video (or read) very close. Let’s embrace physical activity as a vehicle to help you increase pleasure in your life.


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Strategy #1: PLANNING

If you are thinking ‘Here we go. I already do at work. I don’t want to hear it. I am tired of this stuff’ Let’s get real, shall we? If we want to have a better grip of life circumstances, feel awesome, have a direction, we GET TO plan. If you don’t plan, you will get trapped into somebody else’s plan. Their plan unlikely will match what you want for our life, for your body, your mind, and your spirit.

How does planning increase pleasure? When we accomplish something and sure can give ourselves permission to celebrate. Accomplishment triggers the reward system in our brain, bringing us happiness.

I like to plan my week on Sundays. This was especially critical when I was working in corporate with a 10, 12, 15-hour work schedule and wanted to be and stay healthy.

As you plan your physical activities for the week ahead, let’s get to the WHEN, WHAT, and LENGTH. Whatever level of fitness you are at deserves this attention. This 3 step planning is especially important if you are in the beginning stages of building or rebuilding a healthier routine.

when-plan-fitness-pleasure-Coach-TrainerConsistency is better than intensity. If you are starting a routine, sometimes doing five minutes every day is better than three or four times a week. Daily activity, short as 5 minutes, will give you a sense of accomplishment and build or reignite [sleeping] brain pathways.

Yes, consistency is better than the intensity–especially when we play the habit hole game of cards 🙂

It’s true that we GET TO IDENTIFY WHERE we will move our fannies. I am very proud of my personal studio that I am standing right now. I love to train people here in person and also online. I love to work out here as well!

You do NOT have to have a gym membership. My clients do from their living room, hallway, bedroom, etc.

what-fitness-pleasure-coach-trainer-BeFabBeYou.comI am going to assume you have a space in or outside your residence to move your fanny. As far as WHAT to do, write down the routine or activity. For the morning folks, I recommend you plan your routine the night before. For the day and evening folks, I recommend you schedule 5-10 minutes break in the morning or lunchtime to write down a routine.

If you are not sure what, you have options of hiring a trainer like me, check out routines like myself and others post online, and google exercise routines. Many gyms offer group classes, join them! Yet, plan ahead! Block your calendar.

By the way, if you love the outdoors….YES, YES! Go for that job, hike, brisk walk, outdoor team sports, etc. Yet, plan them ahead!

I plan mine ahead and write exercise routines on the board. Gym goers, in-house goers, step into your workout environment knowing what you want to accomplish. Get it done. Celebrate it. Share!

Yes, think about who can hold you accountable. A trainer, a coach, a friend, a colleague, your child, your partner? Is a group on Facebook? Share with them the details. Even better, invite them to join you virtually.

Who and what do I use for accountability? I post my routine on Instagram and my Facebook page and I check in with my Fun Fitness Calendar.


Strategy #2: EFFICIENCY

Now, let’s talk about being efficient…the implementation of this impacts the length of your workouts!

The other day I was at LA Fitness, a large gym chain. I was walking on an incline on a treadmill and listening to my book. Straight ahead I saw this woman doing seated one-arm cable pulley row. She was talking 2-3 minute break between alternating arms. Generally speaking, that is a waste of time. Period.

Sure, there are reasons for taking long breaks between sets. In her case, no reasons were apparent. Often, I also see people on the machines, distracted on their phones, and being a roadblock to others.

Many people give up on exercise before experience its true power. Many blame lack of results because….they do not know. In reality, part of the answer could be structure, poor technique/form, inadequate nutrition, hydration, timing, sleep, and environmental toxicity.

If going to the gym is a social outlet or ‘me’ time and you do enjoy taking long rests, avoid pushing your body and mind outside the comfort zone, like to do the same routines, and/or the cardio machines are the toys you use only, that’s totally fine.

You are in charge of your time and life. However, please DO NOT BLAME exercise. Assure you have set the right expectations ahead. And know that your words carry weight. Someone listening and watching you may get inspired or assured that’s not worth the effort!


Hump Day ENERGY Recharge_Maria-Coach-TrainerI love to knock two birds with one stone. I want to encourage you to do the same. If you are on an inside stationary machine such as bike, treadmill, elliptical, and row machine for a light/low-intensity workout or go for a brisk walk outside, why not entertain yourself?

I do. I listen to a book on audible or on my Kindle that has text to speech, watch or just listen to educational YouTube videos. Other times, I catch up with my fav TV show like Grey Anatomy and Station 19. You can also catch up with a friend and family member–I must say though, choose the people and conversations wisely. This is your time to unwind, feel good and accomplished. This is not the time for conversations to stress you out, got it?

If you are not getting the physical, emotional and mental results, exercise offers, TIME OUT!

Can you see how fitness can add pleasure to your life?

Make the plan. Get accountability. Work the plan. Celebrate!


Yes, yes, yes. I love rewards.

I recommend rewards that are NOT FOOD ORIENTED. If you are reading this, likely you do NOT lack access of food. From my personal and professional experience, most people are lacking connection and self-care. Food and beverages bring people together, so does music, art, and many other ways.

In today’s reward talk, I want you to think about things that bring you calmness, happiness, sense of satisfaction, enjoyment—all not food related.

For me, a day off to do whatever the heck, activities that make my chest expand with joy. At times, that could be working out. Go hiking. Reading or listening to a book with no other commitment and extra responsibilities in mind. If you need QUIET times, it could be a long shower that you let your mind go, dream about, let inspiration kick in.

If you are often surrounded by family and noise, you decide to shut down for half of the day. Maybe it is getting a manicure and pedicure. Spend some time in the sauna–I love that. Honestly, that’s why I joined LA Fitness.

Let me say something about saunas. Please DITCH the phone and electronics when you go to a sauna. Yes, people go in with loud music and even talk inside.

unplug-coach-trainer-BeFabBeYou.comMake an effort to UNPLUG and be comfortable with the QUIET. Turn off the engine a little bit.

I learned that I was capable and needed the quiet during MBA school. I learned a lot about myself then and being quiet became really precious to me. Today I can go on for a very long period without sounds or being alone and being quite happy about it.

I am inviting you to EXPLORE yourself. Direct your thoughts to other things than the busy and loud.

I hope these practical strategies serve you well. Simple and effective strategies like these go long ways when applied consistently. Make FITNESS a source of pleasure and you will uncover another side of you!

In case these strategies are overwhelming to you, I’ll be glad to help you. If nothing else, pick one of the strategies to get you started. Start with the planning. Little gets intentionally accomplished without planning. As you start knocking things out, CELEBRATE every SMALL WIN.

CLICK HERE to download the Fun Fitness Calendar. I recommend you laminate it and place on your fridge as well. In the video below, I shared how my month of March went, how I use my own tool for self-motivation and accountability.


Until next time, move your fanny and get more pleasure in your life.

Talk soon!


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