Easter Self-Care Day = Double Workout Monday

On Sunday 3/27/16, a friend hosted Easter brunch at her house for several of her friends. I had such a great time. My plans were to stay for 2-3 hours and go on with my afternoon to workout and work on the business for a few business items. Well, that didn’t happen and became more of a self-care day. I followed the moment and spend several hours at my friends’ house. It was a good break and on a good day of the year.

Anyway, next day, Monday 3/28/16, I got to the gym 30 minutes earlier and did a mini-workout before the WOD. No exercises on Sunday, got me two on Monday!

Here is how I moved my fanny. Warm-up workout (completed in 11:32 minutes)

3 rounds: 50 Double Unders + 21 kettlebell swings 35 lbs + 12 pull ups

Then, class WOD:

3 rounds: 4 min AMRAP and 3 min rest

15 parallette burpees box jumps (20 inches). AMRAP Power Snatches 55 lbs

That is, complete the first part and do as many snatches as possible until hit 4 minute mark. Then 3 min rest.

Completed a total of 12 + 13 + 12 snatches.

**Remember, the movements I perform during my workouts do not reflect routines I design for clients! 

Great article on The Neurological Benefits of Clean and Snatch Complexes: http://breakingmuscle.com/olympic-weightlifting/the-neurological-benefits-of-clean-and-snatch-complexes)

Overall, I was pretty happy with my performance since I was in the middle of 24 hours intermittent fasting and hadn’t eaten in 12 hours. Stay tuned for more write-up on intermittent fasting.

kipping pull up

kipping pull up