Did you know fat cells are developed by ~age 12?

That’s it, a child might battle weight for life…

Are you an adult having trouble losing weight?

How much excess fat are you storing daily?

How are you burning the excess fat daily?


That it, a child’s adulthood battle against weight is highly correlated to lifestyle he/she experienced during those first 12 years.

Did you also know an average child consumes 32 tsp of added sugar a day vs recommended 4 tsp?

We will not be perfect but we can strive for doing and best our best. Focusing on activities we can control is a key step for success. Time we go to bed, time we have your last meal, foods that we eat throughout the day, how often we eat, types and frequency of physical activity we embrace, and more have a great impact on our ability to manage weight and burn fat.

My mission is to educate people on lifestyle choices and help them implement strategies that will allow them to reach their long term health goals!